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His word against yours, you do not get the satisfaction you need. To protect yourself in most situations, you need to gather the right evidence. To do that you need one of the top 10 best body worn camera in 2019 working for you.

These body cameras capture what took place and preserve the footage so you can protect your interests in all questionable circumstances

Our body worn camera review

List Of Top 10 Best Body Worn Camera in 2019

SAFEVANT 1296P HD Police Body Camera, Multi-Functional Body Worn Camera with 32GB Memory
$124.99$299.99 (58% off)
Wordcam Body Worn Camera Portable Video Recorder for Police Law Enforcement,Night Vision Security DVR 120 Degree Lens,with 32GB External Removable Memory Card (Black)
$119.98$176.34 (32% off)
PatrolEyes WiFi HD 1080P 32MP Wide Angle Night Vision Police Body Camera SC-DV10
CEESC Police Body Worn Camera, 170 Degree Wide Angle 8IR Night Vision Mini Video Camcorder WA7D with Remote Controller (Internal 32GB)
$139.99$329.00 (57% off)
COOLME Body Camera,COOLME Infrared Night Vision 1080p Full HD Camcorder/Action Camera Support Motion Detection Built In GPS Police Worn Video Camera Security Cam(32GB TF card Built in) (bodycam02 32G)
Lawmate PV-RC300FHD Mini HD 1080P Police Cam Stick DVR Body Camera with 5MP Camera by StuntCams
Meknic Q3 2K High Definition Portable Security Guards 64G Body Camera, Police Body Worn Mounted Camera Good Night Vision with 2
$130.77$142.77 (8% off)
Body Cameras for Law Enforcement - Body Cameras with Night Vision - Small Police Body Camera - HD 1080P Motion Detection - Mini Body Worn Camera - WiFi Wireless Security Personal Camera with Phone App
Veho Muvi Professional Mini Handsfree Body Worn Camera with Wireless Remote Control and 8 GB Memory (VCC-005-MUVI-HDPRO)
CEESC Body Worn Camera WN9 with Night Vision for Police Law Enforcement, 1080P 2 Inch LCD Screen Sports Action Camera with 120 Degree Wide Angle (16GB)
$89.00$225.49 (61% off)

10. SAFEVANT HD Police Body Camera


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With 16x zoom and 140-degree wide angle coverage you can capture the scene around you with ease. Plus, this camera will record at 1296p to make sure your resolution is top quality. Once you capture your situation, you can review it on the 2” LCD display.

Also, besides video recording, you can take still photos, record voices and take night shots up to 22 feet away. Depending on how much you use the camera you can get between 7 and 8 hours of battery life per charge.

9. Wordcam Body Worn Camera

Wordcam Body Worn

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Record your personal action with the included 32 GB SD card or upgrade it yourself to 64GB. After you have made that choice, you can move your footage from the camera to your computer through the included USB cable. A built-in microphone handles the audio for you.

Plus, you can get top-quality resolution with the 10-degree wide angle lens. Then you can capture facial features at night up to 30 feet away with its night vision function.

8. PatrolEyes Police Body Camera

PatrolEyes WiFi HD

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1080p resolution, 32p camera, and 32Gb storage all work together to make sure you get the right footage when the camera is turned on. In addition to those features, you also get a night vision function that works yup to 32 feet away.

Also, you get wifi capability when you download the right app to the body worn camera. The body worn camera is also equipped with motion detection and is protected by a waterproof design.

7. CEESC Police Body Worn Camera

CEESC Police Body Worn

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A key ring fob lets you stay in control of this body worn camera without anyone noticing. After you get the battery inside, you get up to 12 hours of filming life and can store the information on the included 16Gb SD card. A 170-degree lens captures all the angles for you.

Once you start filming you get 1080p resolution and if the light dims, you can use the night vision feature to capture the footage you want. One button turns it on.

6. COOLME Body Camera


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One handy feature on any camera is the ability for it to shoot in the dark. This camera has night vision capability that reaches up to 40 feet away from you. Also, the waterproof camera records in 1080p resolution and can handle an accidental 8-foot fall.

Plus, the built-in GPS helps you pinpoint your location with ease. Then with its motion detection ability, you do not have to turn it on every time you need it to record.

5. Lawmate Police Body Camera

Lawmate PV-RC300FHD

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One button does it all. You can lay stop, record and ore just by pressing one button. With this easy use, you can record 1080p video, 5mp still shots and record voices. Then you can record it on the 16Gb memory card.

The pocket-sized camera can travel anywhere with you and record your actions with its 68-degree lens. Once charged, the rechargeable battery will work for 65 to 75 minutes depending on your use. Light weight but made with durable metal.

4. Meknic Q3 Portable Police Body Camera

Meknic Q3 1296P Portable

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If you are working nights and on security detail, this is a good body camera for you. It will record in a variety of video and still photo resolutions. Once you start recording, you can save the footage to the 64Gb memory card.

After a 5 1/ hour charge approx., you should get up to 8 or 10 hours of battery life. You can also record video and sound separately if you wish. One button handles each function for you.

3. Rzatu Body Cameras

Body Cameras for Law

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Even when recording subjects 30 feet away at night, you should still get 1080p resolution. Plus, the camera has motion detection capability. You can leave it on and not waste any battery life or memory space. A 170-degree wide angle lens handles your filming duties.

Also, this camera will work with a 128Gb SD card, but you have to provide that yourself. In addition, the camera is wifi compatible. Just download the phone app to your smartphone.

2. Veho Muvi Professional Mini Handsfree Body Worn Camera

Veho Muvi Professional

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Just clip this body camera to your pocket or collar. This enables you to use the camera without using your hands. Once you turn it on, the body camera records in 1080p quality and 5 MP for still shots. A 170-degree angle lens captures all the action.

In addition, you get slow motion playback, timer, 3x zoom and noise activation features to enhance your use of this body camera.  With car charging capability, you shouldn’t run out of battery life.

1. CEESC Body Worn Camera

CEESC Body Worn

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The 2” display screen lets you preview the action your 120-degree wide angle lens recorded at 1080p. Once you have the recording you can store it on the built-in 16 GB memory card. Your body camera will record voice, still photos and videos.

Plus, when the light conditions worsen you get night vision ability. 6 infrared lights handle that duty for you. The easy to use camera is just what you need when you need better evidence.

Some final words

Life is not like it once was. You need to make sure you are protected better, especially at night, when a difficult situation arises. One way to do that is to use a top 10 best body worn camera in 2019.

These pocket-sized cameras use wide angle lenses and high resolution results to capture the action going on around you. Protect yourself with one of the best body worn cameras available today.

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