If you are looking for something that can make you hold your baby while you do the endless chores of home than the ring sling is the best available option for you. You cannot just hold your baby with it but also can feed your baby in it. Baby Ring Slings are better way to carry your baby as it just a cloth worked around your rose with two rings to make the pouch kind of arrangement for your baby to sit in. Ring slings are fetching the popularity because of the variety of options it offers to carry your baby. If you are clueless & need help to find out the suitable one for you then here is the top ten list along with Amazon.com link to ease your purchase?

List of Top 10 Best Baby Ring Slings in 2017

1. L&C Baby Carrier Wrap Sling

L&C Baby Carrier Wrap Sling

This sling ring is made of cotton to give ultimate comfort to your baby as well as you. This sling ring comes with extra two rings for breast feeding & have larger pockets to secure the bottle or other baby things. It is very convenient as the one size can fit all type of sizes. It comes with three unisex colors beige, black & grey which make it utilitarian even for dad.

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2. Chimparoo Ring Sling Baby Wrap

Chimparoo Ring Sling Baby Wrap

It is one sizes sling ring suitable for new born till 40 pounds. It is made with 100% cotton to make the comfort stay for baby. It is suitable for all five positions like tummy to tummy, on the hip, on the back, cradle and facing out to ease you. Its breathable fabric will let you free from the exhaustion of the harsh fabric running around your skin all the time.

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3. Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling

The best part of this ring sling is that it is padded from the shoulder area which relieve you from that dragging felling & gives comfort to your shoulder even though you are carrying the baby in it for longer time. Another very impressive aspect of this ring sling is the pockets at the ends of the sling which makes your carrying around the baby stuff easy & convenient. The best part is that the fabric is cotton which allows the utmost comfort for the baby. It is suitbale for the newborns as well as little bigger baby.

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4. Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap Carrier for Infants and Newborns, Breastfeeding Privacy

Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Wrap

There are wide varieties available when it comes to color & they are made with stretchable prima cotton to give you & your baby comfort & convenient at the same time. It suitable for newborn till toddler babies. If you are not much concern about the price & does not have tide budget for buying the baby sling than this is the best suited option for you. It may be little higher priced but it is definitely for the quality that it provides.

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5. Mo+m Baby Wrap – Baby Ring Slings

Mo+m Baby Wrap

It is super comfortable as it is made with soft cotton & spandex to make sure that the baby is not feeling harsh at the same time your skin is also feeling great. It is acquainted with many types of wrapping like front facing, outward, hip carry & even ruck sack sling style to suit the choice of your little one. This ring sling comes with 5 meter length cloth to create lot of space for the baby to move around. The product has 4.3 ratings at Amazon along with more than 80 positive & five star reviews of the customers.

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6. Vlokup Adjustable Baby Water Ring Sling Baby Carrier Infant Wrap

Vlokup Adjustable Baby Water Ring Sling

Planning to hit the pool or go to the beach along with baby? Worry not here is the water resistant baby ring sling which is suitable not just for shower but also for beach as well as pool. It’s available in five different colors to suit your taste.

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7. LILLEbaby Ring Sling

LILLEbaby Ring Sling

This comes with removable pocket to use it even as the purse & store your valuables safely while you are carrying the baby. It’s suitable from newborn till toddler babies.

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8. Cuby Breathable Baby Carrier

Cuby Breathable Baby Carrier

This is made with mesh fabric which makes it suitable for beach as well as hot summers. The fabric dries easily at the same time it is breathable. It is very compact & portable due to the mesh fabric. It occupies lesser space than normal fabric. Perfect for beach vacation as well for hot summer trip.

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9. Bibetts Pure Linen Ring Sling

Bibetts Pure Linen Ring Sling

It is made with 100% linen fabric at the same time it is made in United States. It is tested to the highly safety standards to gives you relief that your baby is for sure safe in the ring sling. It has unwelded aluminum rings to secure the cloth as tightly as possible.

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10. Baby Tula Cotton Ring Sling

Baby Tula Cotton Baby Ring Slings

It is made with high quality soft & comfortable woven fabric. It is suitable for newborns as well as toddlers. It can be used for front carry as well as for hip carry position to carry a baby. The fabric is handmade to offer the utmost comfort to the baby as well as mom. It is adjustable for smaller as well as bigger babies.

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Since there are plenty of options to explore when it comes to ring sling it is advisable to choose the one which suits your requirements & your baby’s comfort. Baby Ring Slings are being more & more popular these days due to the comfort & durability it has to offer.

Here is a Video How to Use Baby Ring Slings

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