There is a lot to think about and consider when trying to buy a very good and comfortable bath pillow but with this compiled list of the top 10 best bath pillows and it is very assured that you will find what you are looking for here. This list is going to make you make the right decision in choosing your very own bath pillow for your own bath tub.

List Of Top 10 Best Bath Pillows in 2019 Reviews

Homer's Choice Bath Spa Pillow with 6 Suction Cups, Luxury Anti Mold Non Slip 2-Panel Design, Supports for Neck,Body, Shoulder and Head Bathtub Jacuzzi and Hot Tubs ¡­
$15.99$16.97 (6% off)
GORILLA GRIP Original Spa Bath Pillow Features Powerful Gripping Technology, Comfortable, Soft, Large, 14.5x11, Luxury 2 Panel Design for Shoulder, Neck Support, Great for Hot Tub, Jacuzzi, Spas
$15.99$29.99 (47% off)
Luxury Bath Pillow with 6 Strong Suction Cups for Tub, Extra Large Size Pillow Bath Cushion for Bathtub, Hot Tub, Jacuzzi, Home Spa Pillow Support for Head, Neck, Back and Shoulders
$28.89$39.99 (28% off)
BodyHealt Home Spa Bath Pillow - Ergonomic Neck, Shoulder & Back Support While in the Tub - Two Panel, Luxury Foam with Non-slip Suction Cups, Perfect Home Gift
Harrison House Luxurious Bath Pillow, PLUS Overflow Drain Cover, Extra Large Suction Cups, Quick Drying Mesh, Fits All Bathtubs
QuiltedAir BathBed Luxury Bath Pillow and Spa Cushion for Full Body Comfort
$39.95$54.95 (27% off)
Soothing Company Full Body Bath Pillow Bathtub Back, Head and Neck Rest Support for Luxury Comfort | Spa Cushion for Jacuzzi Hot Tub | Quick Drying, Machine Wash Safe | Fits Most Tubs | 50 Inches
Bath Pillow Luxury Spa Bathtub Cushion 3D-Mesh Head,Neck,and Shoulder Support with 4 Non-Slip Strong Suction Cups White
$22.98$39.98 (43% off)
Bath Club || Spa Bath Pillow for Tub Neck Support - 2 Extra Bonus Gifts: Exfoliating Bath Glove + Bamboo Konjak Sponge | Non-Slip Tub Pillow Cushion - 5 Suction Cups
Feelkaus Bathtub Spa Pillow For Head Neck Shoulder Back Support and Relax, Non Slip Bath Pillow with 4 Big Strong Suction Cups, Spa Cushion Rest Fast Drying Fits Any Tubs

10. Homer’s Choice

Homer's Choice

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Your bathing time will be so relaxing with this full body bath pillow from Homer’s Choice. This is the best comfy bath pillow that will provide you the extra-long length. Thus, it allows you to get full relaxation from head to toes during your spa in your bathtub. Wha’st so especial, it is a well-designed spa cushion that comes with a head pillow, and it is super soft and comfy.

Coming with the built-in detachable ergonomic pillow, this one is exclusive for those who is seeking for the best pillow to support your head while give the additional soft feeling to head and neck. Plus, this bath pillow would give you the luxurious time even when you are staying in your own tube. More than that, the combination of the super softness from the bath bed and the hot water from the tub will surely help you release all your tiring feeling.

In addition, this best bathtub cushion features with non-slip suction cups that work greatly to keep the pillow function well even on the smooth surface. Also, its shape is designed to be flexible to any tub’s shape. For more information, this bath pillow with suction cups is built-in with air-mesh technology that could ensure that the it can get dry quickly. You also do not need to worry about the horrible bacteria since Homer’s Choice bath pillow is anti-bacterial.



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Let’s enjoy your bathing time with this extra comfortable bath pillow that come with the large size of 14.5″ x 11″. With such big size, you now can rest well without hurting your head, neck, and shoulder while laying in the bathtub. Furthermore, it features with padded foam which is thick enough to make sure that you will get ultra-soft, super comfort and smooth feelings ever.

More than that, the padded head is measured to be more than 2 inches. Plus, it has 2 panels that are especially designed to support from head to back. More importantly, this great bath cushion is carefully made to prevent slippage of the pillow. With its 7 suction cups, the pillow is resistant with the tub without slipping down while your head on it.

Besides its nice design, this one also comes in a great size that is compatible with any size of tub, spa, and more. Featuring a waterproof and nonporous surface, this bath pillow is very easy to keep clean. This product is backed by a very special guarantee for you as well.

