3 wheel bike for kids? it sounds simple. However, for kids, it is almost everything. I remember the sweetest memory when I had a tricycle bike my grandpa bought for me. I had all the fun in my childhood.

List Of Top 10 Best 3 Wheel Bike for Kids in 2019

10. Dynacraft

Dynacraft Magna

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Having kids in the family, you cannot avoid getting toys for them. On the same note, there many toys for kid, one of which, today we would like to talk about a wheel bike, an item we usually buy for kids. A 3-wheel bike is very essential for kids because it can teach kids how to ride from a very young age.

Here we have Dynacraft wheel bike that is designed in black and green color. It is a boy type of bike because it has a boy frame and a boy shape. It can assist your kid how to ride a bike with its extra two training wheels. It can also help your kid with how to balance.

Moreover, it is also attached with a padded handle which is comfortable for your kid to hold. This bike frame is made from durable material such as strong steel that can guarantee a life time durability. This bike is best recommended for kids from 3 to 5 years old.

9. Huffy

Huffy Moto X Boys

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Huffy is boy styled bike that is made with black and blue color. The material of this bike is super strong because it is made from steel that is built very carefully to support long term usage. Most kids can ride on this bike because it is very flexible for around 3 years old to 5 or six years old. Especially, the seat of this bike is very adjustable because you can it upon your kid’s height.

You don’t have to worry how to teach your kid to balance when riding with this bike since this bike comes with two additional training wheels to support the balance. Your kid will like this bike since it is designed with like a racing bike. It has a brake right there at the left handle bar so that it can secure your safety when the kid overspeeds.

8. Royalbaby

RoyalBaby Freestyle

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More than just a simple bike, this Royalbaby bike is very suitable for both boys and girls. The design of this bike is very cool and very shiny in orange color featuring black and white. It contains of one comfortable seat for your kid that is very adjustable if your kid doesn’t fit because you can move up or down depending on your kid height.

At the back of this bike, it has one space to place a bottle of water that make it look like a real racing bike. All of these designs are very attractive and will your kid enjoy the ride every day. There are many sizes of the bike ranging from 12 inches to 18 inches so you can choose the size upon your kid’s height and age as well.

However, this bike can fit kids ranging from 3 years old to 8 years old. There are two types of brakes that your kid can use. One is the coaster type of brake, and another one is the handle brake type.

7. Fisher-Price

 Fisher-Price Grow

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If you are looking for a toy or a small bike that can teach your kid how to ride a bike, you came to a right place. Here, we have another 3-wheel bike that your kid can rely on when they want to ride a bike. This is a colorful type of bike that is very attractive to most kids. It is best to use for kids aged under 6 years old from 2 years old to 5 years old. Even if it is not made from strong steel like the other type but it is still produced from durable plastic that won’t easily get damaged.

More than this, this bike is super flexible because you can use it along when your kid is growing up since it has an adjustable seat. It can help your kid with stability and balance when they start learning riding a bike because it is a 3-wheel bike.

6. Schwinn

 Schwinn Roadster

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A 3-wheel bike or we can call them a tricycle bike is a type of toy that can teach your small child to ride a bike from a younger age. The Schwinn 3 wheels bike is designed very cool than other types we mentioned. It looks like a royal type of bike. The Schwinn has a very comfortable seat because it comes with its back resting. Your kid can lay back and ride a bike very comfortable.

In addition, the seat has 5 adjustable positiosn which it still ridable even for when your child is growing up. You don’t need to worry about balance since it has 3 wheels to balance the stability for your kids.

Also, the handlebar is in a good position to hold. Your kid will remain in the right position and good posture riding with this bike. There also is one bell included at the right side of handlebar which is more fun for your kid to play with.

5. Radio Flyer

 Radio Flyer Deluxe

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Let’s have a look at a little red 3-wheel bike for your kids. This bike is a brand from Radio Flyer, a reliable product that made from strong material such as steel and plastic. This little one is best suited for your 2 years old kid up until 5 years old because it has a flexible seat which means you can adjust the seat on the bike whenever your kid grows up. For the weight loading, this bike can put up to only 49 pounds.

