Top 10 Best Whey Proteins for Women in 2017 Reviews

Muscle building is not just for men at all. There are also women out there who want to build their lean muscles and they keep on spending time in the gym or in the comfort of their homes to exercise and perform exercises which promote muscle development. But exercising will not just be enough to make this dream come to life.

For this very particular reason, there were companies out there that manufactured whey protein shakes and powders that are specifically designed to provide the right amount of protein needed to develop muscles. The following are the different best whey protein shakes that you can find in the market today:

1. ALPHA ISOLATE LEAN – Weight Loss Protein for Women


Made specifically for women| Natural and effective

This supplement is a good meal replacement that is effective enough when it comes to supporting the development of lean muscles. It is also effective in stimulating fat loss to get ripped and sexy. It truly does the job and will give you satisfying results. All of these things made this product one of the leading choice for many when it comes to whey protein shakes.


  •  All-natural
  •  made with pure and carefully selected ingredients


  •  Expensive
  •  Too sweet

2. Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Protein Shake

Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Protein

Available in chocolate powder | All-natural, safe and effective

This is the whey protein shake that you should consider when it comes to being in need of support for energy metabolism. This product contains a combination of the B vitamins coupled with omega-3 and electrolytes. It also comes with pro-bioguard proprietary probiotic mix and digestive enzyme combination. It can improve your immunity as it contains vitamins C and D.


  •  Nutritious
  •  Safe to take


  •  Expensive
  •  Can cause upset stomach

3. IdealLean, Protein Powder for Women

IdealLean, Protein Powder for Women

Promotes faster recovery | Comes in a delightful taste | Improves your health

Want to stay lean for a lifetime? Does it seem hard to reach? Not with this whey protein shake that contains no fats and carbs. It just contains the right amount of calories, helping you to be on guard with your calorie intake. This product was made using powerful ingredients so you can expect for great results.


  •  It is a delightful and healthy meal replacement
  •  Helps you stay lean for the rest of your life


  •  It is very sweet
  •  Leaves an after taste

4. Jamie Eason Signature Series Whey Protein Isolate

Jamie Eason Signature Series Whey Protein Isolate

Helps a lot in weight loss | Effective and safe

This is another good whey protein supplement that you can try today. It was made using carefully selected ingredients and you will be surely happy with what you can get out of it. It is effective when it comes to stopping weight gain as it controls your appetite.


  •  Helps curb appetite
  •  Cheap


  •  Bad taste
  •  Has an after taste

5. HER WHEY: Gluten-Free Protein Chocolate Éclair


Curbs appetite effectively | Made with the finest ingredients available | Increases your energy levels

This is a whey protein supplement which promotes the development of lean muscles. It can effectively curb your appetite and it fuels your muscles during a highly intense training so you can do more. It will also help you when it comes to getting rid of weight gain to stay lean for the rest of your life.


  •  Promotes increased energy
  •  Effective in lean muscle development


  •  Poor taste
  •  The flavor of vanilla cupcake is bad

6. Whey Protein Isolate by Pure

Whey Protein Isolate

Comes in a delicious flavor | Made using high quality ingredients

This product is the right choice for you when you are searching for whey protein shakes that are free from sugars. It tastes good and it effectively helps to control your appetite. At a very affordable price, you will be surely having fun with this product.


  •  Good and high quality product
  •  Sugar-free


  •  Expensive
  •  Sweetened with just an artificial sweetener

7. Vita-Whey Protein

Vita-Whey Protein

Pure and safe | Tastes good | Helps to control appetite

It is now time to say goodbye to drinking supplements that cannot help you get the best weight loss results. This product contains powerful ingredients that can help you to control effectively your appetite to avoid weight gain. It is a safe and effective product made using cautiously selected ingredients.


  •  Helps to burn fats
  • All-natural


  •  Expensive
  •  Takes time to provide the expected results

8. NC Pro Performance AMP Womens Advanced Protein

GNC Pro Performance AMP Womens Advanced Protein

Helps you build your lean muscles fast | Made with effective ingredients | Comes in a delicious flavor

If you are not on a tight budget and you are looking for a whey protein shake that tastes so good, you will never go wrong with this product. It really tastes good and it comes in a delightful flavor. There is no after taste and when it mixed with water, it becomes so creamy. So why would you settle for something else other than this product?


  •  Delightful
  •  Good flavor


  •  Expensive
  •  Can be purchased over the web only

9. Six Star Fit Lean Protein Blend

Six Star Fit Lean Protein Blend

Promotes weight loss | Provides fast and satisfying results

It really works and it tastes so good. Many customers enjoy the taste of this product and it really offers the best possible results to customers. So what are you still waiting for? You can try this product today at a good price and see for yourself.


  •  Tastes good
  •  Effective in stimulating weight loss


  •  Pricey
  •  Hard to swallow

10. Jamie Eason Signature Series 100% Whey Protein Shake

Jamie Eason Signature

Pure and delicious | Works a lot to help fight weight loss

It is a good signature drink that you can try to help avoid weight loss. This product is 100% effective and it offers you the best possible results in every serving.


  •  Effective in muscle building
  •  Tastes good


  •  Expensive
  •  Bad new formula

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