Cheeseboards are wildly popular for its multipurpose abilities. These boards can be used as serving plates for a party or dinner and also to cut even the hardest piece of cheese. Cheeseboards are usually used for parties or get together to serve cheese and other appetizers. Cheeseboards are made from different material, but the one that is highly in demand and popular now are made of Bamboo. Bamboo cheese boards are famous for its attractive design and for the high quality of the product. With natural anti-bacterial properties, food safety is no more a worry. The nonporous material is chemical and toxin free and is highly durable. This can be used as an attractive centre piece for dinners. It can also be given as an ideal gift for housewarmings, weddings, birthdays, holiday gatherings or Christmas.

List of  Top 10 Best Bamboo Cheese Boards 2019

Hazelwood House Bamboo Cheese and Crackers Serving Board, Slide Out Drawer with 4 Piece Stainless Steel Knife and Server Set, Large Square 13x13
Unique gifts for Mom, Mothers, Holiday, Men Housewarming, Wedding, Birthday, Bamboo Cheese Board w/Cutlery Set, Wooden Charcuterie Platter & Meat Server, 4 Stainless Steel Knife, 2 Bowl, Drawer
Cheese Board and Knife Set - Bamboo Serving Tray with Knives & Slate Labels - Large Wooden Meat Cheese Crackers Bread Charcuterie Cutting Platter - Hidden Knife Drawer - Entertaining Gift
Bamboo Cheese Board Set, Fitnate Square Cheese Cutting Board with Cutlery Set, Large Cutting Surface & Hidden Drawer for Knives & Fork for Holiday Gathering Cheese Party Winery Charcuterie 13
Vestaware 07/606 Slide Out Bamboo Wooden Cheese Board, Round, Wood
Natural Bamboo Cheese Board & Charcuterie Platter w/Hidden Drawer for Cutlery Set - Perfect Gift Idea for Birthday, Wedding, Housewarming, Mom - Serves Crackers, Meats, Fruits & Cheese
$29.95$89.99 (67% off)
Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Knife Set – Rectangle Wooden Server has Extra Serving Space on Edges for Crackers – Accessories Drawer Holds Small Cutting Knives and Spreader Tools with Wood Handle
Picnic at Ascot Large Bamboo Cheese Board/Charcuterie Platter with 4 Stainless Steel Tools, 2 Ceramic Trays and 4 Cheese Markers - 16
Picnic at Ascot CB41 Bamboo Board with Cheese Tools-Spirals from a Compact Wedge to 13
$34.95$51.00 (31% off)
Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set, Wooden Charcuterie Platter and Serving Meat Board with Slide-Out Drawer with 4 Stainless Steel Knife and Server Set - Perfect Gift Idea
$51.99$74.99 (31% off)

10. Hazelwood house cheeseboards and Crackers Serving Board, Slide Out Drawer with 4 Piece Stainless Steel Knife and Server Set

Hazelwood House Bamboo Cheese and Crackers Serving Board

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This bamboo cheeseboard is made by Hazelwood house with 100% mosso bamboo wood. It comes as a set that contains four pieces of stainless steel knives of varying size. The board is 13×13 square and also has a slide out drawer. It has non-slip and scratch prevention feet so as to ensure that it doesn’t slip off your kitchen tiles or make scratches. This board has been approved with 100% food safe and is made with top quality bamboo. The large size makes it ideal for serving almost anything from cheese to dessert. It also has other countless uses. The material is also easy to clean, unlike other boards.

9. Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Set with Slide-Out Drawer

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This is the perfect cheese board for your kitchen or to gift for a housewarming or other occasions. It includes a slide-out drawer with a set of knives for slicing, serving and spreading. It is designed in such a way that each item can be securely placed. The two ceramic bowls that come along with this set can be used to serve sauces or nuts to the guests. It also has easy grip handles which makes it easy to serve guests without worrying about the grip of the plate. The 13.52×13.52×2 size gives it more space so as to arrange and serve number of items. Its non-slippery pads prevent moving the board while opening the drawer or cutting cheese. Made with organic material, it has natural antibacterial properties. The company also gives a lifetime warranty for the product. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, there is a return and refund policy for the entire purchase.

