If you love playing basketball, one of the important things you need to consider is to purchase quality and durable basketball bags. As a basketball player, you have probably bought typical bags but regret having it in the end, since the bag can no longer serve you when you need them.

It is for this reason that you need to purchase basketball bags for these are specially designed for players like you. There are countless bags to choose from but it pays to end up with one of the bests. If you are in search of solid information about the most top rating and leading basketball bags, you better read reviews and feedbacks from customers who have already made their actual purchases.

List Of Best Basketball Bag in 2019 Reviews:

10. Molten Basketball Bag

Molten Basketball Bag

This premium quality, top rating and rectangular nylon basketball bag are specially designed to hold six inflated basketballs official size. With the shoulder strap that is adjustable and space where you can write the name of your team, this basketball bag is indeed the perfect basketball bag for both coaches and players on the move.


  •  This can fit all necessary coaching and basketball items
  •  Crafted from finest materials so this bag is durable enough to carry all your essential items.

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9. Hard Work Sports Basketball Bag Backpack with Ball Compartment

Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack with Ball Compartment

  • By: Hard Work Sports Basketball Bags

This basketball backpack comprises of all necessary accessories required to let you play like a pro. I mean, the secured ball holder guarantees safety for the ball thus ensuring that you play for years with a hitch. Also, the stylish design makes it perfect for all ballers who want to look sophisticated. Of course, b-ball is a badass game which requires style and some sort of class. Perhaps that’s why no baller goes to the court carrying some funny bags. This bag also comprises of large compartments which are perfect for all essentials like shoes and other protective gears.

Extra features:

  • There’s a 100% lifetime warranty
  • The adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable

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8. Marking top Gym  Bag for Sports Traveling

Mardingtop Gym Bag

This is also one of the best basketball bags feature high-quality zippers that close and open smoothly with every pull. This backpack also comes with side pockets with one zippered pocket in every end. The Marking top gym bag is backed with a 90-day limited warranty.


  •  This is an ideal carry-on bag which meets the major restrictions of Airline cabin
  •  The water-resistant polyester restrict water from gym floor or wet field to penetrate easily
  •  Backed by product warranty

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7. Lassie Kids Duffle Basketball Bag

Lassig Kids School Bag Sports Football Basketball

This school and sports duffel bag feature large major compartment, shoulder strap, and a separate compartment for the basketball shoes, exterior net pocket, zip pocket as well as name badge and more.


  •  This is an ideally sized basketball bag for your little one
  •  Great for travelers as well
  •  Perfect for daily use
  •  Has sufficient space, main pocket and special compartment
  •  Can keep all your essentials organized

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6. Basketball Bag Backpack with ball compartment

Basketball Backpack with ball compartment

  • By: TrailKicker Basketball Bags

This is yet another badass basketball backpack. It features a modern design which gives a classy look. Of course, the bag is also waterproof and water resistant. So, even when it’s drilling, you will never have to worry about your shoes and other accessories getting wet. The 1680D polyester material guarantees ultimate water resistance thus keeping your items dry at all times. Another thing, there’s a detachable boot bag which is ideal for sneakers, cleats and all other shoe types.

And, the extra four pockets offer space for you to carry other accessories which might be needed. And to ice the cake, there’re two secret compartments which are perfect for storing your secret items like phones or cash. Also, there’s a laptop compartment just in case you need to use it to carry your laptop in school or to work.

Extra features:

  • The bag features multiple compartments
  • The easy access pockets let you grab things like water bottles and chews easily
  • There’s a one-year warranty

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5. Point 3 Road trip Basketball Backpack

POINT 3 Road Trip Basketball Back Pack

This is so far one of the top basketball bags which obtained countless positive reviews from customers. The Point 3 basketball backpack fits full-size basketball and shoes. This is perfect for basketball players looking for a reliable and durable bag that they can bring with them during games and practices.


  •  Ideal for players with lots of gear to carry
  •  Ideal for tournament
  •  Designed for all skill levels and ages

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4. Nike Elite Large Basketball Duffel Bag

Nike Elite Max Air Team Large Basketball

This is a unisex duffel bag that can hold all your essential gears without actually adding more bulk. This comes with fines fabric delivering ultimate comfort and protection for your basketball stuff.


  • Spacious storage
  •  Guaranteed authenticity, quality, and durability
  •  Holes on the side for proper ventilation

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3. Wilson Evolution Basketball Backpack

Wilson Evolution Basketball Backpack

This is also one of the best basketball bags that feature larger main compartment holding your ball and shoes, padded computer sleeves, side pockets for a bottle holder, headphones and more.


  •  Larger compartments for additional storage
  •  Durable, comfortable and easy to use basketball bag

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2. Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team Backpack

Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team Backpack

This backpack can store all your gear without adding more bulk. The water-resistant fiber and cushioned straps deliver comfort as well as reliable protection for your basketball equipment.


  •  With water resistant and durable tarpaulin keeping your gear protected and dry especially during dry weather.
  •  The durable and lightweight Max Air foam tend to absorb shock and cushion shoulder distributing the loads evenly.
  •  Spacious storage brought by the dual-zip main compartment

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1. Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack

Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Basketball Backpack

This is one of the best basketball bags this 201 garnering top scores and ratings from shoppers. This Nike backpack feature water-resistant bottom which creates very durable exterior and also features Nike Quad System that provides easy access to your especial gear from all given angles. This backpack also has wet and dry compartment separating your dirty and clean gear.


  •  Side pockets are big enough to hold two bottles of water
  •  Quality and durability is guaranteed if you choose this top rating basketball bag
  •  This backpack is easy and comfortable to use

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These are the top 10 basketball bags in 2019. These bags have served their purpose nicely and ensure that you will end up with the most durable bag that can last for many years.

Best Basketball Bags List:BrandPrice
10. Molten Basketball BagMolten Check Price
9. Soljer Basketball BagSoljer Check Price
8. Marking top Gym  BagArdingtop Check Price
7. Lassie Kids Duffle Basketball BagLassig Check Price
6. Nike KD Max Air Basketball Backpack EliteNIKE Check Price
5. Point 3 Road trip Basketball BackpackPOINT 3 Basketball Check Price
4. Nike Elite Large Basketball Duffel BagNIKE Check Price
3. Wilson Evolution Basketball BackpackWilson Check Price
2. Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team BackpackNIKE Check Price
1. Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 BackpackNIKE Check Price

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