Young or newborn babies gets dirty from time to time out of their poop or when being fed. Therefore cleaning them from time to time is always a good idea. Most parents use their kitchen sink as the best alternative, and yes it is. After reading the following article, you will for sure realize the advantages that a baby bath seat offers that a kitchen sink doesn’t.

A kitchen sink is mainly designed to clean and cleanse kitchen utensils thus has features only suited for that. A good baby bathtub will have features that ease the child cleaning process and at the same time provide safety to your baby. A wet baby can be very slippery, and without the best features, real harm to the child can occur.

To reduce this risk, it is advisable to look for a good baby bath tub in the market. Every make has claimed to be the best than the other, but don’t worry, I have researched on the top ten best baby bathtubs and listed them below. First, let us look closer at the features you should consider before buying a baby bath seat.

Top 10 Best Baby Bath Seats in 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide:

Key Features

  • Ease of draining water: After washing the baby, draining the used water should be an easy task. A good baby bathtub should at least have a bottom plug such that you can unplug it and water drains out of the tub.
  • Non-slipping surface: A good baby bathtub will ensure your baby does not occasionally slip as it is the case of a wet baby on smooth surfaces. A stranded smooth surface ensures your baby is held firmly.
  • Its storage: After use, the bath will need to be stored. A good one should not occupy much space. To enable this, some are collapsible and reduces in their size.
  • Ease of drying: A baby bath seat should take the shortest time to dry after use in an open air before being stored in the house.

Now let us take a look at the best baby bathtub available in the market.

10. Skip Hop Moby Bath Smart Sling 3-Stage Bathtub, Blue

Skip Hop Moby Bath Smart Sling 3-Stage Bathtub, Blue   Get it now on

  • By: Skip Hop

The next bath seat boasts it luxurious feature designs. The above bathtub has a digital thermometer fitted in that accurately spells the water temperature. The small thermometer screen states how close your water is close to hotness. This enables you to clean your baby with water that is neither cold nor too hot. The adjustable head padding ensures your baby is comfortable while having a bath. It is ergonomically designed to adjust into different shapes and sizes. Turning on the faucet and opening the drain plug, the bathtub can ensure a continuous flow of clean water.


  • Luxurious
  • Easy to clean
  • Supports the baby from slipping
  • Digital thermometer


  • The batteries are manually inserted, and one can miss the right one.

9. Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub – Compact Support Seat, Makes Bath Time Easy

Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub - Compact Support Seat, Makes Bath Time Easy

Get it now on

  • By: Shnuggle 

It can be difficult to store big bathtubs in which is not a surprise. This kind of a bath seat takes care of all this with the help of a hook that can be used to hang somewhere on a wall. Also as the name states, it can be folded to a smaller size allowing you to store the tub in even a drawer. A simple single material design makes even the cleaning a bit easier. There are no textured surfaces so no need to scrub. You will need to hold your baby with one hand to prevent him from slipping.


  • Can be folded to occupy a lesser space.
  • Easy to clean the streamlined material.
  • Can even be hanged on the wall.
  • It dries within a short time.


  • Doesn’t prevent the baby from slipping

8. Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub

8. Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub

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  • By: Mommy’s Helper

This is an adorable inflatable bathtub designed with safe, non-toxic, and chemical-free materials. It guarantees safety for the entire family. Additionally, the ultra-tough material makes it durable and long-lasting. It features a Froggie design making it perfect for kids. The product also offers a safe and padded surface which makes it safe for kids.

Extra Features:

  • The non-slip base makes it safe
  • This is an affordable inflatable bathtub for your baby

7. Summer Infant Baby Bathtub

9. Summer Infant Baby Bathtub

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  • By: Summer Infant

This is a versatile and safe baby bathtub ideal for standard rectangular tubs of 21 inches to 21 inches. Additionally, the product features a unique design which offers support for your kid while bathing. The easy-setup and straightforward design make it even better for parents. Furthermore, the easy deflation offers convenient storing and carrying of the product. It also comes with locking suction cups which secures the bath seat to the tub for the safety and stability of your child.

Extra Features:

  • This is an ideal bathtub for kids between 5 and 10 months
  • The compact size makes it easy to secure and remove.

6. Disney Princess Inflatable baby bath seat

Disney Princess Inflatable Safety Bathtub

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  • By: Disney

To ease the bath time process and give a womb-like environment to your young one, try this baby bucket. Your baby will sit upright while you do the washing. Extended plastic makes the bucket stable so no need to worry about the balance of the bucket. Of course, plastic materials are always easy to clean and dry up. However, this bucket is only limited to a short time of use because as your baby grows, he will require a bigger space during bath time.


  • Easy to clean
  • Made of simple plastic
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Occupy small space.


