It’s the desire of every bike owner to protect their bike from factors like wind, water and dust in order for it to remain in a perfect condition for long. To protect your bike, you will need a nice cover.

Recent increase in demand for bike covers has seen more options being introduced into the market. This has created a situation where buyers are unable to narrow their search down to the best product. Without further ado, let me show you my list of the top bike covers in 2020.

10. Aiskaer Bicycle Cover

Aiskaer Bicycle Cover

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Thicker and more durable than any standard cover, Aiskaer bike cover scoops the 10th position. It’s made from 190T+PU coating which makes it thick, strong and durable. It accords your bicycle adequate defence against rain, snow and dust thus keeping it in a perfect condition for a long time.

And yes, being scratch resistant and sun-resistant, it protects your bike from scratches and the adverse effects of harmful UV rays. What’s more, it’s completely waterproof, sunscreen and dustproof. Being lightweight, it can be folded for easy transport and storage.

  • The strap and buckle keep located on the bottom keep it secure even on windy days.
  • It offers black and silver colour options.
  • Its size makes it ideal to cover the entire bike including the handles.
  • The material is slightly thin.

9. Puroma Bike Cover

Puroma Bike Cover

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With a superior coating, this bike cover is totally waterproof with PU and UV coatings to boost its elegance and add to the sturdy construction. What’s more, it’s UV-proof up to +50 which ensures that your bike is safe when placed outdoors on a sunny day. It’s safe to say that this bike cover is weather proof given the fact that it offers adequate protection for your bike in warm, cold, sunny and rainy seasons.

In fact, if you have been having issues with your bike getting dusty, this is your number one remedy. Its extremely secure and practical design with a bottom double-stitched hem and a specially designed buckle ensures that your bike remains safe even in the windy days. The lock-hole design adds to its sophisticated finish allowing you to lock your bike with the cover on.

  • It comes in a compact and lightweight design for portability.
  • It comes with a Velcro design.
  • Its size makes it ideal for bikes of up to 29” wheel size.
  • It gets small holes when exposed to strong abrasion.

8. YardStash Bicycle Cover XXL

YardStash Bicycle Cover XXL

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This is a great bike cover from YardStash which is about 12 inches wider than their other XL rated covers. Of course, this means that it can be used on large bikes. Completely waterproof, UV-proof and dustproof, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it’s also bullet-proof. It’s an extra large cover which can be used to shield like three bikes at once.

It can defend small and large bikes conveniently thanks to its heavy duty construction. Offering complete coverage from the wheels all the way to the pedals and seat, it protects your bike from snow, dirt and dust ensuring that it stays in a perfect condition for seasons. With all the materials fully guaranteed, you can purchase this cover without fear or doubts. The front hems keep it in place even in the strongest winds.

  • It comes in a wide tapered design for quick fit.
  • It can cover up to 3 bikes at once.
  • It’s made from top quality UV and polyester material which makes it quite durable.
  • The taped seams offer adequate protection.
  • It also features reflective strips for increased security.
  • The plastic reinforced hole isn’t so nice.

7. Pro Bike Cover

Pro Bike Cover

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On the 7th position, we have this Pro bike cover which is a true reflection of durability and unparalleled performance. Made from a strong and extremely durable RIPSTOP oxford fabric, you can trust it over your bike. The double stitching design ensures that your bike is totally safe from any form of risk either being posed by the sun, wind or any external factors. Whether it’s during the rainy, snowy, windy or sunny season, this cover will come in handy to help.

The pre-heated seams make this cover even better ensuring that you never have to worry about your bike ever. What’s more, you can even use this cover for indoor storage as well.

  • It offers a safe and secure fit.
  • The front lock-hole offer extra security.
  • The adjustable buckle straps offer a snug fit.
  • The reflective safety loops facilitate quick removal.
  • It’s a bit too bulky.

6. MayBron Gear Bike Cover

MayBron Gear Bike Cover

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MayBron is the ultimate shield against rain, wind, dust and snow. Handcrafted, all stitches and cuts are made with utmost care to make it a top quality masterpiece. Making use of premium 210D oxford material which has a long reputation of being extremely durable, this material is extremely sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight.

It’s funny how durability and lightweight are combined in appropriate proportions by this bike cover to ensure that none takes advantage of the other aspect. Of course, if you value your bike, you give it the best protection. Built to assume a snug fit, this cover also features nice Velcro straps which are fully adjustable to ensure that your bike fits conveniently.

  • It’s easy to put it on and off.
  • It comes with anti-theft lock holes for added safety.
  • It comes with a storage bag for easy transportation.
  • It’s 100% risk-free.
  • It offers 60-day return warranty.
  • It’s a bit too short for some bikes.

5. Baleaf Oxford bicycle cover

Baleaf Oxford bicycle cover

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Baleaf is yet another incredible bike cover made from top quality oxford fabric which is completely waterproof, snowproof, dustproof and scratch-resistant. Thick and completely durable, this cover will keep your bike safe even in the worst weather conditions, especially if you store your bike outdoor.