You can use this 3 wheel bike with toddler seat in two styles either to let your kid ride the bike alone or you can push them from the back because it has metal bar at the of the chair. More than just a metal bar, at the back side of this back, it is also designed with one small storage box for your kid. While riding the bike and having fun, they can also bring their toys with them.

4. Schwinn

 Schwinn Elm Girl's

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This is another model from Schwinn. This type of bike is a girl style because it is designed in girly frame as well as painted in blue and pink color. Beside the two big wheels, there are other two supporting wheels on both side which they can help training your kid on how to ride a bike and to balance. This bike is not too small and not too big but it can fit for a kid from 3 to 4 years old, plus their height should be around 36 to 40 inches only.

This 3 wheel bike for toddler is different from the other types because at the front of the handle bar, it has one small basket which allows your kid to place their toys along while riding this bike. With an adjustable seat of this bike, your child can remain in the right position riding this bike. Just like the other bikes, this one has two types of brake which are coaster and handle brake.

3. Joystar

 JOYSTAR 14 Inch

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We assume that you are searching for the right bike for your small child. You may look through our list for more high quality and suitable 3-wheel bike for your kid. This type is a girly style bike that painted in a very light color of blue, pink and white. This bike also came with one little basket at the front. Your child can put anything inside the basket either their study materials or their toys.

There are two training wheels at the back to help your girl how to balance when start riding a bike. The seat of this bike is super adjustable that allow your kid to reposition their seat with the handlebar so that they can feel more comfortable riding a bike and avoid them from having backache or any false sitting position.

On top of the handlebar, it also got one little light frame for night riding. First time buying this bike, you don’t need to worry about how to assemble as it comes with instruction that is easy for self-set up.

2. Joystar

 JOYSTAR Kids Bike

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Here is another model of bike from Joystar. However, this bike is a unisex type of bike that both boys and girls can ride. This bike frame is painted in blue and black color that looks so bright and attractive to most kids. There are different sizes of this bike which can fit a kid from 2 years old to 10 years old. Regarding the frame part, this bike’s frame is made from solid and strong steel as well as durable plastic that can support long term using.

Riding this bike, your kid can also control the speed by braking the coaster with the legs and by braking on the handle brake bar. From the help of two additional wheels from the back, you kid will quickly learn how to ride a bike because it can assist in balancing. Together with the flexible seat and right handlebar, your kid can enjoy riding a bike without feeling unwell.

1. Nice C

 Nice C BMX Kids

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Last but not least, we have another high-quality riding bike from Nice C that is suitable for both boys and girls. Comparing this type of bike to the other ones, it is very well-equiped. Each part of this bikeis made from efficient metal that very resistant to damage. The whole body of this bike is weighs only 17 pounds which very light that you can bring along on your holidays.

Moreover, it also has the chain protection. It is also equipped with two brakes like the other bike which are the coaster type and the handle braking bar. Your kid can control their speed by working on those brakes. The seat of this bike is adjustable that allow your kids to position themselves with the handlebar to make sure they feel comfortable when riding this bike. Each purchase is also backed by a three months warranty.

Buying Guide for 3 Wheel Bike for kids

Making a decision is not easy for everyone, we know that.  Even if it is just a little thing that we buy from market, we have to have a wide consideration on that. It is the same when we buy a bike for our kid. As we know that kids can be very selective, we cannot guess their mind at all. That is why we come here to introduce you some guiding criteria in choosing their bike. Let’s have a look at the below criteria. We bet your kid will love their bike. 

Brakes: When we talk about brakes, it is one of the important parts on your bike, even on a kid’s bike. Brake plays crucial role in controlling your speed so once your kid goes over speed you can teach your kid how to slow down or control their speed by braking on the handlebar or coaster brake. These two types of brake are the common part on a kid’s bike.

Seat Height: This is a point we would like to raise regarding your kid’s position when riding a bike. You should look for those types of bike that has an adjustable seat so that they can reposition their seat as they grow up or when they feel uncomfortable with the current seat height.

