Top 10 Best Bean Bag Chairs for Kids in 2017 Reviews

Why are bean-bag chairs so special? The answer is pretty simple: because they are so cozy, colorful and yet very affordable. Everyone loves these trendy furnishings, and kids are crazy about them. So, in the following sections, we present you the ten best bean bag chairs for kids in 2017. We reviewed each chair with its pros and cons, so pick your choice for your little one.

10. Classic Garbadine Bean Bag With Polka Dots

Classic Garbadine Bean Bag

This classic bean bag is a perfect addition to your kid’s room, bedroom or a living room. Besides having a trendy look, it offers superior comfort for relaxing, lounging, sprawling or watching TV. The bag is filled with UltimaX beans known for their loftiness and endurance. The beans are nicely packed inside a gabardine fabric that’s durable and soft. The white polka dots on the bag’s surface are eye catchy.


  • 1. Available in multiple colors.
  • 2. Extra strong fabric and cute design.
  • 3. Very compact, doesn’t take up much space.


  • Some people may feel the bag’s design is too simplistic.


9. Medium Size Bean Bag Chair For Kids and Teens

Bean Bag Chair Medium Standard

This one holds 6 cubic feet of polystyrene beads, so your child gets maximum comfort while relaxing on it. Thanks to the durable vinyl upholstery, the bag lasts for a long time. Also, you can choose from the three available colors.


  • Space-efficient, relaxed seating.
  • Available in three colors.
  • The chair’s shape is perfect for reading, watching TV or simply lounging.


  • The single-color design with no floral prints or polka dots looks a bit boring.


8. Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger

Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger

The bag’s fabric is made of 100% polyester which feels extra soft. The adjustment tabs and center stretch panel provide excellent support, while the contoured sides give a cozy and warm caress. This product is made in the US, which guarantees a better quality than other imported bean bag chairs.


  • Generously sized for small children, even toddlers.
  • Extremely soft. Some reviewers have said that they’ve fallen asleep in minutes after relaxing on it.


  • The design is not chair-like, so you can’t sit upright.


7. ECR4Kids Classic Bean Bag Chair

ECR4Kids Classic Bean Bag Chair

This 26-inch bean bag chair sports a water-resistant vinyl covering that can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. The double-stitched seams create smooth edges and increase the bag’s strength. ECR4Kids has included double zippers to prevent the beans from spilling out. The polystyrene beads are sold separately by the manufacturer.


  • It provides a perfect seating posture, and so, can be used in classrooms, homes or offices.
  • Available in four colors.
  • Easy availability of beads from the same brand.
  • Easily washable, high-quality fabric.


  • We couldn’t find any.


6. Original Panda Sleep Bean Bag

Original Panda Sleep Bean Bag

Panda Sleep is certainly one of the best bean bag makers with thousands of happy customers. Their proprietary memory foam provides a soft feel and long-lasting fluffiness. Also, the virgin foam used inside this bag does not release harmful fumes and is certified safe for children. The outer triple-layered Hypercomfy™ fabric is engineered to survive regular use.


  • Panda Sleep is a well-renowned bean bag manufacturer.
  • Perfect value for money.


  • Size is a bit small (only 2-feet), so the chair is strictly not for adults.


5. Oversized Lavender Dot Bean Bag Chair

Oversized Lavender Dot Bean Bag Chair

For those who’re looking to buy a bit oversized beanbag chair for their little ones, this product is a great choice. From the lightweight design to the cotton-twill upholstery, this chair has got everything right. The slip cover can be removed and machine washed, so you can keep it super-clean for your child.


  • Made with premium materials and hence very light.
  • The chair’s size is huge.


  • All the three available colors look dull. If you’re looking for a conspicuous bean bag, this may not be a perfect choice.


4. Big Joe Bean Bag Chair- Leo the Lion

Big Joe Bean Bagimal

What’s so special about this bean bag is that it comes in the shape of a cuddly Lion. It has a double-stitched design and a dual-zipper mechanism for extra strength and safety, respectively. That’s not all, Leo the Lion comes with a miniature version of himself called Lil Buddy. You kid is going to have loads of fun with this bean bag.


  • The “lion-face” design feels very special, and your will love the Lil Buddy.
  • Thre’s a built-in pocket for housing the accompanying toy.


  • We think the unique design may have made it a less cozy.


3. Small Solid Navy Blue Kids Bean Bag Chair

Small Solid Navy Blue Kids Bean Bag Chair

This simple-looking bean bag is crafted to provide maximum coziness to you child as he sinks into it after a hard day at school. It has a metal zipper to safely keep the beads inside. The slipcover can be removed for cleaning, or you may even spot clean it with a damp towel if there was a spillage.


  • Simple, no-nonsense design.
  • The bean bag feels extremely light.
  • Available in five different colors.

2. Bean Bag with a Floral Print

Child's Print Collection Jr. Child

Looking for a light and convenient bean bag for you child? Then, consider this USA-made bag with a double zippered bottom for extra security. The outer fabric is double stitched with double overlap folded seam for additional toughness, so the bag easily lasts for many years. To be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.


  • The floral design is very playful, and little girls are sure to love it.
  • Ideal size and shape for kids.


  • Of of the three available colors, we only liked the pink one.


1. Big Joe Soccer Bean Bag with SmartMax Fabric

Big Joe Soccer Bean Bag

This soccer-ball shaped bean bag is made of SmarMmax ballistic fabric that is waterproof, easily cleanable, tough and stain resistant. Compared to other bags, it has 20 percent more Ultimax beans. The double-stitched body and dual zippers provide maximum strength and safety.


  • High-quality beans, superior quality fabric and sporty design.
  • Available in three sport-themed shapes.


  • We found this bag to be perfect in every respect, and hence it’s our top pick.

We hope the above top 10 best bean bag chairs for kids in 2017 reviews helps!

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