  • Slippery
  • Doesn’t tell the water temperature

5. PRIMO EuroBath Baby Bath Seat

PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White

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  • By: Primo

The inner texture fabric of this bathtub is skin friendly. They give maximum support to your young one and prevent them from slipping. The textured areas, however, must be well scrubbed to clean the bathtub. It dries within a short period. The adjustable sling is one of the best parent assisters. The sling suspends the baby just over the water to make you wash the baby with both hands.


  • A mesh support assists the mother by suspending the baby
  • Stranded surface to prevent the baby from slipping
  • Dries within a short time


  • Does not fit in many bathtubs

4. Bloomng Bath Lotus – Baby Bath (Yellow)

Blooming Bath

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  • By: Blooming Bath

The most mesmerizing thing about this tub is that it has a calming waterfall feature that helps in cleaning the baby’s body during bath. A tray fitted on the side of the tub helps keep the essential washing close. A rinse cup is also included to ease the rinsing after a bath. An extra size washcloth can be spread over the baby’s chest to prevent anxieties of the splashing water. A drain away plug is also fitted at the lower part of the tub to drain away already used water and give room for fresh water.


  • Continuous freshwater flow
  • Non- slipping surface to support the baby firmly
  • Easier to clean and dries fast.
  • Super means of monitoring temperature


  • Not manageable regarding space.

3. Anglicare Bath Support Tub

Angelcare Bath Support, Aqua

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  • By: Anglicare

On the 4th position, we have the Angelcare Bath Support Tub. The tab is small size hence occupy a lesser space during storage. Where the baby’s back lies is meshed to allow water to drip away when washed. The material used to design the tub lightweight and durable. The baby is easily supported at the lower parts so no need to worry about the baby slipping. The material used to make the part that the baby lies on is skin friendly and provides much comfort to the baby.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • It has padding which makes it comfortable


  • Holds no water when washing the baby.

2. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

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  • By: Fisher-Price

Third in the tire comes the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub. The name 4-in-1 simply means that the bath tub is convertible to 4 different forms. A soft mesh sling helps to support the baby while washing. A baby stopper is fitted inside to prevent the baby from slipping. A sitter can also be fitted inside to help the young ones not yet able to support themselves while sitting. All this can also be removed to provide a spacious tub for your young one. The four different forms make the tub ranked high up in the tier.  The bathtub also comes with a squeezing bottle for easier rinsing. A plug is also fitted at the bottom to drain water after use.


  • Transformed to different forms
  • Washable
  • Fitted with plug that drains away water
  • Rinse cup to ease the bath time


  • Huge and bulky
  • Extra items such as sitter take time to fit in.

1. The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub

Get it now on

  • By: The First Years

Starting off at number ten is a bathtub that has its own unique feature to support the baby while they are being cleaned. The sling suspends the baby well to allow you clean the baby with free hands. The backrest is non-slip keeping your baby safe and also has a head resting padding to make your baby comfortable. There is a drainage plug located at the bottom to allow you drain a plenty if not all water after a bath. It’s fitted with temperature detectors that change color when water is too hot.


  • Easy to drain water.
  • Comfortable as a result of padding.
  • Fitted with heat detector.


  • Occupies a larger space

Buyer’s guide:

When you’re looking for the best bath seat for your child, make sure you go for the best. Looking at all the items listed above, I recommend the sure comfort deluxe bath seat. This is because of its unique design, excellent water draining ability and the comfortable padding which ensures that your little bundle of joy enjoys every moment.

From My experienced, I recommend you to #1. The First Years:

  • Bestseller
  • High quality
  • Affordable price

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide of Top 10 Best Baby Bath Seats in 2022 Reviews

  1. Baby bath seats are one of those essential baby care products that allow parents to bathe their babies safely and comfortably. Using this baby product during baby bath time will help keep slippery babies in an upright position.

    Bath seats for babies are quite handy especially when your little one is learning to balance on her bottom and topless easily. So, if you are planning to buy one, take a look at this ultimate guide of top 10 best baby bath seats in 2017 listed below.

    Our List of Top Baby Bath Seats in 2017 Reviews:

    10. Munchkin, Clean Cradle Tub, Green

    By: Munchkin
    This portable infant bather which can directly be used in the bathtub or the counter is a great option for parents who wish to keep everything clean and under control during baby’s bath time. Apart from featuring on- slip feet that allow you bathe your baby safely,

    This baby bather includes extra- soft inclined headrest to provide complete head and body support and also help keep water out of the baby’s ears. Additionally, the removable drain in the front of the tub allows dirty water to flow out and let fresh water pour in. Recommended for babies aged 0-6 months.
    9. Puj Flyte – Compact Infant Bath
    By: Puj
    This non–absorbent, mold and mildew resistant small baby bath seat can fit any suitcase and is a perfect choice for parents on the go. Suitable for pedestal and counter tops sinks, this baby bather cradles the baby and helps keep them protected and comfortable.

