The advancement in technology has had an enormous impact on our daily operations. Right from acquiring education to working in different fields after school, you will notice a significant improvement in the methodologies employed in everyday tasks. Scientific calculators are among the modern technological devices that have played a major role in making life easy for us, human beings.

With a scientific calculator in your locker at school, getting solutions to complex mathematical problems is no big deal. Scientific calculators also find use in other fields at the school like biology, chemistry, and physics to mention but a few.

the growing need to maintain a competitive trend in our jobs, owning a scientific calculator is not optional. It helps a great deal in the maintenance of financial records, accounts and also summing up and projecting a company/ business’s performance in accurate statistical figures.

ensure that you get the best services from a scientific calculator, you will need to get a high-quality, durable and easy-to-use model. Through this post, we come in to ensure that you get the best scientific calculator from the market. After spending a long time analyzing and testing the various scientific calculator models by different developers that are available on the market, we are pleased to provide you with accurate and trustable reviews of the top ten best scientific calculators in 2017.

Ron below, to get a clear view of what the various models offer before placing your final verdict and going for your preferred scientific calculator model.

10. Avalon A-25x Scientific Calculator-Scientific Calculators

Scientific Calculators

The Avalon A-25x scientific calculator is one of the wisest choices that you could make when buying a scientific calculator. Right from its elegant blue theme, you can tell that this calculator has a lot to offer. Regardless of your profession or major at college, you can trust this scientific calculator to get your mathematical problems solved.

Its compact and lightweight overall construction make it portable, easy to handle and store, thus ideal for frequent travelers. It’s excellent clarity and accuracy can only be attributed to its large, single-line LCD display and large buttons which eliminate the chances of pressing the wrong button.

It sources its power from a battery. The auto- power-off feature is there to reduce power wastage during the idle time. Its hard casing promotes its durability by cushioning any occurring shock/impact. It’s suitable for general science, basic math, as well as one variable stat functions.

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 9. Canon F710 Dual-Line Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculators

Apart from making futuristic cameras and printers, the Canon Company has also come up very well in the making of scientific calculators. This is just a new scientific calculator model from them that clearly indicates their dedication to customer satisfaction.

This calculator is inexpensive that suits even those operating on strict budgets. It’s stunning silver and black theme makes it elegant and fun to use. Within it is a professional system that includes 38 embedded mathematical formulas as well as support for 139 functions. Its double lined crystal screen allows for displaying floating, exponential, as well as scientific results.

You are free to use it for daily purposes as its sturdy plastic allows it to withstand daily, heavy-duty use. It operates on solar energy and features an auto-power-off element for utmost power efficiency. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty is also provided after purchase.

8. Casio fx-115MS PLUS SR Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculators

Among the high-performance, durable, and reliable Casio Scientific Calculator models are the Casio fx-115MS PLUS SR Scientific Calculator. It’s ranking among the top ten best scientific calculators in 2017 is due to some genuine reasons. Starting off with its reliability, you will notice that this calculator is durable thanks to its professional construction.

It’s also easy to utilize and has the power to solve integral calculations, permutations, fractions, as well as combinations to mention but a few. If you are a student, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy this scientific calculator.

Professionals are also not left behind as this calculator also can solve complex problems, engineering symbol puzzles, and also features CALC memory. Its slide-on casing is a plus to its durability. It’s also inexpensive despite its diverse functionality.

7. Sharp EL-W516XBSL 556 Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculators

The diverse performance, durability, and ease of use of this scientific calculator by the Sharp Company are enough reasons to rank it among the top ten best scientific calculators in 2017.

Its compact professional design makes it extremely portable and easy to handle. Its overall construction is sturdy thus durable. This calculator comes to equip you with mathematical/scientific power through its support for 556 functions which is one of its selling points. It also brings you a 4-line, 16-digit extra-broad, LCD display for accurate operations through proper reading. Its four programmable keys are also functional.

Through its write view technology, this calculator comes to put an end to memorizing mathematical methodologies and formulas by memorizing all the formulas present in books so that you can access them at any time effortlessly. It operates in seven distinct modes which include the matrix, list, equation, drill, among others.

6. Casio fx-260 SOLAR Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculators

The Casio fx-260 SOLAR Scientific Calculator is just another excellent model by the Casio Company. It comes with a professional design which gives it the power to serve all functions with no limitations. It’s known for its ability to deliver solutions to fractions and trigonometric problems within a blink of an eye.

