Dogs need their freedom. However, every dog owner should know the importance of always maintaining control over their canine.

That is where retractable leashes come into play. On the one hand, your dog is given the freedom it deserves and desires. On the other hand, you still maintain a lot of the control. In other words, everyone wins, and that is often the goal in any given situation, to ensure that both parties walk away happy.

Top 10 Best Retractable Dog Leashes in 2017

Dogs are man’s best friend; so if you have to use a leash on your dog, it only makes sense to ensure that you are using the best one, at least for the sake of your dog’s comfort.

The list below is designed to give you an idea of what the best retractable leashes look like so that you can make the best possible decision when the need arises:

10). Didog 16 Feet Nylon retractable Dog Leash

There is so much to love about this retractable leash. For one thing, it is very durable. The high-quality nylon from which the leash is made will stand up the stress of keeping your dog in check. This is despite the fact that it is so thin. It has been crafted to hold up to 75 pounds.

Additionally, the leash has a LED light that will make sure your dog is that much safer at night; it is also worth noting that the grip is very comfortable and should make the experience of walking a dog easy on both the canine and the human.

The retractable design and revolving hook ensures that both the dog and the owner are relaxed during the walk.

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9). NUJIA Retractable Dog leash

This is a very strong retractable leash. It is made from eco-friendly nylon that is soft and tangle free yet strong and durable. The retractable cord can extend up to 16 feet, this ensuring that your dog has its freedom even while allowing you to maintain control.

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There is an Ergonomic TPE Anti-slip handle that makes the process of walking one’s dog very comfortable and easy; the handle can even accommodate gloves, and the leash is unlikely to hurt your hand even when the dog suddenly makes a mad dash away.

With this leash, you have everything you need to walk your dog in safety.

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8). HappyDogz Strong Retractable Dog Leash

This is a strong dog leash that can contend with dogs of up to 110lbs. Capable of extending up to 16 feet, the leash is tangle free. Because it is crafted from nylon, you can trust its durability.

It is also unlikely to burn your hand; the ergonomic handle makes things very comfortable. A button is provided to activate the retraction function, this giving you complete control over the actions of your dog. The leash is appropriate for small and medium sized dogs.

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7). Flexi Giant Tape leash

This German made leash is something special; most leashes can only extend up to 16 feet, which is decent. This leash can extend all the way to 26 feet. Additionally, the leash can contend with dogs as heavy as 55 pounds, which encompasses a decent majority of dog breeds.

If you are new to retractable leashes, then this product will probably meet your needs.

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6). Flexi Vario Tape Leash

This customizable leash can extend all the way to 26 feet, which is rare. The leash stands out because it has so many interesting accessories and interchangeable belts. Additionally, the retractable leash is compatible with dogs as heavy as 110lbs, which is very impressive.

Included in the leash is a fast and reliable response mechanism boasting a Short-stop-one-handed braking system.

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5). URPOWER Upgraded Retractable Dog leash

This leash is crafted in a flat ribbon style that, while seemingly irrelevant, will prevent tangle, making sure that your pet can move about freely and play without creating complications. Capable of extending up to 16.4 feet, the leash has a smooth and durable retracting mechanism with a strong spring.

A one button brake and lock system makes it easy to set the desired length of this leash with just one’s thumb. It is also worth noting just how elegant this belt appears.

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4). Flexi Neon Leash

Capable of extending up to 16 feet, this leash can contend with dogs as heavy as 44lbls. It has reflective stickers and neon-colored elements that are more than mere decorations; they make the leash visible which, in turn, increases the safety and security of your dog at night.

A single-handed brake button makes the handling of one’s dog very easy, this along with a permanent stop feature. The leash is lightweight and very easy to use.

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3). Flexi Explore Retractable Dog Leash

This dog leash not only extends to 26 feet but it can support dogs of up to 110 pounds. The German-made leash is very durable, featuring a reliable retraction mechanism, safety collar and even a directions pamphlet.

It isn’t the flashiest of all the leashes, but it is efficient. At the very least, it will get the job done, ensuring that your dog remains under your control.

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2). PetsAlly Retractable Dog leash

The most notable element of this dog leash is the fact that it is so easily visible in the night. Very secure and likely to ensure the safety of your dog even when there are no lights, the leash can extend up to 16.4 feet.

There is a One Button Lock that makes the leash very reliable, this along with an ergonomic grip that makes the leash comfortable and convenient. This leash can deal with dogs of up to 110 pounds.

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1). TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash

TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash - best retractable dog leashes

This dog leash can extend up to 16 feet. Capable of contending with dogs as heavy as 110 pounds, the leash is made from nylon which makes it very strong and durable. It should last a very long time even with daily use.

A strong spring is provided to deliver a smooth retracting system; consumers can look forward to a durable ABS plastic casing with an ergonomic grip and anti-slip handle that fits so perfectly it is comparable to a glove.

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If you are struggling to control your dog during walks and you would rather not hurt it, it might be time to buy a retractable leash. The leashes above are the best on the market. They will keep your dog safe even while making sure that you can control it in a comfortable environment.

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