Ballistic knives have for a long time been used for various tasks, from military to general home use. Due to their complex nature, we have had several states developing laws to regulate their usage. While ballistic knives remain essential to date, their demand is undergoing a rapid explosion.

Given their unlimited numbers, choosing the best ones is slowly becoming an uphill task with most prospective buyers being rendered incapable of purchasing the right product.
Here are some the 10 best-rated product that you should take into your consideration.

Top 10 Best Ballistic Knives in 2022

10. MTech USA MT-A820 Series Ballistic knife

MTech USA MT-A820 Series Ballistic knife

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MTech ballistic knives have for a long time graced the street of US with most people opting to go for them because of their trendy design and top tier performance. Having been used globally for various tasks, they remain at the top of the market. This MT-A820 series features excellent knives which have a spring assist folding mechanism for utmost performance.

They have a rapid one hand deployment which makes them quite handy. And yes, they come with a liner lock which helps them lock securely into place. Half-serrated, this knife is made using a stainless-steel material with a skull cut-out. If you’re looking for a nice and highly-performing knife, this is a nice option for you.

  • It comes fully packaged with a pocket clip for safe and easy carrying.
  • The blade is quite effective.
  • Its black and silver handle comes with a skull logo which makes it quite attractive.
  • The skull sculpture isn’t well fitted and can come out.

9. MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845

MTech USA Ballistic MT-A845

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This is another entry from the renowned MTech range of to0p quality ballistic knives. This knife is in the line of MT-A845 series which has be associated with manufacture top level knives with tip top performance. Its spring assisted folding mechanism makes its use a breeze while the fast and easy locking mechanism guarantees maximum safety.

And yes, given its ergonomic design, it can be deployed using a single hand. The black blade which is made using a stainless steel material comes with a thumb stud for quick and effective deployment. The black aluminum handle with a cut-out design adds to its excellent features.

  • It comes with a pocket clips for easy carrying.
  • It also has a seatbelt cutter for emergencies.
  • Its glass breaker makes it handy in case of emergency.
  • The blade thickness of 3.5 mm and length of 3.75 inches makes it quite convenient.
  • The locking mechanism is wanting.

8. MTech USA MT-A907 Series ballistic knife

MTech USA MT-A907 Series ballistic knife Get it now on

Like earlier pointed out, MTech is the market leader in the manufacture of top grade ballistic knives. In fact, I had to delve deeper into the market in order to avoid having their products as the only ones being featured in this review. I mean, no matter how hard you try, or where you look, their products keep popping on the best list.

Of course, that’s a good thing and a challenge for the other manufacturers to pull up their socks. The MT-A907 series, just like all its siblings, boasts a spring assisted folding for quick and effective use. It offers fast and effective single hand deployment while the liner provides easy locking mechanism for adequate safety. With great blade dimensions and impressive stainless steel construction, you’ll love this knife.

  • It’s quite affordable.
  • It comes with a pocket clip for quick and easy carrying.
  • It’s quite sturdy and durable.
  • The paint peels off when it’s unfriendly conditions.

7. Schrade ballistic knife

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Schrade ballistic knife is a close competitor of the famous MTech brand. Its knife is made of ultra quality material which makes it sufficiently durable. A product of BTI tools, LLC, this knife boasts some incredibly impressive features including a great handle, awesome blade and an advanced locking mechanism.

It’s an assisted opening knife which is made using black 2013 stainless steel material for unmatched durability. And yes, its double edge curved spear point blade makes it quite effective and reliable. If you want to have complete defense, this knife is your bet!

  • It comes with an aluminium handle for long-term use.
  • It has a pocket clip for easy storage.
  • The glass break feature makes it quite handy.
  • The blade size is ideal for all tasks.
  • None at the moment.



BULLSHARK G-10 8CR13 is another incredible ballistic knife boasting a crescendo performance. With an assisted quick one hand opening mechanism, this knife comes with a liner lock which keeps the blade safe and in position. Of course, the blade boasts a stellar combination of a razor sharp edge and unparalleled durability.

The seatbelt breaker ensures that you have a secret weapon in times of emergency while its convenient size makes it quite portable. Black inn color, it offers several design options such as the serrated or the straight blade option. And yes, it comes with a paracord cutter and a strong belt clip to offer safe and easy transport.

  • Its G-10 handle provides an excellent grip.
  • Its lightweight construction makes it quite portable.
  • It also comes with a glass breaker for emergency cases.
  • It doesn’t smoothly flip open.

5. Dark Side Ballistics DS-A019 Series knife

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Dark side ballistics is another impressive option offering a spring assist folding knife. Providing a quick one-hand deployment for effective and quick use, this knife comes with a liner for easy placements of its blade.

The stainless steel construction makes it quite amazing while the rainbow handle fitted with 3D sculpted dragon makes it quite attractive. Of course, this isn’t one of those typical knives we are used to; it’s a real defense and tactical tool which can be put into various uses. The stainless steel blade also features some dragon details to make it a real badass cutter whose effectiveness has made it a useful tool for military use.