8.Kenley Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

Kenley Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

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This cheeseboard by Kenley is a package deal. It comes in large size and has four stainless steel tools that can be used for serving cheese of any kind. These also contain four reusable slate cheese markers. Made with 100% bamboo wood, its beautiful graining makes the product elegant. The large size of the board allows it to be divided into various sections for serving different types of appetizers. The knife drawer is made in such a way that it would blend along with the board and makes it hide away. It is easy to clean the board also as you just have to wipe it with a damp cloth. This also makes a good gift for Christmas or weddings.

7. Fitnate Bamboo Cheese Board Set

Bamboo Cheese Board Set

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This is the perfect cheeseboard for those who want to flaunt of their kitchen decor but doesn’t want space consuming things. This comes in a handy size of 13×13 along with cheese knife, a cheese fork and a narrow plane to meet your needs. The centre surface is large enough to cut and present the appetizers in an innovative way. The hideaway drawer attached to it can hide your cutlery. The board is made from natural bamboo and is covered with high quality finish ensuring you that it’s a food safe product. The cutlery is made of steel and is highly durable. It also has anti slip handles designed to hold the tray in comfort. It is eye catching and could definitely impress your guest.

6. VonShef Round Slide Out Bamboo Wooden Cheese Board and 4 Piece Knife Set

VonShef Round Slide Out Bamboo Wooden Cheese Board and 4 Piece Knife Set

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This is known for its variety of shapes compared to other cheeseboards that come in a regular rectangle or square shape. This product is available in six different shapes with the best designs. It is durable and made with 100% natural bamboo. It comes as a set along with four different knives namely stilton knife, cheddar knife, hard cheese knife and cheese fork, all made with strong stainless steel. It can be used for cutting and for serving in small parties. This can be your perfect partner in the kitchen.

5. DRAGONN 100% Natural Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Knife Set with Slide-Out Drawer

DRAGONN 100% Natural Bamboo Cheese Board

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This can be used according to your convenience. It has innovated hidden drawer with various tools for serving and spreading. The design makes it perfect to present and catch attention in a social gathering or formal party. The easy grip handles make it quite comfortable to handle and serve, not worrying about a slip and fall mishap. This environmentally friendly product will not spoil your serving with unpleasant odour or colour. It’s BPA free and can be a stunning addition to kitchen decor.

4. OaklynBamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Knife Set

Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Knife Set

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This product from Oaklyn has an extra space for serving crackers. It has the required tools in the drawer. Made with highly sustainable bamboo, it’s going to last a lifetime. The extra large outer serving rim can hold more cheese, crackers and even meat for serving. The tools can be neatly stored in the hideaway drawer. The thick surface makes sure of avoiding movements while cutting the cheese.

3. picnic Ascot Cheeseboards with extra dishes


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These come with a variety in the set. Designed as a rectangular plate it is a set of cheese board, two ceramic trays, cheese tools and cheese markers. It can be presented in creative manner with the presence of tray by placing dry fruits or olives. The edges have milled groove and this helps to collect the juice from soft cheese and fruits. It can be easily cleaned with warm soap water or a damp cloth. Designed and produced by Picnic at Ascot, this product has a lifetime warranty for its quality.

2. Picnic at Ascot Florence Transformable cheeseboards

Picnic at Ascot Florence Transforming Bamboo Cheese Board Set

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This exclusively designed cheeseboard can be transformed according to your convenience. It can be changed from a wedge to 13” diameter cheeseboard. Two cheese tools also comes along with it. The clever design makes it sturdy for cutting and slicing without slipping or loss of grip. Easy to store and handle, its food safe and FDA approved. It can be cleaned with damp cloth.

1.Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Set with Slide-Out Drawer. By: Bambüsi

Bamboo Cheese Board & Cutlery Set with Slide-Out Drawer-Bamboo Cheese Boards

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This exclusively made cheese board comes with premium craftsmanship. It can hold variety of things including cheese, nuts, crackers or olives. The well hidden drawer contains four utensils and it makes the best tray to serve the guests to make them feel special. The nonporous surface of this board makes it the best choice for cheese lovers. The cutlery sets too are of good quality made with stainless steel and bamboo handle. It helps to cut through cheese easily. The product can be returned and refunded or replaced if you are not satisfied. It is also the perfect gift for family and friends.

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