Top 10 Best Wire Pressure Washers in 2017 Reviews

For a homeowner, a pressure washer is one of the devices that you must have. As someone who cares for cleanliness and the way your walkway, driveway or patio looks, a pressure washer is important. As this part of your home is often laden with dirt, leaves, dirt and other debris, it can be hard removing them. But with the best pressure washer, there’s a way to clean and rinse them within just minutes. So here go the top 10 wire pressure washers of 2017.

1. High Tensile Wire Braided Wrapped Pressure Washer by Schieffer Co.

High Tensile Wire Braided Rubber Wrapped Pressure Washer Hose

Schieffer High Tensile Braided Wrapper Pressure Washer is one of the best pressure-washer hoses of choice for economical homeowners. This pressure-washer hose is designed to have flow ratings of 2.5 to 5 GPM for commercial cleaning applications.

Throughout the whole of the hose, it has rubber construction with steel-wire braid single layer. The inner tube is synthetic rubber, 250 degree Fahrenheit maximum temperature range, wrapped finish of embossed lay line cover, all these makes it ideal for most commercial pressure cleaning applications.


  •  Heavy-duty hose
  •  Large diameter for more pressure
  •  Hose makes cleaning much better


  •  Hose is heavy and stiff so rolling up is a bit difficult

2. SIMPSON Cleaning Replacement Extension Pressure

SIMPSON Cleaning

The SIMPSON extension pressure hose is one monster hose with incredible features. It’s a monster hose that’s one of the best high-pressure hoses designed for cold-water pressure washers. SIMPSON Monster hose is manufactured with precision with tough inner liner and reinforced with Dual Overbraid Technology.

This technology offers the hose a really long life. It also features steel-over polyester, is non-marring and extremely resistant to UV rays and the harsh weather. With its heavy duty features, it provides superior performance making it ideal for increased application demands.


  •  Well-built and long-lasting
  •  Connects easily with fittings


  •  Doesn’t flex easily and heavy so it is a bit unwieldy

3. Raptor Blast Non-Marking Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer

Raptor Blast 4000 PSI is a single wire pressure washer hose designed to be non-marking wire braid pressure washer hose for wide range applications. Notable features of this pressure washer hose includes synthetic rubber inner tube, an abrasion and weather resistant cove with two layers of high tensile steel braid for reinforcement. It also comes with 6000 PSI with 21000 Burst PSI and max temp of 275 degree F.


  •  Durable and long lasting even with daily use
  •  Less expensive than other products


  •  Slightly difficult to roll

4. SIMPSON Cleaning 40226 Replacement Extension Pressure Washer

SIMPSON Cleaning

SIMPSON Gas and Electric Pressure Washer is high quality equipment perfect every cleaning professionals. It comes with all the best features that make cleaning quick, easy and effective. This pressure washer features a MorFlex technology that offers it high flexibility and resistance to kink.

It also features lightweight polyester braid thus the easy handling and dual o-ring design that fits both 14 and 15mm connections. Other noteworthy features of SIMPSON pressure washer hose includes polyurethane outer jacket, M22 fittings, designed to fit most gas pressure washers, can be used as original hose replacement or as an extension to existing hose.


  •  Non-marring and resistant to abrasion
  •  Not unruly when used
  •  Great hose for home use


  •  User complains hose is poor quality. After one use, the hose had bubble and isn’t covered with warranty

5. BE Pressure Non Marking Rubber Pressure Washer Hose

BE Pressure

BE Pressure 4000 PSI is a non-marking rubber pressure washer that features a gray, non-marking coating to keep the hose lasting for long. It also features a single wire braid, wrapped cover and a maximum temperature of 250 degrees. Its overall depth from front to back is 600 inches and weighs about 13 pounds. BE PRESSURE pressure washer hose is simple, easy to use and straight forward washer hose perfect for everyday use. For homeowners, this is one of the best pressure hoses to use to keep your backyard clean.


  •  Good quality hose
  •  Works perfectly


  •  Weighs a bit heavy
  •  Can be unwieldy sometimes

6. Shark 87392260 100 Feet High Pressure Hose

Shark 87392260 100-Feet High-Pressure Hose

Shark 100 feet high pressure hose is a hose made of superior quality and perfect for everyday use. Shark 87392260 is a high pressure washer hose tested to ISO 6945/ DIN 20024 which was proven to have resistance to abrasion up to seven times than other brands. At the same time, it features 20% flexibility than your average brand. This is a maximum strength class hose with unique high endurance wire braid, 5000 PSI rating, double wire braid and 3/8-inch inside diameter.


  •  Washes effectively
  •  Good quality pressure hose
  •  Heavy construction


  •  Can be a bit heavy for other users

7. 4000 PSI High Tensile Wire Braided Rubber Wrapped Pressure Washer Hose

Layers of High Tensile Wire Braided Rubber Wrapped Pressure Washer Hose

This is a PROPULSE 4000 PSI high tensile pressure washer hose with quick connect couplers. The hole of the hose is of rubber construction with a layer of steel wire braid. Made high quality, it’s a perfect choice of hose for manufacturers of commercial-duty pressure washers. This pressure washer comes with high quality components, cover wrapped finish, 3.1 working pressure minimum burst and 200, 000+ impulse life. PROPULSE 4000 PSI pressure washer hose connects well with your pressure washer and all its features makes it ideal for both commercial and home cleaning applications.


  •  Pressure hose works great
  •  Long-lasting and heavy duty
  •  Real resistant to abrasion
  • Works well with commercial and home use


  •  A bit heavy for use
  •  Can sometimes become unruly to use

8. Raptor Blast 6000 PSI Wire Pressure Hose

Raptor Blast 6000 PSI 3/8" x 50' BLACK 2 Wire Pressure Washer

Raptor Blast is a high quality wire pressure washer hose perfect for use in both commercial and home applications. It features a maximum of 6000 PSI and 2 wire braid along with 310 degree maximum temperature. The hose is sized 3/8”, 50’ long with 3/8” plug inlet. It comes with red bend restrictors for easy handling of the hose. As for outlet, it comes with swivel end that features a 3/8” quick connect.


  •  Heavy-duty and holds up great for everyday use
  •  Good fitting on both ends


  •  Little stiffer than single braid hose

9. SIMPSON Cleaning 41113 Cold Water Replacement/Extension Hose

SIMPSON Cleaning 41113 4500 PSI Cold Water

The SIMPSON is known for their durable, quality pressure hoses and Cleaning 41113 is one of those. This pressure hose can be used as replacement or extension hose. It features steel, polyester-braided high pressure hose designed for cold-water pressure washers. Other features of this pressure washer hose that makes it noteworthy include quick connect fittings, 3/8” male Quick Connect plug x 3/8” female Quick Connect socket and translucent polyurethane outer jacket.


  •  Works great and can easily get even to second story deck
  •  Easy handling and good quality


  •  Heavy and stiff that makes it sometimes difficult to use

10. JGB Enterprises Eaglewash Modified Pressure Hose

JGB Enterprises Eagle Hose Eaglewash

JGB Enterprises Eaglewash modified pressure hose is ideal for use in high-pressure and high temperature pressure washing equipments. It comes with all the best features of a heavy duty pressure washer hose including nitrile tube for resistance to abrasion, tears, petroleum-based oils and solvents. With braided wire reinforcement, it makes maintaining maximum pressure easy. This hose is perfect for use in systems like air compressors, aircraft controls, etc.


  •  Sturdy, well-built, lightweight and tough
  •  Very flexible and holds up really well


  •  Consumer complains the hose leaves paint and stains surfaces when used

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