Top 10 Best Compressible Pillows in 2017 Reviews

One of the most significant components of backpacking is having a relaxing feeling and rest while on the road. Whether you’ll be travelling via airplane or via bus, the use of compressible pillows can help improve your travel experience.

Top 10 Best Compressible Pillows in 2017

Here are the lists of the top 10 best compressible pillows in 2017 reviews:

1. Therm- A-Rest Compressible Pillows

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow

The compressible pillow is perfect for those who want to have international travels or car campers. This is also a soft and foam-filled pack that tends to expands. This measures at exactly about 42 by 67 centimeters. The impressive thing about it is that it gives you the feeling of being at the comforts of your home.


  •  Offers good value.
  •  Gives you warmth and comfort.
  •  Suggested for backpacking activities or purposes.
  •  A fairly lightweight pillow.
  •  Super sturdy and puffy.


  • Sometimes looks bumpy and lumpy.

2. Trekology Compact Camping/ Inflating Pillows – Inflatable, Compressible, Ultralight, Comfortable, Ergonomic Pillow for Lumber and Neck Support and Night Sleep while Backpacking or Camping

Trekology Ultralight Inflating

The Trekology compressible pillow is a high-quality and lightweight pillow at its exceptional value. This is also deflatable and inflatable that gives you the ease and convenience when you carry it. In addition to that, this is an ergonomically-designed pillow for head and neck support. The package also includes a pillow and a storage bag.


  •  Ergonomically-designed pillow that supports your head and neck. This is most specially when sleeping.
  •  Ultra-light and compact pillow.
  •  Easy to deflate and inflate with the use of double-decked type of air valve.
  •  Enhanced durability and comfort.
  •  Comes at different colors that suit your needs.
  •  Comes at the most affordable price.


  •  Easy-to-break pillow.

3. Archer Outdoor and Gear Self Inflating and Camping Air Compressible Pillow, Rectangular Shaped

Archer Outdoor Gear Self Inflating Camping Air Pillow

This compressible pillow promises a good rest at night. This is also especially when travelling or camping. The Archer outdoor pillow is also an inflatable pillow that automatically expands with a twist on the valve. This features a high density type of foam. This is also manually adjusted for that most maximum comfort. Moreover, this is an extra durable and high quality pillow for tumble and rough hikers and campers.


  •  Firmness of the pillow is excellent.
  •  Materials are very soft and comfortable.
  •  Quite Bigger than Expected.
  •  Can Easily be deflated, folded lengthwise and rolled to fit in your bag.
  •  Lightweight and simple and easy to use.


  •  Heavy, huge and very bulky

4. Wodison and Lightweight Camping Travel, Inflatable, Compressible and Comfort Cover Pillow

WODISON Lightweight Compressible Camping Travel Inflatable Pillow

The Wodison compressible pillow is such a perfect cover pillow for a camper, a traveler, a military officer and a backpacker. This also features proper height and soft fabrics making you feel more refreshed at all times. This highlights fast deflation/ inflation that makes it easier and simpler to setup. This is a lightweight compressible pillow in its different small folding sizes. This can just be easily carried whenever and wherever you go.


  •  Comfortable and nice inflatable pillow.
  •  Simple and beautiful compressible pillow.
  •  Perfect for camping, hiking, bug out bag
  •  Very lightweight pillow.


  •  Material it is made from is a bit noisy

5. Self-Inflating Travel Pillow with Premium Camping Pillow Cases

Self Inflating Travel Pillow with Premium Camping Pillow

This compressible pillow is imported and is made in USA. This is convenient because this is made from 100% cotton material.


  •  Very comfortable.
  •  Can easily be adjusted according to the preferred inflation level
  •  Quite rugged.
  •  Comes in its Good size.


  •  Does not Remain inflated for a Period of time

6. Z Travel and Gel Dough Memory Foam Compressible Pillow with Removable Cover of Bamboo Velour

Z Travel Gel Dough Memory

This compressible pillow is designed in giving you the most comfortable memory foam pillow anywhere you are. This will give you the comfort that you need while on a travel. This is a soft and supportive type of foam that can give support to your neck. This is also infused with GelA features that optimize the temperature. Moreover, this is created with an open-cell technology that promises resiliency and support.


  •  Five-year warranty.
  •  Nice compressible pillow that is easily packed.
  •  Firmness and softness of this pillow.
  •  Great quality and great comfort
  •  Comfortable to Use that fits into the bag


  •  A bit thicker pillow.

7. Premium Shredded and Memory Foam Travel and Camping Pillow with Bamboo Derived type of Viscose Rayon Cover

Premium Shredded Memory Foam Camping and Travel Pillow

This pillow is hand-crafted in Los Angeles California. In addition to that, this is a compressible stuff pillow with a stuff sack. This can also be compressed for an ease of travel and saved space. This is also a lot perfect for campers, travelers, backpackers for being both a thermarest sleeping bag and pad. This is also a dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic foam that you would love to have.


  •  Safe to Use as a pillow during your travel.
  •  Machine washable.
  •  Highly compressible, comfortable and very lightweight.
  •  Back, neck and head issues are resolved.


  •  Small in its shape.

8. Hummingbird Small Geometric or Compressible Pillow

Hummingbird Small Compressible Pillow

This hummingbird small compressible pillow highlights its transatlantic flight feature. This is also a machine-washable pillow for a simple and ease of cleaning. This is just an ideal luxury item when storage space is at stake.


  •  Compact and lightweight.
  •  Offers great comfort and convenience at all times.
  •  Comfortable to Use
  •  Can be carried anywhere you go.


  •  Doesn’t puff up into an even and nice pillow.
  •  A bit lumpy pillow.

9. Thermarest Compressible Pillow

Thermarest Compressible Pillow

This thermarest compressible pillow promises you the convenience and the comfort. This also expands bigger and packs smaller that makes it perfect for every traveler and trekker. In addition to that, this is made from a brushed polyester material. This is manufactured with the best urethane foam that promises comfort and convenience.


  •  Coolest and most comfortable pillow
  •  Convenient and small pillow.
  •  Long-lasting pillow.
  •  Nice, removable and washable pillow cover.


  •  A bit lumpy pillow.

10. ONWEGo , Inflatable “Soft Top”, Camping, Backpacking and Travel Compressible Pillow – Compact, Easy to Carry, Portable

ONWEGO ‘Soft-Top’ Inflatable Backpacking, Camping, Travel Pillow

This is a packable and ultralight type of compressible pillow. This also features comfortable and soft support due to its soft-fabric cover material with polyester batting. This also inflates that makes it the fastest, softest and most durable cover.


  •  Excellent for backpacking.
  •  This pillow works effective and is comfortable.
  •  Arrived promptly.
  •  Is compact and lightweight.
  •  Soft, light and comfortable to use.


  •  Not as large as what you expect.

With all these compressible pillows during your travel or backpacking adventure, you will get a relaxing, amazing and comfortable experience.

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