8. Coastacloud

Luxury Non-Slip

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Let’s enjoy your relaxation in the tub easily with this luxurious bath pillow from Coastacloud. Coming in with the nice shape that can support your head, neck, and shoulder perfectly, this bath pillow is the best one ever. The size is larger, which is about 43 x 44 x 7 cm. The whole body of the pillow is so soft and comfortable. And it is so convenience for Spa time because it will make you feel like sleeping in the cloud. This pillow is not only super soft and comfy, but also thick which is about 3 inches.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about falling out from the pillow if you use Coastacloud bath pillow, because it comes with 6 extra-large suction cups that can keep the pillow constantly stay in place to support your head.

What is more, the pillow comes with 3-D mesh fiber technology that make it easy to use and clean up. Also, the water and air can flow out quickly, thus the pillow will get dry in just a minute. What is also important, this one is not only good for relaxation, but also good for your health because it is made to be anti-microbial. It is also mold and mildew resistant for a long time.

7. BodyHealt

BodyHealt Home Spa

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BodyHealth bath pillow is a high quality product that provides you the best support to your head, neck, and shoulder. This one is divided to two panels that could support you not only neck, but also shoulder while you are lying in the tub. With its luxurious panel design, the pillow comes with large back and another support neck part that would offer excellent comfort to your body, especially shoulder and neck. Moreover, you can relax and enjoy your spa time peacefully in the proper posture because the pillow come in with the non-slip feature. Thus, even sleeping on the tub with smooth surface, you will be safe anyways.

Besides, it is the well-constructed pillow with 2 inches plush padding which is thick and so soft. The pillow is very convenience to use and wash. It is also machine washable, so make sure that you clean them after use. Plus, with the mesh and mildew free technology, the pillow takes a very short time to get dry since the water and air can run through it easily. Built with high-quality material, this one is also known as a highly rated health related products, and it lasts for long.

6. IndulgeMe

Harrison House

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Your spa time in the tub will turn out to be the exceptional comfort with this luxurious Bath Pillow from IndulgeMe. This one is specially designed with 4 large suctions cubs that super stick to the smooth and flat surface of any tub. Furthermore, it is very soft and supportive for long time. Besides, even featuring thick padding, the IndulgeMe bathtub spa pillow is light and super comfortable. Your head, neck, and shoulder will receive a full support with a soft touch, and it is also flexible to the shape of your head.

Furthermore, the one is not only a comfortable pillow, but also a healthy product for your daily use as well. That is because it is built with anti-bacterial materials, so that the mold and mildew will stay away from your pillow. Although it’s thick, but it is really easy to clean up. It is safe to wash by the machine. Moreover, it will be dry really quick. What[s so special about this one is its 10-year warranty, and it is built to last for life time. Thus, why not give it a try?

5. Bath Haven

QuiltedAir BathBed

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This is a very good and relaxing Bath Haven bath pillow because of its extra-long length that provide fully support to not only head and neck, but your entire body. It is a premium quality pillow, and it is very durable and convenient for as long time. Plus, this one is really comfortable for you to relax in the bathtub. With its superior comfort, you can spend hours lying in the tub without any disturbance or awkwardness. That is because the pillow is built to give you the perfect support in the bathtub for relaxing you from head to toes.

Moreover, no matter how hard the tub is, Bath Haven bath pillow will not let you bear with that hardness. And thanks to the exceptional soft of silky layer and the vertical fibers that built in this pillow. Additionally, the pillow is breathable, which means it get dry quickly after washing. Also, cleaning of this pillow is not a difficult task since you can also wash it by machine. There is a mesh wash bag provided for free for you too.

4. Soothing Company

Full Body Bath

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Let’s take your attention to look at this full body bath pillow that brought to you by Soothing Company. If you are seeking entire support for body relaxation in the bathtub, this one is highly recommended because of some essential features. Firstly, it is the premium quality bath cushion that give you the full experience of soft and relaxing bath with its 50 Inches Long, and it can be used with most tubs. With its super softness, the pillow is perfect for headrest, and never forget to mention about your whole body. What is more, the 13 ultra-strong suction cups are used to protect you safe from slipping. Those cups work excellently in keeping the pillow stay firmly at where you place it until you finish your bath.

Besides being safe from slip and fall, you are also free from any bacteria. It is made with 3D mesh to ensure that mold and mildew cannot bother and affect you. Moreover, this pillow is designed to be breathable, so it means that it does not take long time to get dry. In addition to being anti-bacterial and resistant to mold and mildew, bath pillow from Soothing Company is made to be easy cleaning as well. You can simply wash it with normal soap, and this task can get done either by machine or hands easily.