The silver part is made from high-tech, waterproof and heat-reflective material which protects your bike from rain and also the harmful UV rays. The straps and buckle located on the bottom ensure that your bike is secure even in windy times while the lock-hole design offers adequate security for your bike.

  • It comes with a carrying pouch.
  • The drawstrings on the carrying bag are quite convenient.
  • Its size makes it convenient for two bikes.
  • The single strap on the centre of the cover isn’t enough.

4. INTEY Bike Cover

INTEY Bike Cover

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With a heavy-duty exterior, INTEY bike cover is another option available on the market. Made from superior 210T Oxford polyester fabric, this ultra lightweight cover will not only secure your bike from adverse weather conditions but also offer maximum safety thanks to its lock-hole design. Completely waterproof, tear-proof, sand and dust proof, this is a real protective gear for your bike.

Ideal for outdoors given its attractive design, this cover is equally perfect for indoors. Compact, lightweight and easily foldable, it gives you an easy time as you move around with it. Of course, it’s also windproof and scratch-resistant which means that you don’t have to worry about it being exposed to ill weather or rough conditions.

  • It offers strong UV protection.
  • It’s quite easy to set up.
  • It supports bikes of up to 26”.
  • It comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • It offers a 3-months money back guarantee.
  • It’s extremely durable.
  • It isn’t cheap.

3. YardStash Bicycle Cover XL

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This is another quality item from YardStash. Bigger and better, it offers a complete protection against foul weather and unfriendly conditions. Ideal for bikes of all sizes from the smallest to the extra large ones, this is a heavy duty product whose performance is top-level. Covering from the ground pedals all the way to the wheels and brakes, you can trust this cover to offer adequate protection for your bicycle.

Whether you’re worried about snow, rain or dust, this is what you need to keep your bike safe. Given its wide tapered design, getting it on and off is a breeze. What’s more, the elasticized front hems coupled with the middle clasp buckle ensures that the cover stays up even in a windy environment.

  • It’s built with a top quality UV polyester material.
  • The taped seams offer complete protection from all natural factors.
  • The reflective strips add to its security.
  • It’s extremely portable.
  • It comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • It’s a bit unstable on windy days.

2. BlueMart bike cover

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As we inch closer to the number one position, the battle gets even stiffer. In fact, if a tie was an option here, I think I’d have to place two items in the first position. Unfortunately, the first position can only go to one product.

BlueMart is one of those products whose performance, durability, size and portability are all thumbs-up. It protects your bike from rain, dust, scratches and sunshine. Made from 190T nylon, this slim, compact and extremely durable cover is what you need to assure you of an unmatched safety of your bike.

  • It comes with a special buckle for stability.
  • The size makes it ideal for numerous sizes.
  • The storage bag makes transport easy.
  • The drawstrings make it quite convenient.
  • It’s a bit too small for extra large bikes.

1. Ohuhu Bike Cover

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Finally, made from top quality 210T nylon, Ohuhu bike cover scoops the top position. Offering high density and durability, it’s completely waterproof and weatherproof. And yes, whether it’s sunshine, wind or water stressing you, you don’t have to worry anymore. Ultraviolet-proof up to 40+, you don’t have to worry about sunny days anymore.

And yes, the specially designed buckles located at the bottom ensure that the cover is stable on windy days while the taped seams keep it in positioned.

  • Its dimensions make it ideal for bikes of various sizes.
  • It’s extremely durable comfortable and portable.
  • The material is scratch resistant.
  • It folds easily for quick transportation.
  • It gets some holes when exposed to extremely foul conditions.

If you want to get a nice bicycle cover, consider the following parameters

The material used

The material is of utmost significance when you’re looking for the best bike covers. Of course, bike covers are exposed to unfriendly environments like rain and winds which mean that you have to be keen on the material. Consider whether the material can withstand adverse weather conditions or not before you pick any bike cover. It’s also prudent for you check whether hardness of the material.

The size

The size of any bicycle cover needs to be noted before one picks it. You have to ensure that it covers the entire length of your bike without leaving any part out. If the cover isn’t big enough to cover every part of your bike, then it should be avoided like plague since it’s a recipe for disaster. Unless you want to have your bicycle rusting off fast, get a size which covers every part.

The level of waterproofness

The essence of getting a cover is to ensure that water doesn’t affect your bike. For that reason, you have to ensure that your bike is fully covered and protected from water and any other factors like strong winds and dust. If any cover allows water to get in, then you should avoid it.

Final Words

Finally, if you own a bike, its safety should be given the first priority. Of course, the only way you can be assured of a total safety of your bike is by getting a nice, durable and waterproof cover. Although there are limitless options on the market, we have those which have out-muscled the rest to emerge at the top. And yes, given the ones listed above, you can never be wrong about them. Simply grab one of these top quality covers and secure your bike from all weather hazards.

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