List Of Best Bread Slicer in 2022 Reviews:

Are you aware that an average American consumes approximately 53 pounds of bread annually? Bread Slicers! Now you know. Bread and wheat products are a staple food in many countries around the world. With a lot of people preferring their homemade loaves, it comes as no surprise that a slicer is a necessary tool in each home.

A slicer is meant to guide you in making even cuts. As such, it should be sturdy and precise. Secondly, it should be made of materials that won’t bring foreign tastes or contaminate your bread. The slicer should also allow you a number of widths to choose from.

10. Kinwell Nature Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer with Crumb Catcher Tray

Kinwell Nature Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer

  • By: Kinwell Bread Slicers

What makes this bread slicer perfect is the fact that it has a crumbs catcher tray to keep the working environment neat. And, you are free to slice your bread to your desired thickness. And, this product isn’t just ideal for breads, it can also be used with sandwich or other foods. The tough bamboo construction which is 100% environmentally-friendly and antibacterial makes this product worth a purchase.

Again, the crumbs holder keeps your home clean and neat thus saving you the extra time you’d use cleaning the mess up. The fact that it folds makes it even better since you can easily fold and store when not in use.

Extra features:

  • The compact and lightweight design makes cleaning easy
  • The 100% handmade design guarantees durability

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9. DB-Tech Bamboo Wood Compact Foldable Bread Slicer

DB-Tech Bamboo Wood Compact Foldable Bread Slicer

  • By: DB-Tech Bread Slicers

This foldable bread slicer is another great option available on the market this year. First, it features three sizes groove which let you choose the thickness of your choice. You can choose to cut your bread into 1.2cm, 1 or just 0.8cm sizes. Also, the 100% bamboo construction makes the slicer highly durable. In fact, this slicer offers years of service. And yes, the foldable design makes carrying and storing breezy. The fact that bamboo is environmentally friendly also makes this a realm environment saver.

Extra features:

  • It can be used with other foods
  • The compact design makes it convenient

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8. Generic Bread Slicer 03 Bread Slicer

Generic Bread Slicer 03 Bread Slicer

From Generic, this is another plastic slicer that you won’t have to rob a bank for. It has been thoughtfully designed to allow you to slice your bread to various widths ranging from 15mm to 30mm. It’s made of durable plastic material and easily folds for easy storage.

However, previous users noted that you need to be slow when using this slicer. Notably, almost any type of bread knife will go through this slicer. This means that you won’t be required to shop for another bread knife.

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7. Yummy Sam Foldable Adjustable Bread Toast Slicer, Bread Slicers

Bread slicer Yummy Sam Foldable and Adjustable Bread Toast Slicer Bagel Slicer Loaf Sandwich Bread Slicer Toast Slice Cutter Mold with 4 Slice Thicknesses (white)

Natural homemade bread and bagel call for a beautiful and durable slicer that won’t interfere with its natural taste. That’s what Yummy Sam has for you. This slicer is made of superior quality ABS resin that gives it a look of quality, durability, and beauty.

The material used in its construction has been tested and confirmed to resist temperatures of up to 900 to prevent the transfer of other tastes or smells to your food. It’s easy to use since you just have to put your bread in the slicer then confidently pass your knife through the slots.

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6. Bread Pal Bread Slicers | Made in America

Bread Pal Bread Slicer | Made in America | The Original Foldable Slicer | Made With Maple and Birch | Accepts Large or Small Loaves | Cuts Thick or Thin | Perfect Slicing Made Easy

For you who is tired of unreliable slicers but again can’t cut even slices with your bare hands, here is your pal. By looking at it, you’ll tell that it’s reliable and does what it’s meant to.

Similar to Elite Slicer, Bread Pal is also constructed from Maple hardwood. Its collapsible design makes it convenient for storage, and other items can be piled on it without any worries. Additionally, Bread Pal comes with its heavy duty polyurethane surface, so you need no other accessories.

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5. KitchenCraft Bread Slicer and Keeper


Forget about the uneven slices of bread. For a few dollars, you’ll get your family a super-simple guide for slicing your yummy homemade bread. This slicer is compatible with various types of knives. It’s made of a sturdy construction that delivers even slices with every cut.

With this product, you also get a free bread keeper to keep your food fresh all day. The keeper is made of a clear plastic material and is adjustable to accommodate various sizes of bread.

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4. Best Bread Slicers Multi-functional

Bread Slicer - Multi-functional

This loaf slicer by Skater is one of the most versatile slicers we’ll have this year. It’s not only ideal for bread slicing but for almost any other food that requires slicing ranging from ham to cheese.

Unlike other slicers constructed from cheap plastic that easily breaks with every slice, this Japan-made slice guide features a tough, strong plastic. It can be folded up to minimize the space taken during storage. Moreover, Skater’s bread slicer is easy to clean and durable.

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3. Generic eB-01 Kitchen Pro Bread Loaf Slicer – Best Bread Slicers

Generic eB-01 Kitchen Pro Bread Loaf Slicer Slicing Cutter Cutting Cuts Even Slices Guide Tool, White

The elegant design of this slicer has helped it garner hundreds of reviews so far. Its precise slots make sure that you get decent clean slots always. It’s easy to clean, and its material is sturdy and non-breakable. The ABS plastic used is food friendly and has been finely polished to make sure that no chips are deposited on your bread.

Unlike other slice guides where the knife sticks at the bottom, Generic eB-01 has precisely designed cuts to allow smooth up and down blade movements.

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 2. Norpro 370 Bread Slicer and Guide with Crumb Catcher

Norpro 370 Bread Slicer and Guide with Crumb Catcher

Norpro 370 is one of the most beautiful simple kitchen tools that thousands of people are using to improve the décor of their kitchens. For a non-messy, neat, and quick bread slicing, you can’t regret adding this to your shopping cart. It has been creatively constructed to catch the crumbs at its catcher and which can later be dumped out easily.

Its long and wide base accommodates various sizes of bread. Also, its accurately positioned slots make sure that you are at no risk of cutting your fingers during the slicing process.

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1. Chef’sChoice 6150000 Food Slicer – Best Bread Slicers

Chef'sChoice 6150000 Food Slicer

  • By: Chef’sChoice Bread Slicers

This food slicer also features on our list. It boasts a tough aluminum construction which makes it quite durable. The stainless steel construction also keeps it rust-free and in a perfect condition even after a long use. The Also, the slicer also features a great gear-driving operation which keeps it working even after years of use. Also, the powerful motor guarantees high performance and fast operation. Another thing, this slicer comes with thickness control feature for convenient control of the desired thickness.

Extra features:

  • The easy to clean design makes it convenient
  • It locks when not being used.

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Our verdict:

We found out that most of the above-reviewed slicers were selling fast and as such, some may run out of stock soon. To avoid last minute inconveniences, make your order today and now.

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