If you are trying to look for the best automatic fish feeder on the internet recently, then this article is just for you. You may grab your coffee and read on! I know the pain that we all have been struggling with keeping fish in the proper way. It needs much effort since it requires constant supervision on a daily basis. But these days, thanks to automatic fish feeders, keeping fish has been a piece of cake.

The constant explosion in demand for top quality fish feeders has been rising rapidly and pushing manufacturers to introduce even more options into the market. And that is a headache task when you need to choose one. This is why I dig deeply into the market and make a top-ten list of Fish Feeder in 2022. And here are my top choices:

10. KLAREN Automatic Fish Feeder

KLAREN automatic fish feeder

Boasting a maximum of 4 feedings per day, it is enough for your fish to enjoy their meal. This one is a mini-size feeder and can save up space for your aquarium while the simple installation and operation process makes fish feeding a breeze. In fact, it has both features manual and automatic processes for the convenience of you and your lovely fish. With a beautiful LCD to keep you informed on the battery status, you can never go wrong with this feeder. The most interesting part is that it comes with an adjustable slider which lets you increase or decrease the number of food portions being dispensed at any given time. If you are looking for a comfortable and adjustable feeder, this one is just for you.

  • Save up spaces
  • Offers quick installation
  • Comes with a good LCD display.
  • The slider lets you set the amount of food to be dispensed.
  • Some customers find it hard to set the amount of food to be dispensed

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9. IntelliFeed Automatic Fish Feeder

IntelliFeed automatic Fish Feeder
Designed to offer trouble-free operation by keeping moisture out, this is yet another exciting option on the menu for anyone looking for a great fish feeder. You can either choose to control it manually/digitally or automatically as you wish. This product takes the guesswork out of your fish feeding process and ensures that your fish get adequate food supply. It is defaulted to provide two feedings per day yet you also can customize the number up to 12 feedings daily. This is a high number if you like customization for your fish. This fish feeder places the entire feeding process into your hands. If you’re looking for one, give it a shot!

  • It keeps moisture out completely.
  • Great range of customization of daily feedings.
  • It’s entirely digital and automatic.
  • It’s easy to install and use.
  • Battery accessibility isn’t easy.

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8. Black Automatic Fish Feeder:

Black automatic fish feeder

Allowing only up to a single feeding per day, this may come to an inconvenience at the very first thought. On the other hand, this feeder can feed your fish with the right timely portion and dispense enough food for your fish to stay healthy and well-fed during the entire day. With a unique, smooth and silent swirl control to eliminate chances of clogging and jamming regardless of the size or type of your fish food, this fish feeder is simple yet amazing in its own way. And yes, if you are planning not to be at home for a little while, it surely can handle your fish feeding task and give you a worry-free vacation.

  • It offers adequate, timely portions for your fish.
  • Guarantee of no clog and no jamming of foods
  • Fully programmable.
  • It has no on/off switch.
  • Allow only a single feeding per day.

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 7.Fish Mate Automatic Fish Feeder

Fish Mate Automatic Fish Feeder
Introducing a stellar combination of unique performance and unparalleled reliability, this product allows you to set up to 4 meals per day while the battery condition indicator keeps you informed about its status. Whether it’s pellets or flakes, this fish feeder is designed to handle any sort of food without much difficulty sufficiently. Moreover, fish mate fish feeder has 14 separated compartments which allow you to feed your fish with a variety of meals. Along with these compartments, its accurate quartz timer can assist you to in determining the precise amount of food in each feeding. If you feel like your fish need a mate for their meal time, just get this one for them.

  • It comes with an easy to use a timer.
  • Offers up to 4 meals per day.
  • It dispenses up to 14 type of foods.
  • It is a bit pricey on the market but it worth it.

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6. KLAREN Fish Feeder With Timer

KLAREN fish feeder with timer
Offering up to 8 feedings per day, this is yet another incredible fish feeder from KLAREN on the list. Coming with an extra-large menu, it can be used to dispense a various kind of fish foods including flakes, pellets, and even crumbles for your new-born baby fish. Its giant hopper holds enough food for even bigger fish while the patented design prevents moisture from entering inside the feeder making sure that it can serve your fish at its best.

  • It offers up to 8 feedings per day.
  • Can dispense numerous types of fish foods.
  • Comes in a patented design to prevent moisture.
  • Extra-large hopper to hold enough food.
  • Some complaint that the amount of food dispensed isn’t uniform at times.

