Watching a football match or the hottest TV series in the comfort of your couch is the most amazing feeling in the world. This is because it saves you the hustle of sitting in stuffy Cinemas and noisy stadia. Well, if you want to make this fantasy a reality, then you ought to get a TV today.

There are different TVs in the market, but the 90-100 inch TVs are the best options that you should go for. Besides their superb size, these TVs have Ultra High Definition picture quality and high refresh rates to enable you to enjoy every moment. A legit 90-100 inch TV set will serve you for a long period of time and help you enjoy both movie and gaming experiences.

But today we so many counterfeit TVs that act as duplicates of the original thus posing a quality hazard to the buyers. Due to this, we decided to save the buyers by coming up with a list of the best 90-100 inch TVs in 2021.

List Of Best 90-100 Inch TV Reviews in 2021:

10. NEC E905 | 90 inches LED Backlit Commercial-Grade Display

NEC E905 | 90 inch LED Backlit Commercial Grade Display

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  • By: NEC 90-Inch TVs

The NEC E905 90 inch TV is a great deal for your domestic and commercial entertainment. This LED black-lit LCD flat panel display digital TV comes with extremely wonderful and superior features that make it the best in the market. It has a low power consumption and features 270 watts making it perfect for your business as it will not take your electricity bills to a higher end.

This TV has a diagonal size of 90 inches and a viewable size of 90 inches to make it possible for you get a view of all the motions irrespective of the distance or sitting angle. Unlike the ordinary TV, the NEC E905 90 inch TV features a motion enhancement technology and a 60Hz refresh rate to ensure that all the fast moving scenes are displayed in utmost clarity. To make your watching experience better, this TV features an image aspect ratio of 5000:1, a brightness of 350 cd/m2 and up to 1.07 million colours.

This 90 inch TV has inbuilt thermodynamic cooling fans to ensure that it does not overheat when functioning for a long period of time. This is the best product for all your business and domestic needs. Get it today and enjoy the convenience and high image quality.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • Temperature sensor installed
  • Pluggable specification slot.

9. Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV 2021

Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV

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  • By: Hisense 100-Inch TVs

Sometimes you might have the cash, but you might be in a fix for which 100 inch TV to go for. Well, do not stress yourself anymore, the Hisense 100-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV is just the perfect choice for you.

This TV will take care of the value for your money as it features unique displays that show nothing less than high-quality images. This product is an ambient light rejection screen that works perfectly in both light and dark environments. This 100 inch TV can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes as it has a perfect size to cater for a large number of individuals at the same time.

This Hisense product has four embedded Harman Kardon speakers and a wireless subwoofer to amplify the sound and ensure that you get every sound clearly. The laser technology produces amazing colors and contrast with 180-degree viewing angles that make it possible for anyone to view every detail clearly and comfortably.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • DLP technology for super smooth and clear images in fast action scenes and sports
  • Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth audio.

8. Samsung Best 85-Inch 4K Smart LED TVs

Samsung 85-Inch 4K Smart LED TV

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  • By: Samsung 85-Inch TVs

Sometimes a large-screened and high-quality TV is what you need for the completeness of your home or business area. You might have tarmacked for days or even months without getting an 85 inch TV set that will satisfy your needs. But here comes good news, The Samsung 85-Inch 4K Smart LED TV UN85JU7100FXZA falls among the best 85 inch TVs that will enhance all your sporting, gaming and movie experiences for the better.

This stunning TV has an effective refresh rate of 240 CMR and a LED backlight which improves the quality of the pictures and motion scenes displayed on the screen. The smart functionality gives you access to many applications and TV programs that will keep you glued on your couch for hours of unlimited entertainment. Unlike other big TVs, this 85-inch product comes with a strong stand to enable you to put your TV on a table or a desk if you do not want it mounted on a wall.

Why you should get one:
  • Wall mountable
  • 4K Ultra High Definition resolution power.