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It also works well in solving square and cube root, percentage calculations, logarithms, complex scientific notations, inverse trigonometric and trigonometric calculations, among others. It features a slim, lightweight, compact, and design which makes it extremely portable and easy to use.

Within this scientific calculator is a 2-line, 10-digit LCD display which is large and serves its purpose beyond the user’s expectations. It’s approved for utilization during major exams like SAT, AP, NMSQT/PSAT, ACT, among others.

5. Casio Advanced (FX-115ES)Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculators

Among the most advanced scientific calculators available on the market this year is this product by the re-known Casio developer. It’s a calculator that brings you about 279 functions to help you take down almost all the complex mathematical and statistical problems with just a few presses of its easy-press buttons.

This calculator boasts featuring 2-line, 12-display textbook LCD display which makes reading from it easy even in uncomfortable light conditions. Through its excellent display, you no longer have to strain to view the solutions to various problems during your work or exam time.

It’s durable, compact construction design makes it durable, portable and ideal for heavy-duty utilization. You no longer need to stress about batteries as this calculator sources power from an integrated solar panel. The interesting part is that it’s approved for utilization during AP, SAT, PSAT, and NCEES exams. It also has a backup battery for maximum convenience.

 4. Casio FX-300MS Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculators

Hardly will you miss a Casio FS-300S calculator in a span of 10 students or professionals in any corner of the globe. This way, you can tell that this scientific calculator by Casio delivers its core purpose in an impressive way. The Casio FX-300MS Scientific Calculator brings mathematics and science enthusiasts a better way of going about their complex daily problems through it excellent functioning.

It’s an easy-to-use device and also ranks among the inexpensive models on the market so far. Its primary traits include its support for about 240 functions as well as its convenient multi-replay component. It also features a 2-line display, a major element in most Casio scientific calculator models.

Its ease of use, easy-press buttons, and bright display are among the features that make it hard to make mistakes while using this scientific calculator. Its slide-on casing boosts its safety further.

 3. Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Scientific/ Engineering Calculator

Scientific Calculators

For you convenience, and to provide utmost reliability, the Texas Instruments developer has come up with this high-performance scientific calculator. It gives you the power to solve geometrical, calculus, algebra, trigonometric problems with just a few clicks.

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Whether you are professional, or a high school/college student, this calculator will meet your needs exceedingly. It comes with valuable features that include multi-view to allow you take down various complex problems concurrently while displaying the progress and results of the different functions side by side.

It also features math print, a feature that shows symbols, fractions, as well as straightforward and complex math expressions in the same format as in books. It’s truly a scientific calculator that genuinely ranks among the best.

 2. Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS 2-Line Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculators

Among the trusted scientific calculator models is this product by the Texas Instruments Developer. It continues to thrive positively on the market with many customers praising its functionality, compact design, ease of use and durability.

It’s light lime green finish makes it attractive while its high-grade, sturdy construction which comes with exclusive components make working on complex scientific and statistical problems quite easy and satisfying. By purchasing this scientific calculator, you equip yourself with multiple angle modes including radians, degrees, and grades, among other priceless functional features.

You will appreciate the ease of using, transporting, and storing this calculator thanks to its compact and lightweight design. You will also get to enjoy solving one/two-variable statistical problems with this calculator throughout your office or school work.

 1. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphics Calculator-Scientific Calculators

Scientific Calculators

If you are searching for the exclusive graphing calculator, then don’t waste time this year searching any further than the Texas Instruments T1-84 Plus. This is a calculator that is lifting the Texas Brand name up high on the market by ranking among the best sellers in this category across many stores.

It’s a scientific calculator that suits both professionals like accountants, engineers, scientists, to mention but a few, as well as students pursuing various courses in different education levels. What makes this scientific, graphing calculator superior to other models within this category is that in addition to solving financial and mathematical problems,

It also bears the ability to display graphs and tables through its slip screen. It also works with a broad variety of apps, features a USB for file sharing, and is also backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Having presented you with reviews on the top ten best scientific calculators in 2017, you will have no one to blame for buying an inferior quality scientific calculator. All the reviewed products are reasonably priced to ensure there is one for everyone. Choose one that suits your needs and budget appropriately.

Thank for attention. 🙂

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