    Additionally, since parents can bathe their little one from a comfortable upright position, they no longer to kneel down, bend or break their back during the baby bathing routine. It’s very easy to clean and maintain.
    8. Shnuggle, Baby Bath Tub

    By: Shnuggle
    This bath ring seat allows both parents and their baby to have a pleasant and relaxing bath time. The four anti- suction cups at the bottom helps keep the seat more stable when attached to the tub.

    This will help keep your little one safe while bathing and also maintain the parent’s hand free to wash their babies. Additionally, the water squirting turtle that comes with the seat provides entertainment for both the mother and the child. It’s suitable for babies aged 7- 16 months.

    7. Leachco, Flipper 2- way Baby Bather
    By: Leachco
    Parents looking for a bathing aide that can help them bathe their slippery babies as well as soothe their fuzzy infants; the Leacho baby bather would be an ideal choice. This flipper sling style baby bather which features a soft bathing cushion with a sling style in the center is designed specially to grow with your baby.

    While the sling in the center enlarges due to the weight the reclining infant, the raised edges help keep the bay’s head out of the water, making it easy for you to shampoo and bathe the bath safely.

    However, when your baby grows and is old enough to sit, flip this baby bath over for cushioned baby sized tub and use it inside your bath tub. After the bath, just shake out the excess water and hang this baby bather from its strong, dry-drip hanger.
    6. Summer Infant, fold Away Baby Bath
    By: Summer Infant
    If you were planning to buy a foldable baby bath seat, the Summer Infant bay bather would be a perfect choice. Equipped with foldable tub and legs for easy storage and portability, this large tub includes an inflatable cushioned base for baby’s comfort.

    This foldable bathing baby seat grows with your little one. All you need to do is to remove the inclined infant positioned to create a larger bathing space for your grown up kid to splash and play.
    5. Spa and Baby Bathing Pillow, Baby Bath Seat

    By: Spa and Baby Bathing Pillow
    This baby gear performs a dual function of baby bath seat as well as a luxury bathing cushion. When used in sink or bathroom, this baby seat allows you to bathe your little comfortably without causing any stress to your back.

    However, when used as a spa pillow, it helps cradle your neck back and head making you feel completely comfortable. Made of high quality durable micro- fiber material, this bathing gear for babies is machine washable.

    4. Blooming Bath – Baby Bath / Bathtub (Turquoise)
    By: Blooming Bath
    Using the Blooming baby bath seat is the safe and fun way to give the bath to your little one. Shaped like a flower, the incredibly soft and cuddly petals cradle and cushion your baby, helping your little one feel cozy and comfortable during bath time. Suitable for infants aged 0-6 months; this baby bath seat fits most sinks.

    3. Angelcare, Bath Support
    By: Angelcare
    Made with soft touch material, this bath support for babies helps provide your baby a comfortable rest place during bath time. Equipped with an anti- slip base for safe bathing, this baby gear is designed to allow the used water flow during the bath, helping you maintain your child’s hygiene. Portable and easy to clean, this baby gear is recommended for babies up to six months.

    2. Fisher-Price, 4-in-1 Sling N Seat Tub

    By: Fisher-Price
    Equipped with a unique feature” Sit – me- up support,” this baby’s seat tub is designed to adjust to allow babies from infant to toddler to sit steadier in the tub. In stage 1, the newborns are cradled in the soft mesh gently, providing them a sense of security.

    In stage 2,baby stopper’ the newborn slings are removed, allowing the infant to sit in a gentle recline position. This prevents them from sliding and slipping during bath time.

    When the baby grows and can sit up comfortable, the baby stopper converts to Stage 3 Sit- me – up support. In this stage, the unsteady sitters can sit comfortably allowing parents to bathe them comfortably. The last stage involves converting the sit up support to a large bathtub for your little one.

    1. The First Years, Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub, Blue
    By: The First Years
    Voted the #1 best seller on Amazon, this baby product promises to make baby bathing routine less stressful for both the parents and the baby. While the ergonomic design of the tub helps hold the baby properly for bathing,

    The padded headrest and mesh sling helps cradle and support newborns, making they feel more comfortable. When the baby grows older, they can sit inside it comfortably and get plenty of room to pay on the toddler side.

  2. 8. Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub

    By: Mommy’s Helper

    The design and use of this tub it is a bit wired. The tub does not hold water but instead provides your little one with small but comfortable bath pool. To use it just fill water in the normal bathtub and then place this tub on top of the water. The Bath N Bumper tub will suspend your baby in the water and allow a little amount of water to permeate. The water through the fabrics provides a comfortable bath to your baby. The fabric is not slippery so will not have to worry about the safety of your child. The edges of the tub are cushioned to support the head of your baby. It is a good alternative to the dominant plastic in bathtubs making.


    Gives a different experience from plastics
    The cushions make the tub comfortable
    Supports babies who are learning to sit.
    Occupies lesser space during storage.


    Takes time to dry
    To use it, a normal bathtub is normal.

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