People as of this moment are interested in using wearable fitness and health devices. Even according to a report, it claimed that the sales of devices will triple by 2018. It only means to say that almost sixty million people will like it owning one. What is the logic behind the increase in sales of activity and sleep trackers?

In essence, it could be attributed to gadgets that could track every move, every step taken and every calorie burnt and every hour slept. The majority of activity and sleep trackers will allow you of setting your personal goals and getting an early night for a good sleep.

Top Best Activity and Sleep Trackers in 2017

If you think that activity and sleep trackers will get your fitness resolution back on the right track, read on below for the top 10 best activity and sleep trackers in 2017.

10. LETSCOM Smart Tracker Watch

LETSCOM Smart Tracker Watch

This is a multifunctional fitness tracker designed in recording fitness, calories burned including the distance and daily steps. This is accurate especially when it comes to tracking and filtering out activities that are not relevant to the actual steps made the entire day. Among its excellent features include SNS notifications, anti-lost, long standby, music control, find phone, sleep monitor and alarm and more.

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9. Semaco Bluetooth Bracelet Health Sleep Monitor Pedometer Activity Tracker

Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

This tracker pedometer bracelet is introduced as a simple and fantastic way of starting a health and heart life. This also records the daily goals and monitors sleep the automatic way. In addition to that, this tracks distance, heart rate, steps and calories burned. With its remote controlled camera and lose alarm features, it is just the right activity and sleep tracker to ever consider.

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8. Towabo Fitness Tracker Wristband with Heart Rate Monitor E3S

Towabo Fitness Tracker Wristband with Heart Rate monitor E3S

This is a great fitness tracker wristband that is designed to exactly measure the sleep, the steps and the heart rate. Its monitor enables one to check the stats such as the steps, miles and kilometer, time and bpm. The Towabo is compatible with IOS 8.0, Android 4.3, and OS. With its manual, any troubleshooting issues will be handled and managed the right way.

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7. AOKII Fitness Tracker

AOKII Fitness Tracker Wireless Waterproof Activity Wristband Smart Bracelet

This is another best activity and sleep tracker to ever consider buying for its compatibility with iOS and Android smart phones like Smart Phone OS, iPhone 4s/5/5c/6 AND Android 4.4/iOS. Being a multi-function fitness tracker, this also records calories, monitors sleep and heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, time and sync date, remote camera, APP reminder, clock alarm and more. Since it is backed by a sweat-proof and water-proof resin strap pedometer, it can be used when taking a shower or when swimming.

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6. URBST Fitness Tracker

URBST Fitness Tracker,Wireless Smart Activity Trackers

This is an excellent fitness tracker because it can be immersed in water for about thirty minutes. This could also be worn freely when taking a bath or even when washing your face. This is quick and easy to charge due to its features like sensor and 70mAh battery and Bluetooth chip.

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5. Smart Band: Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Activity Tracker

Smart Band: Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Activity Tracker

This is considered as the number one rated activity tracker fully equipped with a heart rate monitor. This is certainly a revolutionized device to use when tracking the heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled and active minutes. Instant reminders like texts and calls come in and anti-lost feature is also activated. Its video manual and setup manual help one in the right way of using it.

Since it improves the sleeping patterns and the habits of a user, it lets one to ultimately reach his or her goals a lot easier and faster.

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4. Ginsy Wireless Fitness Tracker

Ginsy Wireless Fitness Tracker

This is one of the best wireless fitness trackers that are useful in tracking fitness exercise, path sharing and step-tracking. Its impressive feature is the sleep monitoring that monitors complete sleeping time during the day and the night. Its remote camera also enables you to take group photos with relatives, lovers and friends. This function could already be used without asking help from others.

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3. Garmin vivofit Activity Tracker Black

Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker, Black

The Garmin vivofit Activity Tracker is one of the best activity trackers because it features a one-year battery life and a backlit display. This will act as a simple reminder of staying active with audible alert and move bar. This also proposes a daily goal and this lets you learn your activity level. One more thing is that it lets you shows calories, time of day, distance and steps on a backlit display. This could also be synced to Garmin Connect to plan, save and share progress.

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2. WFCL Waterproof OLED Touch Screen Smart Watch

Fitness Tracker,WFCL Waterproof

The compatibility of this multifunction fitness tracker with Android 4.4, IOS 7.0 and Android makes it one of the best activity and sleep trackers. In addition to that, this is helpful in counting the steps, recording the calories, tracking the sleep, syncing time and date and more. Its highlighted features include the following; touch screen and HD display, wristband material, battery capacity of 90mAH and more.

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1. Eiffle T Fitness Tracker Pedometers Sleep Monitor Activity Tracker

 Eiffle T Fitness Tracker Pedometers Sleep Monitor Activity Tracker

This is a unique sleep monitor activity tracker backed by its vital feature, single key, Bluetooth calling, multi functions and all other significant features. This is essential in a sense that it records daily goals and pairs with heart rate monitor for all those fitness activities. Apart from that, it monitors your sleep automatically and then wakes you up featuring a silent alarm. Tracking distance, steps, heart rate and calories burnt is also easily done by the use of this product.

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