3. Samplife

Bath Pillow-Luxury

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If you are looking for the for long relaxing in the bath, this is probably what you want to see. This is the luxury bath pillow that could give the perfect support to the head, neck, and shoulder while you are resting in the tub. This pillow is exceptionally soft and comfortable. Moreover, it is very functional. It means that the pillow is firmly hold in place while providing you the best treatment to your body. That is because it features with 4 strong suction cups that is non-slip. So that, the pillow does not move if you do not move it by yourself.

Furthermore, it is also the best spa pillow for you, and your head and neck will be well comfort with the thick padding. It is not only convenience to use, but also very easy to clean up. Thus, to keep your pillow clean after use is not difficult. Additionally, you can also prevent it from bacteria by cleaning it regularly as well. What so special about this pillow is that it is quite warm because it does its job greatly in maintaining the warmth from the water.

2. Bath Club

Bath Club

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Here is the best quality bath pillow from Bath Club that can be used with any tubs sizes and forms. This is the perfect product to release your stress after a long tiring day. This pillow will surely help you relax with the highly comforting treatment from head, neck, to shoulder. With its 5 strong and large suction cups, it can be assured that you will have the peaceful headrest without worrying about falling off the pillow in your bath time. Even perfectly stick with the tub’s surface, the suction cups can be remove easily without causing any damages.

Moreover, the pillow provides the user the best sanitary because it is designed to be free from mildew and bacterial. What is more, this product can be cleaned easily by hand. To make it more convenient for you, this product can also wash in washing machine safely. Then, it gets dried quickly.

In addition, this bath pillow is very comfortable and soft to lean on. Your bath or spa time will be more enjoyable as your head, neck, and upper shoulder will be fully support by the wide area of the pillow. There are 2 additional gifts are provided in the package for you, including an exfoliating bath glove, and Bamboo Konjak sponge.

1. Beauty Life

Feelkaus Bathtub Spa

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It is time to see the top product in our review list today. Just as its name, this bath pillow will make your life more beautiful and relaxing. What you need to know first about this one is the materials that used to craft it. Constructed with soft 3D mesh materials, Beauty life bath pillow is not only hygienic, but also durable. This pillow is ensured to be mildew and mold free, and also anti-bacterial.  Plus, it is extremely soft and comfy because of the 100% polyester fiber materials that are embedded in the pillow. Also, the foam that is filled within the pillow is really great for mental relaxation and body relief.  For extra use, this one can also be used for a hot tub spa.

Besides, this one comes in with two panel that can support the area around neck and upper back excellently. It is portable, so that it is very easy to use and storage. Plus, it is thick with a wider size. However, this pillow is not heavy. The cleaning of the pillow can be done will less effort, and drying is within short minutes too. Beauty life will be your best bath pillow ever.

Buying Guide

Measurement: It is important to know what size of the bath pillow you want. As described above, the bath pillows can come in the form of half body pillow, or full body cushions. Thus, if you want the treatment to your whole body from head to toes, full body bath pillow is recommended for you. Moreover, it is great if your bath pillow fit in any tub size and forms, isn’t it?

Convenience: You might wish you had a pillow that is thick, soft, and comfortable. yeah, that is what you should get from the bath pillow for the best relaxing bath time. Thus, the best bath pillows are the products that can offer all those features for you.

Suction cups: The perfect bath pillow also depends on the strong and long suction cups. That is because the suction cups work to keep the pillow in place firmly. The non-slip bath pillow is highly safe for you since it helps you rest your head peacefully in place.

Easy to clean: The best bath pillow should be the product that is light and easy to clean up. So that, you can keep the pillow clean easily. Moreover, the ones that can be washed in the washing machine are even more favorable.

Mildew free and anti-bacterial: Besides durability, a great bath pillow should be hygienic too. You should choose a bath pillow that is designed for the high safety of the user. How could you know? Look at the materials that are used to construct it. A high quality bath pillow will be able the keep the mold, mildew, and bacterial away.


This is a list of top 10 best bath pillows that you can find on your online websites. If you are looking for the best bath pillow to buy online this is where you can find the right one for you. We aim at helping you find your best from this list. This list contains the top 10 best bath pillow and their features and we are sure that you will be able to find what you are looking for here.


