What is the point of having the most powerful camera like GoPro and you could not take nice selfie in the rain or in the sea because of the your selfie stick could not handle the water?

Let us introduce to you the most recommended waterproof selfie sticks that help you take amazing pictures of yourself in any wet conditions.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Selfie Sticks for Gopro in 2017

If you are looking to take advantage of the full range of capabilities that a GoPro brings to the table by traversing unique environments, you will need a decent waterproof selfie stick, the best waterproof selfie sticks including the following:

10). Quick Pod Sports GoPro Stick


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This selfie stick is perfect for anyone who needs to capture images and videos from hard-to-reach angles, especially while they are on the move. The stick is very portable because of its lightweight; the fact that it floats on water is an added advantage. The stick is very easy to use and mount GoPro cameras on.

9). NLSD Waterproof Extending Telescopic Monopod


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The attraction of this product is the fact that it can work as a floating hand grip and a telescopic pole. Because of the locking system, it is possible to extend the pole length to anywhere between 14.2 inches and 24.4 inches.

Consumers will love the fact that the monopod is built from transparent material that can easily disappear in photos; it is also worth noting that this monopod can float on water; and because it has such bright colors, finding it isn’t that hard.

Included with this device are a cradle and an adjustable wrist wrap.

8). Luxebell Aluminum Waterproof Telescopic Monopod


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This pole is perfectly portable; it can change sizes, stretching from seven inches to 19 inches and back with ease. That means you can even carry it in your pocket, and there are no additional piece and parts that you might lose in the process.

The stick boasts a waterproof aluminum construction that is durable, a twist and lock system and adjustable wrist wrap that prevents this product from slipping and falling while you are using it.

7). Selfie World Professional 10-in-1 Monopod


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This selfie stick is compatible with GoPro, Action Cams, and Digital Compacts. As far as telescoping, handheld pole extenders go, you will be hard-pressed to find a better tool for taking HD photos and videos.

The monopod is compatible with so many devices, from camcorders to sports cameras, iPhones and even Android Smartphones to mention but a few. A quick extend’ release clip makes it possible rapidly change the length of the monopod.

And it should be noted that the length can extend up to four feet at a moment’s notice. The monopod is waterproof and weatherproof, and it comes with a nylon bag made from water resistant material.


6). ActionSports Aluminum Waterproof Telescoping Monopole for GoPro


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This Gopro Stick is designed in California. With amazing aluminium mount, the selfie stick is very durable and sleek.

Compatible with action cameras, GoPros and Digital Compacts, this monopod can extend up to 35 inches, which is quite impressive. Because of the handy quick extend’ release clips, you do not even have to waste time with screw adjustments.

5). ProsPole Extendable Pole


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This MiPremium monopod has a rugged and durable body built from waterproof aluminum alloy materials. Consumers can look forward to a rubber nonslip grip that only further enhances the stability of your GoPro footage.

At 150grams, this telescopic monopod is pretty portable, weighing very little. With the double mount, one has the chance to attach more than one GoPro which means you can capture videos back and forth in two directions at the same time.

It should be noted that the double mount can be used to hold an underwater light which is beneficial for anyone who is diving. This monopod is compatible with a variety of camera types and brands. It also has a long reach, extending between 7.5 inches and 20.5 inches.

Whether you are diving or snowboard, this monopod will serve your needs.

4). CamKix Waterproof Telescopic Pole and Floating Hand Grip


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This device can work both as a floating hand grip and a telescopic pole. Boasting a locking system that makes adjustments easy, this stick can collapse down to 6.7 inches which makes it very easy to carry.

The fact that it floats on water, has very bright components that make it very easy to find and has a detachable cradle for your GoPro WiFi remote makes this one of the most convenient selfie sticks around.


3). GoRad Gear Selfie Stick for GoPro Hero Cameras


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You can trust this selfie stick to contend with any extreme activities you might have in mind. This is because the stick is built from anodized aluminum tubing. It also has a CNC Aluminum thumb screw and aluminum GoPro compatible tripod mount.

Sufficing to say, it can contend with a lot of stress. The twist locking system makes it very easy to stretch the pole between 17-inches and 40-inches. The waterproof material from which the stick is built can contend with extreme environmental and weather conditions.

2). FLoatPro Waterproof 3-in-1 Extendable Monopod


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This monopod, made from 100% aluminum alloy, is very versatile; perfect for digital cameras, camcorders, iPhones, Samsung devices and a few other smartphones, the monopod is compact, lightweight, rugged and durable.

Once it collapses into 11-inches, it is very easy to carry. Waterproof and rust-free, there is no better device for participating in water activities. Because of the detachable wrist strap and floating strap, you do not have to worry about losing your camera in the water.

The high-density non-slip foam handle is not only comfortable but it offers a tight grip, this while the Hi-Torque thumbscrew makes it very easy to attach your camera.

This monopod has the ability to extend up to 36-inches.

1). SANDMARC Pole Waterproof Telescoping Extension Pole


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Boasting an all black aluminum build, this pole is made from waterproof materials that are highly durable; the pole also boasts a rubber grip that brings additional comfort to the table, this along with an adjustable wrist wrap for added safety and the ability to stretch between 17 inches and 40 inches.

The pole comes with a detachable mount and remote holder clip; with this pole, you are guaranteed a tool that will survive the toughest conditions.


If you must buy a GoPro, then it is imperative that you invest in a decent waterproof selfie stick. It makes all the sense in the world. The selfie sticks above will allow you capture amazing videos in the most difficult environments even while bringing simplicity and convenience to the table.

If the above doesn’t meet your requirement. Let’s me introduce you to another simple, yet very functional and sleek extendable pole.

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  1. GoPros are amazing cameras. One with this device is of course considered to be a fashionable person. However, to get the most of the device, you need to buy a waterproof selfie stick.

    That might sound strange, talking about waterproof selfie sticks for GoPros; however, if you know anything about GoPros, you know that people take them anywhere and everywhere.

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