No matter how large a house is, you never seem to have enough room. One way to get more room is to purchase one of the top 10 best bathroom storage cabinet over toilet in 2022.

These cabinets provide you with ample space for all those extra little items you need for your bathroom activities.

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List Of Top 10 Best Bathroom Storage Cabinet Over Toilet in 2022

10. Gravalo Large Bathroom Storage Cabinet Over Toilet

Gravalo Large Bathroom Cabinet

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Measuring 22 by 67” approx., you get a lot of room over your toilet. Or you can use the free-standing feature to place it in an open corner. With 6 shelves to use, you can store a lot of bathroom items. Also, 2 open shelves are ready to handle those items you need in a hurry.

Then the double doors swing out to provide you with easy access to your necessary items. The moisture-resistant finish protects the wood construction materials.

9. Gevenieve 2 Door 2 Drawer 2 Adjustable Shelves

Gevenieve 2 Door 2 Drawer

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The dark finish to this cabinet will add a touch of class to your bathroom. Its sleek and elegant look will upgrade any room’s décor. Plus, you get 62 by 12 by 24” of space to store all our needed items.

After you bring this cabinet home, you can use it in the baby’s room family room as well as the bathroom. The storage cabinet’s versatility provides you with plenty of options. The shelves adjust giving you even more options.

8. TS SUPPLIES LTD Tall Corner Storage Cabinet


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When you place this storage cabinet in your home, you are adding 5 drawers of space to your bathroom or other storage needs. This wicker designed storage cabinet also comes with a top shelf for those items you need in a hurry.

Some assembly is required but after you are done, you will be happy you have more places to put your important household items. Measuring approx. 14 by 19 by 52 inches in size, you should still get a lot of items inside its drawers.

7. Gravalo White Bathroom Storage Cabinet Over Toilet

White Bath Cabinet

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The fold-out drawer feature makes sure you have a little easier time getting your things out of the storage cabinet. Plus, one drawer and 3 shelves work together to hide your necessary bathroom items.

In addition, the upper door is reversible. This helps you out when you have difficult open spaces left to put the storage cabinet in. Plus, the laminated wood comes with aluminum legs keeping the storage cabinet durable and safe to use. The cabinet is easy to assemble as well.

6. Ellsworth Corner Free Standing Linen Tower

Ellsworth 23.25

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Corners are not a waste of space. You can fit this approx. 23 by 68” storage cabinet in just about any open corner you may have. You will save space and get that needed extra storage all in one.

3 upper shelves handle any valuable knick knacks you may have with the slotted lower doors cover up essential items. The wood storage cabinet adds a little contemporary style to your home while helping you solve your storage needs. The wood construction keeps the cabinet nice and durable.

5. Pedestal Sink Cabinet with Wood Top

Pedestal Sink Cabinet

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No assembly is required when you bring this low storage cabinet home. Plus, 6 drawers surround the lone storage door providing you with organizational options. An adjustable shelve provides you with height adjustment to store larger items.

Also, the back cut-out wraps around your pedestal sink with ease. Made from poplar wood, it should last you a long time. After you get it home be careful. The storage cabinet weighs up to 88 pounds. You may need a helping hand to get in into place.

4. EVIDECO Swivel Storage Cabinet

EVIDECO 9906100 Swivel

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This swivel cabinet rotates 360 degrees. This provides you with great location options and helps you fill difficult open spaces. Plus, the fiber wood construction material works with metal bars to keep your items safely on the shelves.

Also, the 6 shelves give you plenty of room to organize your bathroom the way you want it to look. In addition, you get 2 hooks on this 67 by 12 by 7-inch storage cabinet. This gives you some extra storage space for wet towels and so on.

3. Gravalo Tall Cabinet Tower

Tall Cabinet Tower

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This storage cabinet stands 67 inches tall and is 12 inches wide. You get a lot of extra storage space in your bathroom with this storage cabinet. Plus, its dark finish will highlight your other important bathroom decorations.

Also, reversible drawers open from either side of the cabinet. This provides you with more location options. Then 6 helves work to keep your necessary items organized and well looked after. Some assembly is required but you do not have to be a construction wizard to put this storage cabinet together.

2. STS SUPPLIES LTD Free Standing Towel Racks Cabinet


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Get all your bathroom supplies nice and organized in one easy step. This 63 by 15 by 15 storage cabinet should hold most of your bathroom necessities with ease. Also, shutter doors keep what you placed on the approx. 5 shelves hidden till they are needed.

4 small legs lift the cabinet to give you a little extra space to use if it is needed. In addition, the white color should not clash with any of your other bathroom colors.

1. Youlite 24-Inch Modern Bathroom storage cabinet

24-Inch Modern Bathroom

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Upgrade your bathroom and give it a look of luxury with this storage cabinet. It’s approx. dimensions run 32 by 24 by 19 inches and the cabinet should hold more than just bathroom necessities.

The frosted glass doors provide a little elegance to your bathroom look. Also, two drawers can hold vital bathroom items to make sure you can reach them quickly. All the hardware you need and the instructions for assembly are included with your purchase.


Upgrade your bathroom storage capacity with one of the top 10 best bathroom storage cabinets over the toilet in 2022. These cabinets are made to last you a long time. They are also designed to make sure you have enough storage space to handle all your needs.

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