Wheels: For wheels, we just want to remind all the parents that most kids at the young age, they need something flexible or something that can help them for fast learning such as riding a bike itself. So, the additional wheels or the extra training wheels are important in teaching your kid how to balance the bike and can assist them in familiarizing their position when riding a bike.

Handlebar: For the handlebar, we just want to state about its position as it can make your kid’s body go wrong if the handlebar is not in the right position. As you can see in most bikes, the handlebar is important because we have to depend on them and hold on them to go on. If it is in the wrong position, it will make your body uncomfortable or sometimes can lead to backache or hand ache as well. That is why you have to choose wisely about your seat position and the handlebar position.


Now you know there is best 3 wheel bike for kids available in the market. I am sure that you will have all the best memories with your children as I had mine. All you need is to choose the color, size, and price.


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List of top  8 Best 3 Wheel Bike for Kids:


8. 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

Option 1

The 4-in-1 Trike is the best achievable grow-with-me trike. It offers 4 ways to ride. Toddlers can do it as an infant trike, a steering trike, learn-to-ride-trike, and a classic trike. This 4-in-1 Trike features safety for the young riders, including removable wrap around tray with cup holder to protect children, a 3-point harness (removable), Adjustable grow-with-me seat, unique stroller style, and covered bin for child or parent storage for cell phones, keys, or baby toys. The front wheel coasts while the adult pushes the trike. The height-adjustable push handle and unique stroller-style canopy with UV protection that can be removable for older riders. The sturdy steel frame and adjustable seat allow this trike to last for many years. In the parent-push mode, the tires will rotate intermittently when feet are not placed on the pedals with front wheel coasts. This 4-in-1 trike is very comfortable with headrest provides neck support and also removable.  In short, this 4-in-1 Trike is super cute, versatile, and functional that is very easy to assemble and has transitioned well to motivate having the safety sites for children. Your little can have fun and learn to ride at a very young age at the same time.


Option 2

This 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike offers four ways to ride for children from the early age (9 months- 5 years). It is made from steel and soft plastic materials to withstand years of riding fun. The plastic tires aren’t rock hard plastic but they don’t inflate. Also, this 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike barely makes any noise. They are very good because you don’t have to worry about flat tires but they are also soft and would make for a more comfortable ride than the hard plastic ones that are often found on trikes. With the removable canopy, it offers a protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Parents can push the child along when he or she is secured with a seatbelt into the high-back chair with the three-point harness. The steering trike is perfect for helping a child to get a feel for the bicycle control. Transform the vehicle into a learn-to-ride trike by removing the harness and high back while parents can still remain close to the child. When your child is old enough to ride and take control of the bike, disconnect the handle to create a classic three-wheeled tricycle. Parents can keep the child’s favorite toys handy in the covered storage. The removable, wraparound safety tray with cup holder is the perfect place to keep a beverage, snack or another refreshment for baby. This is the best outdoor stroll to keep children moods right and the product serves the best for the same.


7. Fisher-Price Grow-With-Me Trike

Option 1


This trike is for all toddlers from age 2 to 5 years. It is very colorful which children will surely love riding around in the house or outdoor activity. This trike has the big front tire and sturdy build and is made for little children who want a big bike experience and can ensure parents about their children’s safety. Also, this trike can allow children to ride it for years. It is very light and easy to carry if a child decides that he/she wants to walk, parents can easily throw the bike over their shoulder and carry it. A  wide wheelbase provides stability, while slip-resistant pedals, easy-grip handlebars, and durable tires help kids enjoy miles of smiles. It has an adjustable seat that offers a comfortable seat for children and removable pedal blocks that ensure the right foot-to-pedal distance. When children are ready for more performance, the trike can be adjusted, so that it would fit their new skills and size. Young riders will learn how to balance, coordination, and confidence that will allow them to ride two wheels bike. It’s perfect for playtime. Plus, it teaches children the basics of learning how to ride a bike.

