If you occasionally or are planning to venture into bear territory, then this review on the best bear sprays in 2022 should come handy. It will shed more light on the top picks as well as how to go about picking the best products. Generally, bears will smell food from miles away and will try to venture into the campsite.

You can, however, stop their approach by using a spray that is designed to scare them away without causing injury to the animals. It comes in a nice pack for easy carrying and storage and is also easy to use. Over time, many types of sprays or bear repellent have been invented. However, the following holds the title of being the best in the market.

List of Top 7 Best Bear Sprays in 2022

#7 UDAP Bear Spray with Camo Hip Holster

UDAP Bear Spray with Camo Hip Holster

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Why does this one is on the list?
  • Good coverage
  • Handy camouflage hip holster
  • Easy to use
  • Good stopping power

This is one of the hottest bear sprays on the market and is famed for its good stopping power. It has a concentration of 2% CRC which is quite effective and comes in a handy aerosol can for simplicity and easy use. The unit can spray as far as 30 feet and also covers a wide area and maintains its effectiveness for a longer time. It comes with a camouflage hip holster for easy handling and convenience.

#6 Frontiersman Bear Spray – 30 Feet (7.9 oz)

Frontiersman Bear Spray - 30 Feet (7.9 oz)

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By: Sabre

Why does this one is on the list?
  • Good strength and stopping power
  • Disables without injuring bears
  • User-friendly pack
  • Heavy fog delivery

If you wish to stop bears from coming near you or your campsite, then this bear spray is what you need. It may come in a relatively small pack but delivers amazing stopping power. It delivers a powerful spray that covers a wide area and remains effective for a considerable period. This ensures the creature is repelled far from your camp. The product is very light and you won’t feel any weight when carrying or using it and features an easy-to-carry design and a nice texture that feels smooth on the hand. The highly responsive trigger will instantly deliver the spray and it won’t leak.

#5 Mace Brand Bear Pepper Spray

Mace Brand Bear Pepper Spray

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By: Mace

Why does this one is on the list?
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good strength and range
  • Easy to operate
  • Works Great

With this spray, even the angriest bear will be stopped in its tracks. It consists of active ingredients that will scare the bear away but won’t harm it in any way. The spray comes in a practical pack and has a simple mechanism for activating the item. It is environmentally friendly and you don’t need to worry about harming the creature. And like other top bear sprays; it has a good coverage to minimize contact with the animal. It is lightweight, compact and will easily fit in the pocket and backpack.

#4 Guard Alaska 9-ounce Bear Pepper Spray

Guard Alaska 9-ounce Bear Pepper Spray

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By: Guard Alaska

Why does this one is on the list?
  • Easy to use
  • Has good range
  • Works effectively
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

This ultra-hot bear spray will disable even the tightest bear without a problem. It comprises powerful ingredients that will stop bears and has a good range to keep you safe. The product comes in a simple design for easy operation and feels light on the hands. It is made from eco-friendly compounds that won’t harm the ozone and is also safe for humans. Other than repelling the animals away, it won’t harm the bear. The product is also said to keep angry dogs at bay.

#3 Counter Assault Bear Deterrent, 10.2 Oz.

Counter Assault Bear Deterrent, 10.2 Oz.

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By: Counter Assault

Why does this one is on the list?
  • Decently sized package
  • Good coverage
  • Compact and portable
  • Safe and environmental friendly

If you plan to venture in the bear country, then this bear spray should be part of your luggage. The potent product has a good coverage and spreads fairly fast for maximum effect. It’s packed in a simple aerosol can and is lightweight for easy use and carrying. The ingredient may scare away bears but won’t harm its health or yours. It is also ozone-friendly thanks to the environmental friendly compounds and doesn’t leak. It has a fairly long shelf life and comes in a decent volume to serve you a good period.

#2 Frontiersman Bear Spray, 7.9 Oz., 30ft Range

Frontiersman Bear Spray, 7.9 Oz., 30ft Range

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By: Frontiersman

Why does this one is on the list?
  • Good reach
  • Easy to carry
  • Good strength
  • Covers a wide area

This is bear pepper is well-known and respected for its good strength and wide coverage. This will easily reach the bear to prevent its advance. It is small and lightweight for quick and easy retrieval and carrying. The unit contains a decent volume to last for a good period and has a very fast response for quick reaction. It has good pressure, doesn’t leak and stays active for a good period for maximum effect. It’s safe for human beings and also humane to the bear.

#1 Guard Alaska 9 Oz. Bear Spray Repellent Firemaster, 2-Pack

Guard Alaska 9 Oz. Bear Spray Repellent Firemaster, 2-Pack

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By: Pepper Defense

Why does this one is on the list?
  • Single thumb operations
  • Easy to use and decently priced
  • Nice handy pack
  • Good size and weight
  • Good budget option

This is among the smallest bear sprays on the market. However, it delivers a powerful stream that can reach far. Additionally, it covers larger surface area for the best effect and is pretty strong to stop any bear. The unit is very portable thanks to its simple design and a good button that can be operated using one hand. The canister comes in a nice color for easy seeing in the dark and doesn’t leak or leave drips. You only need to spray a small amount to see the amazing effects. And like other popular product, it’s eco-friendly to protect the environment, safe for human beings, and won’t harm the bear in any way.

Choosing The Best Bear Spray

As camper, hiker, mountaineer or nature enthusiasts, you may be confused by the many brands and styles of bear sprays. And without the right knowledge, you may end up buying a poor product. Fortunately, by focusing on these tips, you stand a better chance of acquiring a good product:

  • Size: Choose a product that isn’t too small that it can easily get lost in the bag or pocket or too large that carrying it feels problematic.
  • Brand Reputation: You should go for a product from a leading and repeatable brand. Such a company will have been in existence for many years.
  • Portability: it is essential to pick a bear spray that is easy to carry. It will come in practical design, lightweight, compact, and is easy to carry.
  • Convenient: Using the product will be easy and simple courtesy of the good design. The button will be very responsive and will deliver a spray that covers a wide and long area.
  • Reviews: A good item is backed by positive reviews from contented customers. They will talk about its good strength and reach easy use, and good portability.
  • Price: You should spend some time comparing the prices of the different product. The most expensive isn’t necessarily the best and the cheapest one doesn’t mean it’s less effective.


Tramping in bear territory comes with the likelihood of coming face-to-face with a bear. You can nonetheless take precautions by using the best bear spray. It’s designed to protect you from the creature but in a more humane way. With so many products on the market, finding a good product can be a challenge. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend too much effort or time when looking for a product. The above products have proven effective, are easy to use, and are backed by many positive reviews. You or any other person can, therefore, tramp in bear territory much comfortably and safely.

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