  • The pocket clips are strong offering easy carrying.
  • It measures about 4.5 inches when closed which makes it quite portable.
  • It’s quite durable given its construction.
  • The price is convenient given its quality.
  • Just like most ballistic knives, the opening mechanism isn’t quite easy.

4. 1 X Mech ballistic knife

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Made from 440-stainless steel with a nice and sturdy blade and a flaming style design, this is yet another incredible ballistic knife on the market. With an impressive rating on Amazon and unsurpassed positive customer reviews, this is a must-have safety gadget.

It comes with a fast and easy to operate spring assisted opening design and an effective blade for adequate performance. Its stainless steel belt metallic clip males its portability top tier while the incredible blade size ensures that you get unrivaled results.

  • It’s made using a high-quality surgical blade.
  • The length makes it easy to carry around.
  • Its razor sharp blade edges make it quite effective.
  • The spring isn’t decent enough to release the knife without extra flipping of the flipper.

3. MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705

MTech USA Ballistic MT-A705 Get it now on

This is another series in the long production line of MTech top quality ballistic knives. Featuring a limited edition blue blade, this knife is much of a defense and tactical tool and less of a normal knife. In fact, there’s nothing about it which makes it normal. It’s not a toy, just to say less! Its blue Ti-coated serrated blade which is made using a stainless steel material is not only durable but also quite effective.

If you want to work your knife lie an expert, you can try this one out. It features a tactical rescues and quick opening mechanism which makes it quite reliable. The pocket-friendly design makes it quite handy and convenient for daily use while the cord cutter ensures that you have a full control of emergencies.

  • The black handle gives a great grip.
  • The glass breaker makes it ideal for emergencies.
  • The small size makes it conveniently fit into your pockets.
  • Although it’s fast, it isn’t the fastest ballistic knife.

2. MTech Xtreme Ballistic knife

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All I can say about this knife is; be careful when using it! It’s one of the sharpest ballistic knives on the planet whose quick and spring assisted opening makes it quite reliable. With a convenient weight, this knife is ideal for daily use. Of course, the weight makes it feel like a small gadget inside your pockets while its well-designed handle offers a nice grip for effective performance.

Ideal for almost everyone, its small sized handle makes it effective for use by ladies and teenagers whose hands are comparatively small. Of course, as a parent, you should understand that this isn’t a toy so giving it to your young boys would be detrimental to their own health. However, with a nice and quick spring assisted opening and an ergonomic blade, you’ll love this knife.

  • Its safety lock is tight enough to ensure that your kids don’t open it in case they accidentally find it.
  • Its opening mechanism is quick and effective.
  • All its screws are tight enough.
  • You might have to oil it weekly to avoid rusting.

1. TAC Force TF-705 Series ballistic knife

TAC Force TF-705 Series ballistic knife Get it now on

Finally, the first position goes to this incredibly impressive and overly reliable knife; the TACX force TF-705 ballistic knife. Its spring assisted folding mechanism with a rapid and quick one-hand deployment makes it quite reliable. The black and serrated stainless steel blade, which is one of the best on the planet, makes it quite effective.

And yes, given the fact that it locks securely into the liner lock, you can trust its safety was you carry it around. Its aluminum handle which comes with a bottle opener adds to its excellent features while the glass breaker keeps on armed and adequately prepared for emergencies. What’s more, it comes complete with a pocket clip to offer easy carrying. The blade length, which is 3-1/4 inches, makes this knife quite handy and portable.

  • It’s a lightweight safety gadget.
  • The razor-sharp blade makes it quite effective.
  • The handle makes operation a breeze.
  • The opening mechanism is a bit too hard.

Factors to consider


The size is an important aspect which has to be considered before any purchase is made. Of course, size directly or indirectly affects the portability as well as the usage of your ballistic knife. Given the fact that these knives are supposed to be carried around for safety purposes, the size has to be convenient in order to offer adequate portability.


A poorly performing ballistic knife should be avoided like a plague. No one wants to spend their hard-earned cash on a poorly performing knife; or any product for that matter. Before you purchase any ballistic knife, ensure that it boasts a cutting edge performance.


You also have to consider the design of your ballistic knife and be sure that it’s what you want. We have several designs ranging from those which are operated by pressing a trigger to those which require one to operate them using a lever or a switch at the handle. Go for the design which works best for you!

Carry options

Ballistic knives have various carrying options. We have those which have to be put into the pocket and others which can simply be hanged around the waist. You have to be keen on the carrying options before you pick any ballistic knife. Ensure that you are comfortable with the carrying options it offers.


The lock mechanism is quite significant. There’s a reason why ballistic knife have been described as armor; they aren’t toys. They have to be handled with utmost care to avoid accidents. For that reason, you have to carefully consider the lock mechanism before picking any ballistic knife. Ensure that the mechanism is not only easy to operate, but also convenient and safe.

Final Words

When looking for ballistic knives, it’s possible to get spoilt for choices. A walk down ballistics aisle reveals the fact that options are limitless. However, armed with this information, getting the best products should be a breeze.

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