Top 10 Best Tea Makers in 2017 Reviews

A good cup of tea gives you a good relief in your body. Tea has several benefits to our bodies. It boosts your immune system, helps in loss of weight, improves the health of your bones, and it reduces heart attack or stroke. It is also believed to slow down development of certain types cancer types in our bodies. Tea is an antioxidant that is rich in elixir. You can drink a well-brewed tea any time of the day.

There are several reasons why you need an exclusive tea maker. Traditionally tea was made using pots directly placed on the fire. Technology has changed, and almost all items are electric. A good tea maker is safe to use. It should heat well and automatically make the tea for you. All you need to do is to program the water temperature and brew time when you load the steeping basket with tea leaves. Some teapots have features that allow you to program for different types of tea. This can be herbal tea or black tea. If your teapot is not programmed to make tea, it is designed to give you the best result of tea you need. It is always easier to make tea than making coffee. Tea is second highest consumed beverage in the world.

10. Chef’s Star Infuser Tea Maker

Taking the 10th position on our list is Chef’s Star Infuser Tea Maker. This tea maker can make both cold and hot tea by the touch of a button. It is stainless steel and heat resistant. It is designed to make all types of tea using loose tea leaves, tea bags, and herbal tea ingredients. The design is amazing and fits kitchens without clutter. The Chef’s Star tea maker is durable and has a capacity of four cups.


• Heat resistant glass

• Excellent design

• Easy to clean

• Rust free stainless steel


• The tea maker not as described on the advert.

9. Cheffman RJ11-17-GP

This pot will prepare very high-quality tea with a low consumption of power. The striking silver body keeps shiny and will never fade over time. It is also chip resistant. You can control the temperature to your required brewing time. It has an added advantage of making oatmeal or brewing coffee. The base is detachable for easier serving. The design is good, and the instructions are easy to follow.


• It is cordless.

• It boils water faster.

• Good temperature control

• Good design.


• The display breaks down fast.

8. Mr Coffee BVMC-TM33

This pot makes quality iced tea. The durable tea maker has a black design that does not clutter space in both medium and small size kitchens. It can make any other type of tea including flavored tea, loose tea leaves, and tea bags. The brewing cycle is 2.5 minutes for both the delicious and fresh tea. Its water filter can remove up to 97% of chlorine in the water. The pot has added features of auto shutoff and brewing strength selector.


• Fast brewing cycle

• Works two in one for flavored and fresh tea.

• Dishwasher safe.

• Auto Shut off.


• The glass is light.

7. West Bend 68305T

The pot has a removable sweetener chamber. The pot allows you to time the steeping and brewing time. It has an added advantage of brew strength selector. The light indicator makes you aware it is heating and automatically shuts off. It has three baskets mainly one for loose tea, one for sugar and the other for tea bags. The design and colors are beautiful.


• Beautiful design

• Added baskets.

• Easy to clean.

• 2.75-quart plastic pitcher


• The spout leaks tea when pouring.

6. Teavana Perfectea Maker

The tea maker blends the right tea you deserve. It is BPA free and can make both your natural tea and the flavored tea. It has four compartments that you can disable for easy cleaning. It is durable and has a good design. It has low consumption of power, and it cost effective right from purchase. It has a capacity of making 16 ounces of tea. It is dishwasher friendly.


• Very efficient.

• Double serving size

• Good for loose tea leaves

• Easy to clean


• It is not pure glass

5. Breville BTM800XL

This tea maker is ideal for everyday use. The auto start pot has got improved brewing convenience. It has built in temperature control system to keep your tea hot up to 60 minutes. It has good durability and easy to clean after use. The LCD timer helps you monitor freshness of your tea. The pot is well automated from boiling the water to the time it drops the tea leaves and pulls out the steeper basket. It has a beeper alert to let you know the tea is ready.


• Very efficient.

• Tea basket available

• Good temperature control

• Automated


• The carafe is not serviceable.

4. Hario Chacha Kyusu Maru Tea Pot

The teapot has a capacity of up to 700ml of tea. It is stain resistant and BPA free. It does not lower the quality of your tea or leech nutrients. The pot is small in size and easy to set up. It is recommended for occasional tea drinkers. It is very durable with easy maintenance. The glass design is beautiful and is good for all age groups and gender. The tea maker is also very easy to clean.


• Easy to use

• Very easy to clean

• The glass is excellent

• It diffuses tea well.


• It is small.

3. Mr. Coffee TM70

This pot has a unique system of extracting both tea bags and loose tea leaves. It has a removable brew basket that works very well. The spout is a non-drip, and the pitcher is dishwasher safe. It is clear so you can tell your tea level. It is durable and has a warranty of one year. The on and off buttons are very simple with an auto shut off for safety precautions.


• Dishwasher safe.

• Auto shut off safety

• Removable brew basket

• On and off buttons with power indicator


• It is Messy when removing the basket.

2. Ovente KG83B

The pot is made of glass but does not affect the flavor of your tea or leech nutrients. The electric starter tea maker is cordless and can prepare up to 1.5 liters of tea. The auto shut off feature is for safety precaution. The handle is ergonomically designed to remain cool for easy filling or emptying. It has an added advantage of dry boil protection in the event of powering it, and the carafe is not filled with water.


• Auto shut off after boiling

• Boil dry protection.

• LED lighting when heating.

• Stain resistant.


• The power button sticks.

1. French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

The carafe is made of Double German glass assuring you of durability. The heat resistant carafe is also German made. It has a special stainless steel plunger system for tea infusion. The pot is very fast and saves time and still, gives you the best tea you need. It can make iced tea or other flavored tea you wish to make. The glass is heat resistant for safety precaution. It has a capacity of 34 ounces. The tea maker has five years warranty period.


• Good quality and durable.

• Fast and effective.

• Good gift pack.

• Heat resistant.


• Smaller than advertised.


It is essential to select a tea maker that will give you the service you need. Good tea makers are heat resistant with a provision auto shut off to avoid spillage. They also have a LED indicator for showing when the tea maker is heating. However, you should read instructions properly to maintain your pot in good condition. Only use the tea maker for the intended purpose only.

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