Option 2


Really nice bike for a toddler with an inexpensive price. Kind of in between a tricycle and a big wheel. Even though this strike is made from plastic, it is very good and strong. This trike is very light weight. It is very stable so parents can feel happy that their children will not fall off easy. It is very easy to assemble, once you assemble it completely, you will notice that the trike is really resistant and of good quality. Durable, easy to pedal, and look very stylish. It has an adjustable seat and pedals. This trike provides a comfortable ride because it features thick handles and pedals. Distance from the seat to the pedals is reachable for the children. Being plastic, this trike works great for indoors or outdoors. It rides well on concrete, hardwood, tile, carpet, short grass, and mulch. It comes with a ring hole in the rear that allows parents to use a pushing device while the child is learning to ride. Another specialty of the ring on the back is that parents can put a rope in to control the speed of the strike and where the toddlers go with it. Because you would be surprised of how fast those little legs can go. With the grow with me functions it will last for a long time. For the price, this is great quality. Overall, the trike is so cute, well made and totally adjustable.Your little one will love riding around all over the place with this trike.

6. Fisher-Price Barbie Tough Trike

This Barbie tough trike is for a 2-5-year-old kid. The assembly for this trike is very simple, easy instructions and images to help you with the project. Took about 15 minutes total. It’s overall pretty light. This is very sturdy so you don’t have to fear about it toppling.This tricycle is a great way for kids to exercise, have fun, and adventure at the same time.  It has Durable tires and rugged treads pair-up for off-road fun with all the essentials for a trike like a wide stable wheel base, easy-grip handlebars, and big foot pedals. Kids can use their own pedal power to ride around and make exciting discoveries around their yard and neighborhood. Kids can also ride it all over the house. It doesn’t scratch the floors. This trike also includes a pretend key and a secret storage compartment under the seat for all the things that the kid treasures. Stickers on this trike are applied, if desired, by yourself that they are not needed, the bike still looks fine. In short, this trike is a very attractive item and very durable both inside and outside. It is something that kids could enjoy now but still grow into.


5.  Radio Flyer 33P 12-Inch Dual Deck Tricycle

This is a Radio Flyer 33P 12-Inch Dual Deck Tricycle for kids between 2,5- 5 years old. This is a perfect trike for beginner riders. It has a classic styling with chrome handlebars and fender. All the 3 wheels are great and made from real rubber tires for durability. Only the pedals are plastic, all of the structural components are metal, which means that this will last. Assembly was very simple and took only a few minutes, and the instructions were quite easy to follow. The controlled turning radius prevents tipping for safe and confident riding. Overall, the tricycle is very sturdy, and it does not wobble like other bikes, it has an adjustable seat which we lowered to the very bottom and there is more than enough space to wear knee pads so that they won’t hit the handle bars. This special tricycle is equipped with the streamers and ringing bell is a great touch and a sweet addition which children will absolutely love it when they can hear the ring from their little bike. The double-deck rear step is for the safety of the children when they climb on and off. The adjustable seat grows with your child and it is not hard to peddle. This trike model is recommended for any parents who love long term durability reliability, and safety trike. It’s an awesome retro looking trike and your kids love and will not want to get off of it.


4.  Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

This Fisher Price Harley Davidson Motorcycle is best suited for children between 2-6 years old. Kids impressive motorcycle, a model similar to the original, will absolutely make the kids excited and start their adventure. The quality of all the parts are great, and the style is super cool with the cute stickers. Since it is made from plastic, it is not heavy and very easy to handle. It is a very durable trike and putting it together is very easy. This trike comes with multiple colors that can be very attractive to the kids. The storage under the seat is a wonderful idea for kids to keep or hide their toys or something that they adore. It is a very safe choice for kids and a worry-free product for moms because it has easy-to-grip handlebars and slip-resistant pedals. Also, it is lower to the ground than a traditional trike so there is less distance to fall. The sturdy tires on this trike will withstand hours of riding that can keep the kid fun and entertaining. Besides from pavements, it also has a good mobility on grass. Great for indoor and outdoor. Even though, some kids cannot reach the pedals because they are still too young, yet it is still not a problem. Kids would love by just sitting on it while parents push them. Kids can also enjoy by scooting it around. Good for balance. It is great for beginners up to experienced paddlers. Quality matches the price point. The kids will adore this and have tons of continuous fun with it. Definitely a great starter bike to get a kid ready to ride a regular bike.