7. Sharp PN-LE PN-LE901 90″ 1080p LED-LCD TV – Best 90-Inch TVs

Sharp PN-LE PN-LE901 90" 1080p LED-LCD TV

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  • By: Sharp 90-Inch TVs

The Sharp PN-LE PN-LE901 90″ 1080p LED-LCD TV – 16:9 – HDTV is a high performance 90 inch TV that comes with all the tags of efficiency, effectiveness, quality and reliability. Besides being enough for a comfortable view, this 90 inch TV features an ATSC digital tuner which eliminates all the manual operations to make you comfortable and relaxed while operating it. This TV has an HDTV video signal standard for top-notch picture quality and wonderful color displays.

For enhanced functionality, this product features a powerful RS-232C command set that permits flexible remote control capabilities from connected devices. If you are a business owner, there is no doubt that you will appreciate the optimal content control with added lockout features which include LED disable, power, IR remote just but a few to mention. This 90 inch TV is a life changer, we, therefore, advise that you make an effort of acquiring one for your home or business area.

Why you should get one:
  • LCD panel with a LED-full array backlight technology.

6. SHARP LC-90LE657U 90-Inch TV AQUOS HD 1080P 120HZ 3D


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  • By: Sharp 90-Inch TVs

Do no limit yourself to small things. You are a great individual who deserves bigger things in life. So do yourself some justice and get the Sharp LC-90LE657U 90 inch TV set. This Full HD LED smart TV features a 2D and active 3D full HD 1920 x 1080p LCD panel with a full-array LED backlight that brings life to all the images on your screen. Some TVs tend to display blurry images when fast-moving action scenes appear, but this TV has a 120Hz refresh rate and Aquo-Motion 240 scanning to ensure that all fast moving motions are displayed with utmost clarity.

This TV offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity and MHL smartphone streaming which present a wonderful platform for you to connect any devices for maximum convenience. With the inbuilt Wi-Fi system, you can connect to the web and enjoy all your favorite social networking and entertainment apps including Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and Twitter.

Extra reasons why I picked Best 90-Inch TVs:
  • Has a screen split system
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

5. 105″ LED Televisions, LED 4K Curved TV

105" LED Televisions, LED 4K Curved TV

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  • By: Feilongus 105-Inch TVs

This 105 inches curved TV set by Feilongus is a unique TV that stands out from the rest because of its wonderful curvy structure. This is a 4K curved panel with a high refresh rate of 120Hz to ensure that all the images that pass on screen are smooth and clear irrespective of their movement speed.

This product has 4 speaker power channel that allows for efficient sound output. The internal smart system makes it possible for you to access different applications and also be able to stream your favorite movies over the internet. The TV is also wall mountable and its wonderful curvy design will blend well with your room’s décor to make it admirable and presentable.

Extra reasons why I picked Best 105-Inch TVs:
  • An aspect ratio of 21:09 and 4K resolution
  • Allows for several input options including HDMI, 4 USB ports, Ethernet, component, RF, RS232C and many others.

4. Beachcamera Sharp PN-LE901 90-Inch Class 1920X1080 Commercial LCD HDTV

Beachcamera Sharp PN-LE901 90" Class 1920X1080 Commercial LCD HDTV

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  • By: Beachcamera 90-Inch TVs

The Beachcamera sharp 90 inch TV is a special package that has hit the market with an absolute bang of greatness. It is a TV made of strong materials that make it durable and will serve you for the longest period of time. If you are in business, this TV will grab the attention of the viewers by the high quality and clear images displayed on the screen.

This value-priced commercial LCD TV is perfect for sports bars, retail shops and other businesses that need to grab the attention of consumers for a new level of engagement. This 90 inch TV combines full-HD image quality and a stylish thin profile with a built-in digital tuner for the ultimate display experience. The LCD display has been streamlined using full-array LED backlighting RS-232C. This TV also has a powerful sound system that can be clearly heard over long distances.

reasons I picked Best 90-Inch TVs:
  • Has a built-in digital Tuner
  • Has a powerful RS232C command set.

