If you’re planning to go out but don’t need to carry many things with you, then, a sling bag will be the best option. With a sling bag, you’ll just put a few of your staffs. A sling bag is a type of bag which isn’t complex and one in which you may put light stuff when going for a short walk or hangout. This is because it’s not bulky and thus easy. Additionally, a sling bag features various colours and sizes meaning that you can get the most ideal of your choices easily. But, when many of these products are countless in the market, it can be tricky for you to buy the best one. So many brands have produced numerous designs of sling bags for men making it a daunting task to seek out the most ideal for you. Fortunately, to make this an easier process, Adidas is a brand which is dedicated to producing the best of the sling bags. For that case, below, find a list of top 10 Adidas sling bag in 2021 review.

#1. ADIDAS-Capital-Sling-Backpack

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This sling bag from Adidas is very fit any man. The bag is created of 100 percent polyester. The sling bag is an exceptional pick for sports or adventure as it’s lightweight and at the same time durable. Generally speaking, ADIDAS is a reputable brand when it comes to sports wears. You can utilize this sling bag to carry your belongings such as phone, books, headphones and a few clothes perhaps to the gym fashionably. Its central compartment is sufficiently huge for you to store a few big staff while the three outer pockets are excellent for small things such as cards, keys and more. The sling bag also features a stretchable shoulder strap that is designed to offer maximum comfort because you can conveniently adjust it.

#2. Adidas-Sport-ID-Messenger-Bag

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Just like the above-mentioned product, the Adidas-Sport-ID-Messenger-Bag is made of 100 percent polyester. This sling bag comes with a lifetime warranty which implies that it’s made to last. The sling bag includes incredible features which every man is going to love. It features a double clip fastening front panel having completely zipped central compartment entry.
It also includes a frontal panel tricot-lined pocket for your valuables with a hidden zipper. It also includes a rear panel transit sheath that simply attaches to your rolling luggage to enable easy mobility. In addition, there’s a 15.4” computer pocket having zippered rear panel access to facilitate the in and out of your PC.

#3. Adidas Citywide Sling Bag

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This sling bag is also made of 100 per cent Polyester. The bag comes with a lifetime warranty because it’s confidently constructed to last. The size of this sling bag is 11.25-inch length by 12.25-inch width by 19.50-inch high.
This bag comes with 3 outer zippered pockets, inner zippered organization pouches, and padded PC pocket for you to be ready for school. It’s constructed of strong material to withstand wear & tear & also has a hydro shield waterproof base. The bag features a large size to keep everything you require for your day. Its loading shoulder leash and padded air mesh rear panel provide you with maximum comfort

#4. Adidas-Originals-Utility-Crossbody

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This is yet another sling bag for men that are made using 100 percent polyester and is imported. The bag has an attractive design and with a screen-printed Adidas-branding. As the name suggests, this sling bag can be suitably worn as a crossbody or as a waist pack. On its surface, there’s a tonal jacquard webbing having Adidas branding. The sling bag includes a large central compartment that includes a zippered pocket and key fob that is detachable. Additionally, there’s a tension lock having webbing for adjusting the pack size.

#5. Adidas 4 Tennis-12-Racquet Bag

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To the sports lovers men, this is the best option for your needs. It’s made with 100 per cent polyester which implies that it’s not only durable and also very lightweight. This bag is imported and also hand wash hence there’s no reason to trouble yourself in any way. One of the good features of this bag is that it can accommodate up to twelve racquets. On its surface, there’s a bright Adidas branding which gives a sense of class and fashion. The bag includes hauling shoulder straps and handles not forgetting its lined central compartment. When you see it, you will love it because of the so many spacious and quite accessible pockets. If you’re especially a tennis player, you will appreciate the fact that it’s also comfortable to carry and store all your tennis equipment organized.

#6. Adidas-Originals-Festival-Crossbody-Bag

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This compact crossbody bag from Adidas is 100 per cent polyester made. It has numerous attractive features that are worth paying attention to. This bag includes a screen-printed logo and a zippered central compartment to securely store your few belongings for your day. Additionally, there’s a branded webbing on the bag and the long enough shoulder strap. Included also is a zippered front pouch and slit pouch in back. Finally, there’re gorgeous metal pullers having rope cording.

#7. Adidas-Alliance-II-Sackpack

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The Adidas-Alliance-II-Sackpack is the ideal team sackpack. There’s one huge compartment that comes with drawstring closure full with air mesh vent. This sackpack further possesses a front zippered pocket for your valuables which is stuffed with smooth tricot fabric. There are 2 side mesh pouches which are sufficiently deep to fit your gym clothes, water bottles and whatever you require to carry. The Adidas patterned brandmark together with the screen-printed mark 3-Stripes make the design of this Alliance Sport.

#8. Adidas-Originals-National-Waist-Pack

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Adidas-Originals-National-Waist-Pack is a compact polyester-made bag. It’s an imported bag that is suitable for keeping small staff like ID, credit cards and the like. This bag has an Adidas branding at its front which gives the wearer a sense of fashion and style. It features a zippered central compartment and a little front pocket in which you can safely keep your valuable belongings. This bag also includes a key fob at the front pocket and a clip-lock closing not forgetting its metal pullers.

#9. Adidas-Stadium-Ball-Bag

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This one just like all the listed sling bags is made of 100 per cent polyester which means that it’s a long-lasting commodity that’s worth your hard-earned money. When it comes to this bag, there’s no hassle as it’s imported. The bag comes with a lifetime warranty which implies that it’s made to last just like it’s mentioned earlier. It includes a huge drawstring opening that can hold up to 12 to 15 inflated balls. Also, there’s a zippered pocket huge enough to hold air pump or other valuables. Lastly, there’s a big sling-style shoulder leash that sits easily on the shoulder.

#10. Adidas-Stadium-messenger

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On our last position of the top 10 list is the Adidas-Stadium-messenger. This sling bag is also 100 per cent polyester made and it’s imported. It features a structured shape that keeps your equipment safe having a PU surfaced front zipper for keeping valuables well protected. There’s still an adaptable shoulder strap and stuffed haul handles to facilitate two ways when it comes to carrying. It also includes a well-padded PC pocket so that you can keep your tablet or laptop protected, and many of other organized storage alternatives.


In conclusion, having considered several factors, we have come up with this wonderful list of the top best sling bags for men in 2021. The above-listed sling bags for men are able to make sure that you receive a full convenience during your travels. Also, they are designed to let you enjoy all your activities. A few of the factors considered are such as size, security and comfort among other consideration of the bags. Therefore, go through the list in order to have an idea of the best sling bag to go for.

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