Besides having the best cooking skills, food’s appearance and presentation are primary factors in gauging one’s overall cooking expertise. Concentrating on preparing French fries, as our core point of focus in this post, you will agree that, a cook who makes his/her French fries with evenly-chopped potatoes will always be superior to that whose potatoes are unevenly chopped and are of large sizes.

French fry cutters are kitchen appliances designed with the aim of helping French fries cooking enthusiasts to prepare presentable meals effortlessly. With a French fry cutter in your kitchen setting, you will love cutting your potatoes and other vegetables into small and even sizes comfortably before preparing your French fries. French fry cutters may also be used to cut other vegetables into uniform sizes.

In this post, we come in to ensure that your quest to prepare mouthwatering French fries like a pro is not limited by the lack of a French fry cutter. With the hundreds of French fry cutter models by various manufacturers flooding the market, we saw it wise to test and pick the top ten best French fry cutters in 2017 for you to ease your selection.

After testing the various models available on the market so far, we are glad to release reviews on the top ten best French fry cutters in 2017. Yours is just to read on, get a clear insight of what the various models offer, and finally, identify one product that suits your needs appropriately.

Top 10 Best French Fry Cutters in 2017 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

10. VIVO  1/2″ French Fry Cutter-Commercial Grade

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If you love the quality of VIVO products, then you will be pleased to try this high-grade French fry cutter by them. First, mounting it’s incredibly easy thanks to its suction feet that facilitate its use on any flat area. Its excellent performance is aided by the razor sharp ½” even cutting blade.

The entire body of this French fry cutter comes from heavy-duty cast iron and is additionally reinforced with steel rods to allow for heavy duty use and maximum durability. Its leverage and power make the entire cutting process effortless. This product is suitable for chopping chunky potatoes as well as other vegetables like zucchini, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

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9. TMS® Potato French Fry Commercial Cutter

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The needs of commercial French fry making companies or hotels are carefully looked into in the making of this French fry cutter. Understanding that users of French fry cutters for business purposes need durable, large capacity and fast French fry cutters, the TMS company is proud of developing this product for commercial use.

It features a high-grade stainless steel body and an aluminum alloy handle, materials that make it entirely ideal for heavy-duty and long-term utilization. It’s not only perfect for cutting potatoes but also fruits, and root vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, lettuce, eggplant, turnip, and yam.

8. Tiger Chef TC-20562 Heavy Duty Potato French Fry Cutter

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This French fry cutter by the TigerChef Company ranks among the top ten best models due to its excellent build, diversity, and reliability. It’s a complete set that also includes a free washing brush.

It’s a heavy duty, reliable, all-metal cutter which features three sizes of razor sharp blades which promote quick and effortless achievement of zucchini sticks, uniform fries, among other favorite cooking ingredients.

Its reliable suction feet allow for safe and smooth operation right from the countertop or mounting on the wall thereby saving your kitchen space to a great extent.

It’s excellent build, and ability to chop a large volume of potatoes and other vegetables together makes it ideal for both commercial and home use. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered by the manufacturer as a sign of confidence in the quality of this product.

7. Chef’s Path French Fry Potato Cutter Bundle – French Fry Cutters

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Lovers of tasty, thick traditional fries will be lucky to come across this exclusive French fry potato cutter by the Chef’s Path manufacturer. It’s a kitchen appliance designed to provide you with evenly and excellently cut fries with minimal intervention.

It comes with high-grade steel components like blades which facilitate smooth and quick potato slicing operations, while their rust proof nature eliminates corrosion or rusting. Assembling this slicer is the easiest step throughout its use. Its suction cups are strong enough to provide a secure hold.

Your work is just placing the potatoes, pushing the lever, and then sitting back for a few seconds to receive your uniformly cut French fries. Other accessories included in this set include a 3-in-1 multi-tool which serves as a potato peeler, a cleaning brush, and an eye picker.

6. New Star 42313 Commercial Grade French Fry Cutter

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Are you looking for a heavy-duty French fry cutter that comes ready for extreme abuse? Then, look no further than this model by the New Star Foodservice Company. This French fry cutter comes as a result of the in-depth research and sleepless nights by its manufacturer in an attempt to satisfy the people’s needs appropriately.

