This is your one-stop article for all you need to know about rowing machines. We also have the best there’re on the market today. There are 4 categories of rowing machines depending on their source of resistance. These are hydraulic, air, water, and the magnetic machines.

Of all the rowing machines, the hydraulic are the smallest. They are therefore ideal for a less spacious room. Magnetic rowing machines utilize electromagnets to offer resistance.

Their only downside is that unlike other machines, you can’t regulate this resistance during your workout. The air and water rowing machines offer the best rowing experience. As such, they are the most common.

When purchasing a rowing machine, firstly, consider your space. If you have limited space, choose those that can be easily folded for storage. If you intend to workout intensely, go for a machine that offers you controllable levels of resistance. Also, a machine that informs you of the calories burnt, distance covered, and the time taken is more favorable. Our Best Picks Of The Highly Rated And Reviewed Rowing Machines This Year:

List Of Top 10 Best Rowing Machines in 2022 Reviews:

10. Kettler 7978-900 Favorit Rowing Machine

Kettler 7978-900 Favorit Rowing Machine

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If you want a budget-friendly hydraulic rowing machine to keep your muscles and circulatory system in perfect condition, consider this one. Measuring 49 x 31 x 10 inches, Kettler 7978-900 is a sturdy choice for people weighing up to 250 pounds.

Its padded seat with rollers running smoothly on a rail makes it unique from other hydraulic rowers. From its LCD display, you’ll get some critical information on the number of strokes you’ve made, the distance rowed and calories burnt. You can also set some goals that you wish to achieve, and be alerted once you’ve reached them.

9. Stamina InMotion Rower

Stamina InMotion Rower

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Athletes and professional gym enthusiasts reckon that Stamina is a reputable brand when it comes to rowing machines. Amongst its leading units is this InMotion Rower. It features a compact and practical engineering with no bells and whistles.

Besides its unbeatable price, it offers the quietest workout sessions in case you want to listen to your favorite hits or watch T.V. If all you want is compact sized and straightforward equipment that’s easy to store, this is it.

8. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

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This is a solid option for the serious and frequent trainers. It has an ergonomically designed fully padded comfortable seat. It uses electromagnets to offer 8 levels of resistance that can be easily adjusted from the LCD display.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5515 is made of sturdy stainless steel and will support users with up to 250 lbs. Its large foot pedals make it ideal for any user. Notably, it’s quiet and won’t disturb other people’s comfort. You’ll also love its casters that make it easy to move from one position to the other hassle free.

7. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

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Regarding size and storage, Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower is similar to Stamina InMotion Rowing machine. However, Velocity has some added features. This one uses a magnetic resistance system. It’s made of durable iodized aluminum and has a unique design that makes it an incredible addition to your gym equipment.

Besides informing you of the number of strokes and calories covered, Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower also monitors your pulse rate. Its comfortable and non-slip handles and smoothly sliding saddle makes sure that all your body parts are involved in an effective workout session.

6. WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor

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No other tool will give you a natural rowing experience like this one by Water Rower. Though it’s pricier than the models that we’ve already covered, its outstanding features are worth each buck. It’s made of strong ash wood with a beautiful finish.

It has its rowing pedals in a container full of water to give you a real on-the-lake rowing experience. Again, WaterRower claims to exercise most of your muscles than any other gym equipment. It’s amongst the few rowing machines designed to support over a thousand pounds. It comes with a one year warranty.

5. Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine with Free Motion Arms

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This hydraulic-resistance machine comes with a 5-year warranty for the frame and 3 months for the other parts. Previous buyers loved its ergonomically designed oars and its solid seat, which give you a smooth rowing experience. They utilize your arms, abdominal, shoulder and buttocks muscles.

Stamina 1215 has an easy-to-see performance monitor that displays amongst other parameters the calories you’ve burned, distance rowed, time, and speed. When it comes to storage, this machine will fold easily into a compact size.

4. Stamina Air Rower (Black, Chrome)


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If you love Stamina rowers but prefer air resistance machines, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s reliable equipment that’s efficient and effective. It works out your arms, legs, chest and other muscles. The key feature about this rower is its ability to fold into two.

The frame is made of strong stainless steel and is ideal for users with up to 6 feet height. It also comes with a 3-year warranty. Stamina Air Rower has a digital one-button monitor with vital information about your session like speed, distance, and calories burnt.

3. Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

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This is another highly rated and affordable hydraulic rowing machine. Its padded handles and comfortable smoothly sliding seat makes it a safe bet especially for long workout hours.

With 12 adjustable tension controls, all you get is a perfect low impact extreme body workout every time you get to the gym. This rowing machine is also lightweight and features a simple construction. Its small size requires a small storage space.

2. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

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For long, this has been a solid choice for hardcore rowers, gym trainers, and professional marathoners thanks to its robust construction. This is a wind resistance rowing machine that uses a steel chain with nickel coating that requires low maintenance. It also has a more detailed digital monitor.

Additionally, you can transfer your workout information data via a USB port on this monitor. This will help you track your performance over time. Concept2 Model also separates into 2 parts for storage purposes. Uniquely, you don’t require any tool to separate it.

1. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

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This machine can be relied upon for the best all-around workout experience. Its ingeniously designed oars mimic natural rowing. They also fold with much ease for easy storage. It has sturdy non-skid floor protectors that ensure your safety during vigorous workouts.

Stamina Body Trac Glider has a strong, well-built stainless steel frame that also acts as a smooth rail for the upholstered seat. Its footplates are non-slippery and are big for any user.


Gym experts say that rowing is one of the best indoor exercises since it utilizes at least 85% of your muscles. However, to achieve these results, you need a reliable rowing machine. The rowers above have various features from price to storage. Therefore, we believe that each person should get one that fits his/her needs.

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