Baby bath seats are one of those essential baby care products that allow parents to bathe their babies safely and comfortably. Using this baby product during baby bath time will help keep slippery babies in an upright position.

Bath seats for babies are quite handy especially when your little one is learning to balance on her bottom and topless easily. So, if you are planning to buy one, take a look at this ultimate guide of top 10 best baby bath seats in 2017 listed below.

Our List of Top Baby Bath Seats in 2017

10. Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub


Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub

This portable infant bather which can directly be used in the bathtub or the counter is a great option for parents who wish to keep everything clean and under control during baby’s bath time. Apart from featuring on- slip feet that allow you bathe your baby safely,

This baby bather includes extra- soft inclined headrest to provide complete head and body support and also help keep water out of the baby’s ears. Additionally, the removable drain in the front of the tub allows dirty water to flow out and let fresh water pour in. Recommended for babies aged 0-6 months.

9. Puj Flyte – Compact Infant Bath

Puj Flyte – Compact Infant Bath

This non–absorbent, mold and mildew resistant small baby bath seat can fit any suitcase and is a perfect choice for parents on the go. Suitable for pedestal and counter tops sinks, this baby bather cradles the baby and helps keep them protected and comfortable.

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Additionally, since parents can bathe their little one from a comfortable upright position, they no longer to kneel down, bend or break their back during the baby bathing routine. It’s very easy to clean and maintain.

8. Babymoov Splash Fun Bath Ring Seat Blue Color Tub

Babymoov Splash Fun Bath Ring Seat Blue Color Tub

This bath ring seat allows both parents and their baby to have a pleasant and relaxing bath time. The four anti- suction cups at the bottom helps keep the seat more stable when attached to the tub.

This will help keep your little one safe while bathing and also maintain the parent’s hand free to wash their babies. Additionally, the water squirting turtle that comes with the seat provides entertainment for both the mother and the child. It’s suitable for babies aged 7- 16 months.

7. Leachco Flipper 2- way Baby Bather

 Leachco Flipper 2- way Baby Bather

Parents looking for a bathing aide that can help them bathe their slippery babies as well as soothe their fuzzy infants; the Leacho baby bather would be an ideal choice. This flipper sling style baby bather which features a soft bathing cushion with a sling style in the center is designed specially to grow with your baby.

While the sling in the center enlarges due to the weight the reclining infant, the raised edges help keep the bay’s head out of the water, making it easy for you to shampoo and bathe the bath safely.

However, when your baby grows and is old enough to sit, flip this baby bath over for cushioned baby sized tub and use it inside your bath tub. After the bath, just shake out the excess water and hang this baby bather from its strong, dry-drip hanger.

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6: Summer Infant fold Away Baby Bath

Summer Infant fold Away Baby bath

If you were planning to buy a foldable baby bath seat, the Summer Infant bay bather would be a perfect choice. Equipped with foldable tub and legs for easy storage and portability, this large tub includes an inflatable cushioned base for baby’s comfort.

This foldable bathing baby seat grows with your little one. All you need to do is to remove the inclined infant positioned to create a larger bathing space for your grown up kid to splash and play.

5. Baby Bath Seat

Baby Bath Seat

This baby gear performs a dual function of baby bath seat as well as a luxury bathing cushion. When used in sink or bathroom, this baby seat allows you to bathe your little comfortably without causing any stress to your back.

However, when used as a spa pillow, it helps cradle your neck back and head making you feel completely comfortable. Made of high quality durable micro- fiber material, this bathing gear for babies is machine washable.

4. Blooming Bath- Baby Bath

Blooming Bath- Baby Bath

Using the Blooming baby bath seat is the safe and fun way to give the bath to your little one. Shaped like a flower, the incredibly soft and cuddly petals cradle and cushion your baby, helping your little one feel cozy and comfortable during bath time. Suitable for infants aged 0-6 months; this baby bath seat fits most sinks.

3. Angelcare Bath Support

Angelcare Bath Support

Made with soft touch material, this bath support for babies helps provide your baby a comfortable rest place during bath time. Equipped with an anti- slip base for safe bathing, this baby gear is designed to allow the used water flow during the bath, helping you maintain your child’s hygiene. Portable and easy to clean, this baby gear is recommended for babies up to six months.

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2. Fisher Price Sling Seat Tub

Fisher Price Sling Seat Tub

Equipped with a unique feature” Sit – me- up support,” this baby’s seat tub is designed to adjust to allow babies from infant to toddler to sit steadier in the tub. In stage 1, the newborns are cradled in the soft mesh gently, providing them a sense of security.

In stage 2,baby stopper’ the newborn slings are removed, allowing the infant to sit in a gentle recline position. This prevents them from sliding and slipping during bath time.

When the baby grows and can sit up comfortable, the baby stopper converts to Stage 3 Sit- me – up support. In this stage, the unsteady sitters can sit comfortably allowing parents to bathe them comfortably. The last stage involves converting the sit up support to a large bathtub for your little one.

1. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn Toddler Tub

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn Toddler Tub

Voted the #1 best seller on Amazon, this baby product promises to make baby bathing routine less stressful for both the parents and the baby. While the ergonomic design of the tub helps hold the baby properly for bathing,

The padded headrest and mesh sling helps cradle and support newborns, making they feel more comfortable. When the baby grows older, they can sit inside it comfortably and get plenty of room to pay on the toddler side.

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