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People as of this moment are interested in using wearable fitness and health devices. Even according to a report, it claimed that the sales of devices will triple by 2018. It only means to say that almost sixty million people will like it owning an activity and sleep tracker. What is the logic behind the increase in sales of activity and sleep trackers?

In essence, it could be attributed to gadgets that could track every move, every step taken and every calorie burnt and every hour slept. The majority of activity and sleep trackers will allow you of setting your personal goals and getting an early night for a good sleep.

Top Best Activity and Sleep Trackers (Latest Edition)

If you think that activity and sleep trackers will get your fitness resolution back on the right track, read on below for the top 10 best activity and sleep trackers in 2017.

10. Fitbit Fitness Wristband


The first product on list is Fitbit fitness wristband. Coming with its simple yet unique design, this wristband is fashionable and professional to wear to any occasions such as attending college, going to work, traveling, or going to the gym. If you are the ones who always care about your health, especially heart rate, this activity tracker is very suitable for you. This wristband can keep track of your heart rate better than any regular heart rate trackers. Moreover, when being at the gym, you can also wear this fitness wristband to measure the burning of your calories and keep track on your fitness goal conveniently.

Other than this feature, you can also receive any calls, texts, or checking calendar which is just like using a cellphone. On top of that, this wristband also functions as a sleep tracker which can follow up on how your sleep goes. With a silent vibrating system, this wristband can wake you up in the morning with a refreshing mood. Also, while running, you can use GPS and see the step as well as the distance of your running as well.

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9. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch


Another product is Fitbit lonic smartwatch. This smartwatch is great to use during exercising for fitness as it provides step by step personalized coaching. Moreover, you can play and listen to music during the workout as well. This smartwatch allows you to download up to 300+ songs and the playlist from Pandora as well.

More than this, this smartwatch also allows you to get accessed with GPS to keep track on your running or traveling routes, distance, speed, as well as calories burned during exercising. While working out, this smartwatch also helps you see the rate of your heart beat whether it is running right or wrong. It is also ideal for keeping track with your fitness goal as well.

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8. Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

Coming to another product, this Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband is also regarded as the best one among all smartwatches. Being made from rubber, this activity and sleep wristband is durable and portable to use. Moreover, this wristband is easy to connect to any electronic devices like tablets, smartphones, or other application of IOS, Android, and Window without any wire required. All you need to do is turning on the bluetooth because this wristband is built in bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. Furthermore, it can also be connected to your computer with easy because it only require internet connection or you can use USB port.

Other than that, this wireless activity and sleep tracker is also waterproof which is capable of protecting sweat, rain, and splash. With its strong battery, charging for once can last up to 7 or 10 days of use. When using this wristband smartwatch, you can easily keep track on your fitness plan, health, as well as other activity like the distance of walking or the well-being of your sleeping.

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7. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker


Another product to be introduced is Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker. This tracker is very ideal in tracking your workout, daily activity, as well as your health condition. This smart tracker also allows you to see time or statistics that display on the OLED screen. Equipped with strong battery, the life of the battery can last up to 5 days. Other than this, when you are sleeping, this tracker can measure the time of your sleep and how well your sleep is.

When running or exercising, this tracker allows you to see the time, steps, distance, and check your heart rate which is very conveniently to control over your fitness goals as well as health condition. It is also easy for you to receive calls, texts, and date notification etc.

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6. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch


Next, if you are looking for a smartwatch which also has a good look, you should then take a look at this. This Fitbit Blaze Smart fitness watch is very ideal for checking your heart rate as well as following up with your exercise plan. It can be used with many sport plans such as running, cardio, cross-training, biking and more.

Moreover, you can also use GPS (when connecting to your phone) to see the maps of your routes while you are running, walking, or even traveling. All the stats, calendar notification, notification from other application such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, calls, and texts will pop up on your display screen of the watch.

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5. Nokia Steel – Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch


So far this product has become one of the best activity and sleep trackers to be reviewed. This very capable of tracking many activities of yours such as steps, distance, swim, running and calories burned. Other than that, this tracker is also best at measuring your sleeping habit to see whether your everyday sleep goes well. You can as well set an alarm clock with silent vibration wake-up that will provide you a gentle and fresh start of your day.

Also, you can access to any free health application to follow up with your health condition such as your heart rate, fitness plan, and so on. Designed with simple and profession look, this tracking watch can also be worn to various occasion such as college, business meeting, work, as well as gym.

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4. Jawbone Heart Rate, Activity + Sleep Tracker


With this Jawbone heart rate, activity, and sleep tracker, you can always monitor your health condition at any time which is very comfortable and convenient to use. Other than this, this tracker can also assist with your fitness goal by allowing you to personalize the fitness guidance from any smart coach. Moreover, during sleeping, you can also use this tracker to track your sleeping condition to see whether your daily sleeping goes right or wrong.

With its smart alarm, this tracker can wake you up gently without any disturbance in the morning. You can also have it connected with any smart devices such as iphone, ipad, etc, or any applications of IOS, and Android. Thanks to the strong battery equipped, it can last up to 7+ days depending on various usages.

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3. Misfit Wearables Fitness + Sleep Tracker


Coming to this Misfit Wearables fitness and sleep tracker, it best fits those who like unique thing and like to play with fashion. Designed with slim and small size, it is convenient to wear to any places. Moreover, you can always wear this tracker to any occasions. One of its special feature is it alerts you any calls, text, and notifications on calendar and social media by its vibration system which does not disturb you as well as other people around.

You can also set alarm clock, and it will wake you up very gently in the morning as well. This tracker will track all of your exercising activities such as running, cycling, walking or record your distance, speed, calories burned and steps very well. Built in swim proof system, not only can it record all activities as mentioned, it can also record your swimming. What you would love about it is that it requires no charging at all. However, its replaceable battery will last up to 6 months.

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2. Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker


Another product continued on the list is Fitbit one wireless activity plus sleep tracker. Designed with a very small size, you can also wear this tracker in replace of your necklace and allow it to track all of your daily activities. This tracker is ideal in tracking steps, distance, calories burned as well as stairs climbed which you would find it very useful for managing fitness plan.

Other than that, it can also track your sleeping habit to see how your sleeping goes everyday which well supports your health condition. Moreover, this tracker can also be used as an alarm clock to wake you up every morning with its vibration which you would not consider it as disturbance at all. Thanks to bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can have it synced to your computer, smartphone, or other devices automatically.

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1. WFCL Activity and Sleep Tracker


This product comes up with special design that you would really love about. It possesses anti scratching and anti-crushing protection that will not let it break. Moreover, you would also love about its strap because it is soft and flexible. This tracker can also track both your daily activities as well as health well-being. It is very ideal in keeping record of your running, distance calculation, calories burned, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and other matters.
This tracker is also waterproof that allows you to wear it under the rain. Thus, even raining you need not postpone your running or exercising. Furthermore, the battery life of this tracker also last longer than other regular trackers which will last about 5 to 6 days after charging.

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