Its cast iron body is entirely covered using a rust proof product to ensure that this French fry cutter lasts long and suits use in extreme weather conditions. It has the power to chop potatoes into ½” pieces, a size that facilitates excellent food appearance and presentation. You are free to mount it on the wall or table thanks to its suction feet.

5. Savant Kitchen French fries, Apples Slicer with Garlic Crusher

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Say no more to cutting your fingers or struggling with potatoes in the quest to prepare tasty homemade French fries with this affordable slicer. The interesting part about this product is that it also includes a free garlic crusher.

It comes with safe and comfortable handles that facilitate cutting potatoes and slicing apples into eight uniform slices. Its control zone is super soft to allow for perfect slicing and coring of apples or potatoes through its stainless steel blades. This product is dishwasher safe thus cleaning it is no big deal. You can also use this accessory to divide mangoes and other small fruits.

4. Deluxe Cook Original V-Blade Mandoline Slicer

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Time is money, and if you want to be extra-productive in every aspect, then it’s only wise that you employ this set that works magic by cutting your cooking preparation time by half. It’s a product that’s ideal for dividing fruits like oranges or lemon before preservation or cunning.

The included julienne slicer allows for slicing of cucumber, celery, or carrot sticks into uniform pieces. With the featured 1.5mm potato slicer in this package, you can now prepare homemade zucchini slices and chips with ease. Also, the onion slicer works excellently in helping you make taco salad in a better way than electric mandolins.

The slices achieved using the slicers in this package are thin, and even thus your meals will always be presentable. All its constituents come from safe ABS plastic, a guarantee of no health risks.

3. Weston French Fry Cutter, French Fry Cutters

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For those who enjoy appreciating the efforts of manufacturers who work extremely hard to improve our lives, then the Weston French Fry Cutter might be the right choice for you. The dedication of the Weston Company to quality has led them to develop this one of a kind product.

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It comes with a cast iron build and stainless steel parts which make it strong and ready for the job. Its suction cup feet facilitate mounting it on the wall, countertop, or other places that you desire.

Assembling or disassembling this appliance is quite easy, a plus to its ease of use and cleaning. It bears the power to slice potatoes of about 6 inches in length into 3/8” French fries.

2. Progressive Vegetable and French Fry Cutter, French Fry Cutters

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The Progressive Vegetable and French Fry Cutter is a product designed to ease and accurate kitchen operations efficiently. With this French fry cutter in your kitchen, you will love preparing a lot of French fries as well as julienned vegetables with just a single push of its lever.

When making French fries, your work will only be placing half-cut potatoes on the chute and squeezing them through to output thin/thick chips within a few seconds.

This product features interchangeable and replaceable stainless steel blades with 49 holes for small and 25 holes for large fries. Cleaning this product is incredibly easy as you only need to spray some water throughout its interior and you are done.

 1. Culina, French Fry Potato Cutter – French Fry Cutters

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Culina’s popularity in the manufacture of kitchenware comes from their continuous release of excellent kitchen accessories. This French fry cutter from them is designed to be your ultimate companion in your quest to prepare elegant French fry dishes among other meals.

Its bottom features a curved shape design that allows for easy fitting of potatoes before initiating the cutting process. With its two interchangeable and replaceable blades, you will be free to cut your potatoes into either the thinner gourmet chopping style or the regular size.

In addition to cutting potatoes, it also suits chopping zucchinis, cucumbers, radishes, apples, yams, to mention but a few items. Its excellent finish allows for easy cleaning by just spraying some water into its interior.


The top ten best French fry cutters in 2017 have all it takes to take your kitchen operations to a whole new level. When buying such a compelling product, you will need to be extra careful.

You need to figure out whether you need a French fry cutter for commercial or home use. Again, you will have to ensure that your budget augers with your preferred product. This way, you will be in a position to identify a great product from this list that will meet and exceed your expectations effortlessly.

Buyer’s Guide:

I recommend you to #1. Culina French Fry Potato Cutter Price and quality are affordable.

Thank for attention. 🙂

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