Are you tired of having so many things and nowhere to store them? Is additional storage a little too expensive for your liking? There is no need to despair, not yet anyway. There are quite a few affordable storage options on the market that you can pursue, the most prominent being collapsible storage racks.

Collapsible storage racks are the perfect storage tool, portable, typically compact and normally affordable.

Top 10 Best Collapsible Storage Rack in 2017

If you want to get the best out of your storage rack, you need to first invest in a good storage rack. Only then can you expect to take advantage of all the best features such racks typically have to offer.

And they are not that hard to find; good collapsible storage racks are everywhere. However, it isn’t enough to simply buy a good rack; because they are so affordable, you might as well invest in the best collapsible storage racks, these including the following:

10). Seville Classics UltraZinc 5 Shelf NSF Wire Shelving Rack with Wheels

These racks are built for safety. Certified by the NSF, they come ready for use in a variety of environments, be it commercial or domestic. They are home to heavy duty shelving that is not only easy to clean because of the UltraZinc plating but more than capable of contending with anything a homeowner might have in mind.

Because of their three-inch wheels, these racks are pretty easy to store. They have a weight limit of 600lbs per shelf, which is quite impressive. You do not even need tools to make adjustments to these five shelves.

While hardly the best collapsible storage racks in the world, you could do worse that these Seville Classics shelves.

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9). Origami General Purpose Steel Storage Rack

There is more to this storage rack than its wheels. For one thing, the rack is very easy to open and fold, and it only takes a few seconds. And once folded, you can store it in almost any location. The rack doesn’t take up that much space.

You don’t even need tools to fold or open it; the process is simple and straight forward. The shelves each have a capacity of 250lbs on a level surface. The wheels are also pretty awesome, increasing the portability of this storage rack and its contents.

You can use this rack anywhere, from the garage to a warehouse and even an office.

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8). Seville Classics SHE14309B Black 5 Shelf Wire Shelving Rack

This is a highly stylish rack, especially with its black finish. The rack has a hard epoxy that, more than simply looking good keeps the steel wire safe from erosion. It is also worth noting just how environmentally friendly the hard epoxy is, at least in comparison to chrome.

The 14-inch deep by 30-inch wide shelves have a pretty impressive capacity, with each shelf capable of contending with 300lbs on level footing. The shelves can be adjusted by small increments to adapt to different needs and requirements, and no tools are required in the process, not even when you are assembling the rack.

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7). Seville Classics Black 4 Shelf NSF Wire Shelving System

This rack measures 36 inches by 14 inches by 54 inches; it only has four shelves but they are more than capable of contending with all your needs. With adjustable leveling feet and a weight capacity of 300lbs for each shelf, this might not be the flashiest of shelves but it is, none the less, quite useful in most situations.

The rack is also very easy to assemble.

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6). LANGRIA 5 Tier Heavy Duty Extra Large Storage Organization Rack

This rack was primarily designed with garages and kitchens in mind. The rack has a sturdy construction. Because of all its metal parts and supports, you do not have to worry about the rack wobbling.

It is also unlikely to attract any notable damage, even during shipping; it can hold up to 200kg because of its sturdy tubes and wire meshes. The wire shelves are extra large. There is also a side hook rail with five hooks used to hold hardware, cookware and any appliances you might have in mind.

Along with adjustable feet and a sleek black finish, this rack is very easy to assemble and shouldn’t attract any complications in this area.

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5). Displays2go 5 Shelf Bakers Storage Rack

This is a very big rack. It stands at 52 inches tall, which is an impressive height. There are five shelves whose height can be adjusted to contend with any contents you might intend to store.

Because they are built from durable steel wire coated with a powder black finish, you do not have to worry about the rack failing to stand up to the rigors of your environment; these shelves are sturdy and quite durable.

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4). LANGRIA 6 Tier Heavy Duty Extra Large Wire Storage Rack Shelving Unit

This is one sturdy rack, built from durable metal that will not wobble or fall to damage or destruction of any note. Boasting wire shelves in a grid style that can contend with objects of any size even while availing fresh air, consumers can also look forward to adjustable feet, a sleek black finish, and an easy assembly process.

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3). Origami Storage Solutions R1407W Four Shelf Steel Collapsible Garage Storage Rack

You will be hard-pressed to find another rack that can open and fold as easily as this one. No tools or technical know-how is even required. Each shelf has a capacity of 50lbs, though this figure jumps to 175lbs in the absence of wheels.

The storage rack is sufficient for garages, warehouses, offices and any other environment that requires durable and high-quality collapsible storage.

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2). Origami R5-01 General Purpose 4-Shelf Steel Rack

The four shelves of this rack are more than enough to contend with any needs you might have; the powder-coated steel is not only durable but high stylish, and the shelves have a decent weight capacity of 250lbs per shelf.

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1). Origami R5-01W General Purpose 4-Shelf Steel Rack

Collapsible storage racks Origami R5-01W General Purpose 4-Shelf

This steel rack might look simple but it is quite the useful tool; not only does it open and fold in mere seconds but once it folds, it is flat enough to fit in most locations you might want to stick it into.

Each shelf has a weight capacity of 250lbs, this figure leaping to 75lbs when there are no wheels.

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You have no reason to struggle with storage space when you can just buy one of the items above, the best collapsible storage racks on the market.

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