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Top High Quality Bath Pillows


10. Harrison house luxurious


The harrison house luxurious is one the most relaxing bath pillows. It is very relaxing and comfortable. It tends to mends joints in the neck due to its wonderful shape. It has two layers, the higher layer is smaller in width the lower layer. The higher layer is used on upper part of the neck for one purpose which is relaxation and comfort. While the lower layer of the bath pillow is used for the lower part of the neck closer to the spine which is used for relaxing that area. It also comes with its own sponge for washing.

9. spa relaxus super soft


The spa relaxus super soft is an inflammable model of good quality it is very soft and comfy. Both the top and the bottom part of the bath tub pillow can be used in the bath tub for relaxation. It provides comfort and relaxation in the bath tub. It can be used on both the neck or the back. Its 4 section combine shape makes it even more comfy in the bath tub. It is easily inflated there by making it easy to use. The spa relaxus super soft is really super soft and super comfy. When in use it adjusts automatically due to its shape.

8. Blue coast collection rousset


This blue coast collection rousset is a very good bath pillow that provides comfort and relaxation for the neck and the shoulders when they are on it. It is made of quality fabric which help in relaxation in the bath tub. The material of the bath has similar properties to a sponge that helps the body. The blue coast collection rousset has a very attractive look that makes it acceptable even it the bath room. It also has 6 sturdy suction cups that gives the best relaxation in the bath tub. It doesn’t come singly but in in a collection of relaxation bodies.

7. My gift soothing gel


The my gift soothing gel is a very good and relaxing bath pillow. It can be used in both hot tub and cold tubs which makes it multipurpose. It comes in a great shape which was made to relax the muscles in the neck and back region while in the bath tub. It is a really good bath pillow in the sense that the is pre sense of slippery gel in it which added to the relaxing foam and it also contains some beads inside that is used for the relaxation of the muscles in the neck and the back.

6. Ideaworks home spa


The ideaworks home spa is a very good bath pillow in the sense that it is very soft and comfortable. It acts as a relaxing agent in the bath tub. It can be used in both hot tubs and cold tubs for relaxing and comfort. It helps in the relaxation of the neck and back muscles. It is also used to support the head and shoulders because of the quality of the outer layer of the bath towel. Its foam is very relaxing giving you a good time in the bath tub. It is recommended for both men and women.

5. Simple elegant serenity now


The simple elegant serenity now is very helpful in the bath tub for relaxation. It comes with its own facial mask which is relaxing for the face. The presence of this facial mask makes the simple elegant serenity now a very good bath pillow and a multipurpose one because not only does it relax your back but does it also provides comfort for the face. It comes in two layers the back and shoulder panel and the head and neck panel. It also has a very good quality material that makes the bath pillow durable and gives a long time enjoyment.

4. Epica 2x-thick


The epica 2x-thick is a very relaxing bath pillow it the bath tub because of its thick foam inside the pillow. It can be used in both hot tubs and Jacuzzis which makes it a very good multipurpose bath pillow. It comes in two layers which are used for relaxing the head and neck and also used for relaxing the back muscles and shoulders. This pillow is very good and it also has foldable layers. It hardly gets dirty which means it is easy to clean. It relaxes the body and helps in resting even when in the bath tub.

3. Hampton spa luxury home spa


The hampton spa luxury home spa brings a lot of comfort to you in your relaxes the body. It works in any bath tub. It is just simple and soft. It has two layers which is for the head and neck region and the shoulder region. You don’t need special knowledge on how to us it. All you need is just to attach it to your bath tub and you are good to go. This bath pillow has good suction cups which enables it to stay well without slipping. This bath pillow has a very good padded design for the users comfort.

2. The body shop inflatable


The body shop inflatable as the name implies gets filled up there by giving you the best treatment for your body in the bath tub. It is really good for travelling because it can be inflated and deflate any time of choice. It is very easy to wash there by making it clean always. It comforts the head well and prevents it from stress in the bath tub especially for people who like having nice long baths, the body shop inflatable is what they need to have a relaxing bath. The body shop inflatable is super comfy because the size of it can be adjustable.

1. Original gorilla grip


The original gorilla grip as the name implies is a really good, comfortable and satisfying bath pillow it the terms that it gives grip to the neck when placed on it and the bath tub. It relaxes special areas of the neck maybe not noticeable but it does make someone enjoy a good and relaxing bath. It is an adjustable two plated pillow which can be folded for comfort and also, it has thick foam structure in it. It has a wide size which occupies a lot of area for the user to feel the real impact of the thick foam which is embedded in it.

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