3.  Fisher-Price W9981 DC Super Friends Batman Lights And Sounds Trike


This Fisher-Price W9981 DC Super Friends Batman Lights And Sounds Trike is best for children between age 2-6 years old. It is very cute and eye catching. This trike is also very sturdy for all parts are made of plastic. The quality of the plastic parts is excellent. For parents who aren’t sure about a metal trike for their toddlers, this is a great substitute. It has the wide 3-wheel base, slip-resistant pedals, and easy-grip handlebars. This trike comes with special lights, sounds, music & talking “walkie-talkie” with Batman phrases “To the bat cave, Robin”. The sounds are authentic, but not too loud. The lights are great. Children always love the sounds/lights and repeat what is announced. Children can speak with Batman using the walkie-talkie and will hear fun messages that create an action-packed world where courageous heroes like Batman are ready to save the day. This can add excitement to the ride. A piece of tape over the speaker can mute it more if using it in the house or prefer a quiet environment. Assembly is quite easy and decorating them with all the decals would be very fun for parents and children to do it together. It even comes with a secret compartment for children to hide their superhero toys under the seat and the seat is also adjustable. It provides children lots of fun, engages the imagination, develops coordination, and improves large and small motor skills that promote healthy physical and emotional development. This is something that would last until the children are ready for a big boy bike. Every Fisher-Price trike is built tough, with innovative play and performance features you won’t find in other ride-on.

2.  Kawasaki K.0 10 Tricycle


The only way to describe the Kawasaki Tricycle is that it is a very cool little tricycle. Kids extremely in love with this trike because they see it as a cute motorcycle design not just their typical strikes. The color of this tricycle is in bright green and highlighted with black. The advantage of these colors is that they will make the trike seen easily. It is very easy to assemble and it looks fantastic. Wheels and tires are made from hard plastic with some type of rubberized coating so they worked really well on a hardwood floor for training. The front wheels permit the child to coast without the pedals spinning. While coasting the wheel makes a click, click, click noise. The seat is very comfortable and adjustable with just two bolts. With the adjustable seat, it allows children between age 3-6 to ride this, and they will have no problem reaching the pedals. The back of the seat has a cutaway in it for grabbing a run away and pushing. This can ensure more safety to children.This tricycle’s brake uses rear suspension. Frame are made of plastic and steel handlebars. The frame also covered by lifetime warranty and one-year warranty on parts. It is equipped with a function called safety steering stop which means the steering will stop at a certain point. The handle bars won’t spin 360°. This keeps the child’s legs from harm and ultimately keeps them safe. This trike is very sturdy and durable. It’s virtually indestructible and solid construct adjustable so it will last many years. It works well on the pavers in front of the house and in the lawn. Absolutely excellent in every way. Your child will have hours of fun on this nifty Kawasaki Tricycle!

1.  Polaris Dragon 10 Tricycle


For the model Polaris Dragon 10 Tricycle, it comes in two mixed color black and red. It is a well-crafted trike. This tricycle is perfect for toddlers aged 2-5. It requires some easy assembly. It has the ultra-strong steel frame, big nonslip pedals, padded handlebar, and safety hand grips. The wheels are made from hard plastic but this trike is strong as steel. Grass, dirt, uneven terrain, and sidewalks have not been an issue when riding it. It’s a great starter tricycle because it has an adjustable seat and a shorter distance between the seat and the pedals. The seat is extra long. It is perfect for kids to sit closer to the handlebars with room to scoot back as their legs grow. It is a nice sturdy fun trike. The price is great compared to other bikes. It will worth your money as the quality is very good and can last for many years.

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