My neighbor’s son is almost turning 5 and I wanted to be prepared for the birthday party as well as I could. He is probably the only kid that managed to keep me entertained. I have not grown up around many toddlers, my family was very small.

So, the fact that I had formed such close ties with the kid, surprised everyone; including myself. During my shopping escapades at the mall, I decided to grab some snow boots for him as I went to get myself a pair. He is always playing outside the house, so a pair of boots would ensure that he is safe and not exposed to drastic temperature changes. Skip to the Boys Snow Boot on Amazon.

List Of Top 10 Best Boys Snow Boots Reviews in 2018:

10. Northside Frosty Snow Boot

Northside Frosty Snow Boot

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These boots are man-made and have a sole that is synthetic. They have a shaft that measures about 7.5 inches from the arch. The North side snow boots will definitely help keep your kid warm, since they have insulation and a water resistant upper area.

The type of strap that they have is hook and loop. At the top line, the snow boots also have a bungee cord type of closure. The perfect heel makes this great snow boot extremely incredible. If you have been using inferior snow boots and want to try something better and more comfortable, then you need to try this one out. Given its unique size and shape, this is a must-have product for anyone who wants to have great results.


  • The snow boots have a heel that is an inch long.
  • Their platform is about 0.25 inches long.

9. Kamik Snobuster2 Snow Boot

Kamik Snobuster2 Snow Boot

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This snow boot from Kamik has a shaft made from rubber and a collar that is full of patterns. The patterns bring out a very appealing look to the snow boots. They also have a bungee cord which can be adjusted to make them fit the wearer perfectly.

A good, fitting, comfortable, pair of snow boots is what you will be getting with this purchase. The large opening offers added convenience and comfort with ease of access while the ideal heel size makes it even better since you get to work comfortably even over the snow.


  • The opening of the boot measures about 11 inches.
  • The snow boots outer sole is lugged.

8. Skadoo Boys “Winter Journey” Boots

Skadoo Boys "Winter Journey" Boots

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The Skadoo snow boots are among the warmest pairs that I know of. They have a lining made of fleece which ensures that your boy is protected and kept warm. To add on to its warmness, the snow boots also have insulation. They are very easy to secure because of the Velcro strap that is situated on the on the side.

Do not miss out on getting your kid a pair of quality snow boots like these ones. The heavy duty sole lugs fitted on the sole make things even easier for you since you get to walk comfortably. And yes, the non slip design adds to the unique features making this a must-have snow boot for most snow walkers.


  • The sole of the boots has lugs which are heavy duty.
  • The snow boots have great grip.

7. Northside Icicle Snow Boots

Northside Icicle Snow Boot

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These snow boots have a thermal rating of about -25F. This is because it has 200g worth of thermolite, for insulation purposes. The material used to make the snow boots is 420D nylon upper. The boots have a zip front and are extremely comfortable.

The snow boots feature qualities of other more expensive brands, but are for the average day to day shopper. With various color options, you won’t have issues with the color issue where you’ll be required to just pick any color without having the option to pick your favorite. One other thing I also find amazing about these snow boots is the fact that it boasts a soft and warm construction which gives it added comfort.


  • The snow boots come in several other colors.
  • Their platform is half an inch in size.

6. Rocket Cold Weather Boot Kamik

Kamik Rocket Cold Weather Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

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Sweaty feet can be quite irritating. Walking around in such conditions is dreadful. That is what made me take an interest in the KamikRocket Cold Weather Boots. The innersole is thermal and the snow boots come with a liner which is removable and can wick moisture. The bottom of the snow boots also happens to be resistant to water. The rubber shell on the boot’s fore front makes it incredibly amazing while its tough construction gives it added durability making it ideal for years.


  • The snow boot’s fore front has a shell made of rubber.
  • The ankle area has a strap that is adjustable.

5. Northside Frosty Snow Boot

Northside Frosty Snow Boot

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Northside makes another debut in our top 5 part of the list. This is because, apart from being functional, they can also be fashionable. Whenever a new style comes up, the snow boots are usually available in one of the new designs.

The Northside Frosty Snow Boots have a toe guard, they have added traction and they come with quick draw type of lacing. The great silhouette fitted on these snow boots make them incredibly amazing and worth every penny. One of the things you’ll find amazing is the fact that it can also be used on different seasons for added convenience.


  • They can be worn in different seasons.
  • The snow boots have a great silhouette.

4. Nova Mountain Little Kid’s Winter Snow Boots

Nova Mountain Little Kid's Winter Snow Boots

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The reason why I would recommend these boots is because they are multi-purpose. If you end up buying a product that you can constantly use for different things, you find yourself actually cutting on expenses. That is the exact same thing you will get in this case. The Nova mountain boots can be used in different types of weather to protect your boys. The lightweight design makes them ideal and perfect for walking with, especially on snow.


  • The snow boots are easy to walk in because they are light.
  • The arch and shaft are 6 inches apart in height.

3. Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot (Toddler)

Kamik Footwear Snowbug3 Insulated Boot (Toddler)

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As your little boy learns to walk or wants to explore the outside, the best thing you could probably do for him is to get him these snow boots. For over a 100 years, mothers have been entrusting Kamik to provide the necessary protection their toddlers would need.

You don’t have any reason not to do the same. The snow boots are reliable and will always have your back.  The rubber sole makes these snow boots quite reliable and convenient since you won’t have to worry about things like skidding or falling off the snow; which is a common phenomenon.


  • The soles of the snow boats are made of rubber.
  • The boots have a plush lining which insulates it.

2. The North Face Alpenglow IV Boot

The North Face Alpenglow IV Boot

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This snow boot falls under those with innovative features. Its liner is removable and is known as Thermafelt. This enables the boots to be used even in temperatures below -25F. The type of bottom that the shoes have is known as TPR, it is known to be light and flexible. For the outer sole the rubber used is TNF winter grip.


  • The rubber shell used in the construction of these boots is high quality.
  • The materials used include Ballistic nylon that has leather overlays.

1. KEEN Basin WP Winter Boot

KEEN Basin WP Winter Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

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These winter snow boots have insulation of 200g of keen water proof materials, to prevent it from letting out any heat that you may have. The lining has a membrane that can be described as breathable. Once laced up, your kid will be comfortable to move around without you worrying about the shoes coming off. You can put them on your son as fast and remove them too with the same haste, thanks to the bungee lace system.


  • The snow boots measure about 12 x 10 x 5 inches.
  • The cuffs of the boots re-fuzzy

Factors to consider before buying a pair of Boys snow boots:

  • Size: Choose a pair of snow boots that will be the right shoe size for the child you are buying it for. This way, the snow boots will be comfortable to even walk around in.
  • Insulation: This feature makes some snow boots warmer than others. If you are buying the boots and you are in a very cold climate area, be very cautious with this.
  • Material: Some materials will last longer. However, some of them are waterproof and have capabilities that may be advantageous to you.

Buyer’s Guide:

The KEEN Basin WP Winter Boots are the go to snow boots. They are stylish to look at and can probably be matched up with different outfits for your little boy. They are easy to move in, keep your child warm and prevent any water from getting in to contact with them. The snow boots fit well and are comfortable to the letter.

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