3. Sharp PN-LE901 90-Inch TVs Class 1920X1080 Commercial LCD HDTV

Sharp PN-LE901 90" Class 1920X1080 Commercial LCD HDTV Display w/Wall Mount Bundle Includes

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  • By: Sharp 90-Inch TVs

In need of an Ultra High Definition 90 inch TV that displays stunning pictures that are sized to thrill? Well, the Sharp LC-90LE745 90-inch 1080p 120Hz LED 3D HDTV is exactly what you have to go for. This is a TV that falls into the category of the world’s largest TVs that display high-quality images for both commercial and domestic purposes.

This TV model comes with well-brushed aluminum black bezel finishes that make it strong and durable. The 1080p 3D full array LED panel has been put in place to ensure that the image quality is topnotch and hence delivering some of the most natural and vibrant pictures.

reasons I picked Best 90-Inch TVs:
  • Sleek thin design to make it mountable anywhere
  • It has an intuitive Smart-Central user interface.

2. Sharp LC-80UQ17U 80-inch TVs, Aquos Q+ 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV

Sharp LC-80UQ17U 80-inch Aquos Q+ 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV

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  • By: Sharp 80-Inch TVs

Taking the number two spot among the best 80 inch TVs is the 80 inches Sharp LC-80UQ17U TV. This is an extraordinary TV with unique features that cannot be compared to the normal. This TV has an ultra slim design and a super-thin bezel which gives it a superb look with an elegance that has never been seen before.

The wallpaper mode of this wonderful product blends it perfectly into your décor when powered off. The powerful 35W audio with a subwoofer produces high-quality sound output that transforms your music experience into memorable moments. This TV has a smart system which gives you access to the most popular apps and web browser abilities to enable you to search the internet and stream comfortably.

This is a product that will take your business to a higher level and change your domestic entertainment experiences to memorable moments.

Extra reasons why I picked Best 80-Inch TVs:
  • 120Hz refresh rate with AquoMotion 240
  • Active 3D with 2 pairs of glasses included.

1. LG 98UB9800 98-Inch Class 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV with Web OS

LG 98UB9800 98-Inch Class 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV

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  • By: LG 100-Inch TVs

You can now enjoy sports, video games and high-speed action with enhanced clarity, thanks to the LG 98UB9800 98 inch TV. This TV features a record refresh rate of 240Hz to eliminate any form of blurry images. This TV’s smart functionality system exposes you to streaming services that enable you to engage with some of the most popular apps. LG’s IPS panel puts brilliance on display with a wider 4K viewing angle than any other ordinary 4K TV.

The panel has been designed in a professional way to keep it strong and durable for a long period of time. This is the best 98 inch TV that you should consider first when you visit any TV store.

Extra reasons why I picked Best 100-Inch TVs:
  • Features an ultra-clarity index.

What to consider when buying 90-100 inch TVs?

  • Design

Before making any purchase, you have to make decisions on which design you need. We have curved TVs and those that are extremely flat. It is also important that you consider going for those that are mountable.

  • Price

High-quality TV sets might be expensive sometimes. It is thus important that you consider saving a little more cash so that you can go for the best. We also have TVs that are not so expensive but have all the qualities of a superior quality 90-100 inch TV set.

  • Refresh rate

For large-sized TVs, a refresh rate that ranges between 120-240Hz is always the best.

Why you need 90-100 inch TVs?

  • Conducive size

90-100 inch TVs have a conducive size for both commercial and domestic use. If you want to capture the attention of your customers, then this TV size is what you should go for.

  • High-quality images

These TVs have high-resolution power and fast refresh rates that enable you to view high-quality pictures for real-life experiences.


The above mentioned are the best 90-100 inch TVs in the market. Should be in need of a TV that falls into that category, then consider picking one of the above.

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