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5. eBoTrade Automatic Fish Feeder

eBoTrade automatic fish feeder
eBoTrade is yet another impressive fish feeder boasting four feedings per day. Its mini shape saves on space for your fish while the simple installation and operation process makes the entire procedure of taking care of your fish a snap. With an attractive LCD to keep you on the known especially on matters concerning the battery life, you can never be wrong about this feeder. Of course, it comes with a slider to increase or decrease portions. You can enjoy customization at your own desire.

  • It comes with an incredible slider.
  • Comes with an LCD display.
  • Boasts four feedings per day.
  • It saves on space
  • Doesn’t come with a bowl.

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4. Rusee AutomaticFish Feeder

Rusee automatic fish feeder
If you care about the comfortability and health of your fish, then this one should be the best option that you can trust. Giving you an opportunity to set regular feeding schedules, this is a brilliant fish feeder available for you when talking about customization. Featuring easy time dials for maximum auto feeding with up to 6 feedings daily, this is easy to set-up and use product which comes with a detailed start guide for ultimate performance. What’s more? This product is attractive because unlike most of its competitors, this feeder gives actual amounts of food and gives you an opportunity to adjust the rate of dispensing as you please.

  • Fully programmable with easy time dials.
  • Provides right portions.
  • Offers up to 6 feedings daily.
  • The door mechanism is slightly flimsy.

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3. econoLED AutomaticFish Feeder

econoLED Automatic fish feeder
Designed for dry and loose flakes and pellets, this super-affordable fish finder scoops the 3rd tier position. If you have been wondering how you’ll go for a weekend getaway and still have your fish taken care of, this feeder is your solution. Whether your aquarium has a top frame or not, this feeder is ideal for both. It can feed up to 4 times daily ensuring that your fish remain full and healthy. This product also comes with a digital timer to provide a natural setting. You can also program it to periodically dispense food as you like it to be. Another option is that you can also determine the kind of food to be dispensed at any given time as well as to prevent food from moisture and clogging.

  • It has both manual and automatic operation for convenience.
  • Easy to set and operate.
  • Can dispense up to 4 feedings per day.
  • Almost nothing.

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2. Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pyramid Fish Feeder

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pyramid Fish Feeder
As you can see the image, this one looks a bit different, and it is also the reason why it can come up to this 2nd place. Without any hesitation, I can guarantee that this is currently the best product on the market when it comes to keeping fish safe while going out on vacation. Before going to further details, I want to clearify about this a bit. This is not really a product to dispense food, yet it is the food itself that keeps dissolving for your fish. What makes this Feeder so unique is that it has a capacity to provide food for 14 days. The Pyramid fish feeder slowly dissolves and releases food after few hours of usage. The ingredients included in this product are very nutritious, thus ensuring that your fish stays healthy even when you’re away on holiday. Compare to other products on the list; this one is easier to use than the others.

  • Slowly dissolves and release food for up to 14 days.
  • Nutritious food to make fish healthy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used only once (up to 14 days).

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1. Eheim Automatic Fish Feeder:

Eheim automatic fish feeder
Finally, Eheim carries the day. Thanks to its incredible performance and unrivaled features. With Eheim automatic fish feeder, you can choose and set the options that you like and let this top-class fish feeder do the works whether you are at home or travelling away. It only requires you to set the duration then it will do the rest of the work in making your fish enjoying their meals. It comes with an integrated fan and ventilation system to keep the food dry and provide a healthy living standard to your fish. Of course, if its overwhelmingly incredible rating on Amazon is anything to go by, you can, without a doubt, trust it. Last but not least, it comes with an easy-to-follow start guide which can help you to operate this thing to maximum performance. If you are thinking about having worry-free feeding of your fish, then this is your bet.

  • It offers worry-free feeder.
  • Fully automatic and programmable.
  • Comes with a detailed star guide.
  • Has incredibly high rating on Amazon compared to its competitors
  • It has no off button

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Final Words

That’s it! Keeping fish safe and healthy is no longer a painful task anymore when you have one of these products. Regardless of where you are, at home or away, you can always feel free about fish feeding chore because you know that these automatic fish feeders will do the task. So, if you are planning for vacation tomorrow or next month, why not grab one from the list right away?

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