So you like to enjoy fun activities and bring out the inner child in you? Then bubble balls are a great way to go back to your childhood day. A harmless way of doing fun, it is ideal for both kids as well as adults. Place it in your outdoor pool or the indoor one, or just make commercial use of it, this is amazing. Most importantly, it’s harmless, is safe for kids and will last even in rough use.

Availability to too many options might not help in anyway. So, it’s best to narrow down the best ones and then buy one. Therefore, our given review is just what will make it easier for you.

List of Best Bubble Balls Review on Amazon

10. Happybuy Inflatable Bumper Ball


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For birthdays, picnics or other events where friends and families gather, this bubble ball is the perfect tool. It will certainly turn even a boring setting into a fun-filled sports activity. Since it is inflatable, you can take multiple of these balls anywhere you want. Just fill it up with air at the site with an air pump or other means. It is super safe since the ball receives most of the shock and distributes it around you.

As a matter of fact, it has a dense and high-quality plastic construction; it is rugged and used for several games. PVC construction also means a high level of immunity against both rusting and agents of corrosion

Key features:

  • Affordable price and durability make it a better alternative than suits.
  • Cleaning is easy and is reused for recreating amazing fun games.
  • Available in several colour combinations and styles.

9. GoBroBrand Bubble Bumper Balls


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GoBroBrand has brought to you a safe way to play around with your friends and loved ones. You can get all the excitement and adrenaline rush while being in a safe enclosure. This bubble ball has a PVC vinyl construction which is smooth and soft, yet heavy-duty. It means that you can run up to your friend for a body bump without having to worry about a puncture.

But if things get a little too exciting and there is a puncture, even then you are sorted with this deal. You get 4 hole patches that let you repair these balls quickly to resume your fun session. It is indeed an eco-friendly product causing no harm to the environment.

Key features:

  • Great for kids who are 5 years old to adults who are kids at heart.
  • The PVC is heat-sealed and the ball is tested for quality and safety at labs approved by CPSC.
  • One can collapse into a really small size for easy storage and transportation.

8. Popsport Inflatable Bumper Ball

Popsport Bubble Balls

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Popsport presents to you one of the safest bubble balls in the market with their innovative design and unique manufacturing. It has PVC construction, a material that is often used for its durability and high corrosion resistance against several elements of nature. The PVC ball has two layers with an inner chamber for you to stand.

Moreover, it also has all the necessary features required for you to safely go around with the ball. Therefore, have fun with rebounds, instead of injuries. It is certainly perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor sports.

Key features:

  • Has certification from renowned agencies like TUV and CE.
  • Safety harness goes over your shoulders and around your chest for a highly secured design.
  • Within just one and a half minutes, the ball is inflated to its full size with an electric air pump.

7. Theefun Sumo Bumper Balls


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Collisions have never been fun. But it can all change into a fun and safe game between friends with these bumper balls from Theefun. For any gathering events including family picnics, barbeques, beach parties or birthdays, these balls would allow you and your kids to have a lot of fun while being out of harm’s way. It can also promote physical activity within those who are less enthusiastic.

This ball has PVC vinyl material construction which is non-toxic in nature. In fact, has a design of several uniquely shaped air chambers sealed together into a wearable large bubble ball. With these balls, you and your kids can tumble, roll down or bounce off of each other

Key features:

  • Heat-sealed design lasts you for a lot of games.
  • Comes with free repair patches that allow you to seal up to 3 small holes.
  • The collapsible design helps is easy storage plus transportation.

6. HI SUYI Human Bumper Bubble Soccer Ball

HI SUYI Bubble Balls

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These bubble balls are available in various sizes from 4 ft to 6ft. It can fit in kids or adults of various sizes. So no matter if you are having a kid’s outdoor birthday party or spending time with friends at the beach, these balls would make everyone leave their smartphones and have fun rushing each other while wearing these bubble balls.

Moreover, unlike most bubble balls that are made according to Asian standards, these are specially designed for the American size. Hence, won’t have any problems in accommodating you. They are also resilient and affordable enough for you to own personal or run a profitable rental business.

Key features:

  • Available in transparent, mixed and solid colours.
  • You also get a warranty period of 45 days so that you can purchase it without any worries.
  • Durable PVC is tough, yet provides soft cushioning.

5. Garybank Bubble Soccer Ball


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Most bubble soccer balls are made to Asian specifications which are a tight fit for most Americans and Europeans. So, Garybank has brought these balls catered to especially the Western size. Therefore, you don’t have any compatibility issues with these balls. These balls enable one of the most fun sports. It lets you run and bump into others without worrying about hurting them or yourself.

The PVC construction doesn’t just hold up to constant shocks. Furthermore, also gives you a cushioned surrounding. Hence, protects you and gives you a soft landing whenever you roll or get tumbled down to the ground.

Key features:

  • Constructed from several high-quality materials like PVC, Oxford fabric, PU sponge and more.
  • Is ergonomically designed with padded and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Has adequate diameter of 1.5 meters.

4. Holleyweb Dia Inflatable Bumper Bubble Ball

Holleyweb Bubble Balls

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Hollyweb presents these bubble balls with every safety feature. As a result, minimises your chances of a bruise after having a great time with your loved ones. They have durable handles which are large enough for you to get a good grip. However, not too large to dig into your body unintentionally.

It also has shoulder straps that are soft but resilient enough to keep you attached to the ball. And that also while you are experiencing rebounds or tumbling down. Above all, it comes in all kinds of colours that will excite both kids and adults, from transparent to red and blue.

Key features:

  • Is a great gift for anyone this upcoming holiday season.
  • Comes with patch kit so that you can instantly repair this ball and continue with the fun.
  • The 5 ft ball can handle anyone within the weight limit of 200 pounds and last you for years.

3. Hurbo Inflatable Bumper Ball Bubble


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This bubble ball from Hurbo encourages your kids to go. And have fun outside and promotes physical activity that is good for their health and fitness. The balls are generously sized so that you can also take part in your kid’s fun. And enjoy a great time together. Due to tough PVC construction, these balls are highly resilient. It would bounce, roll or tumble, but won’t get easily punctured or flat.

This upgraded design uses a lot more connections between the two-walled design for more wear-resistance and better distribution of force. It also has two shoulder straps that are adjusted according to your requirements for a customised fit.

Key features:

  • Unlike sumo suits that are expensive to hire, these balls are easily cleaned and used for years.
  • Anyone weighing between 110-200 lbs is perfect for this.
  • With enough of these balls, you can enjoy a great game of Last One standing, Bull Rush and more.

2. ANCHEER Inflatable Bumper Bubble

ANCHEER Bubble Balls

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A lot of other manufacturers like to claim about its product’s safety and non-toxic nature. However, don’t have anything to show for it. This from Ancheer has the Greenguard approval from Underwriter Laboratories, one of the most trusted certification and testing organisations. The Greenguard approval means that this ball is tested for emissions and other things that might be a health hazard. So, you can buy this product without any worries.

8mm PVC construction is also very thick. Plus, has several support structures to distribute the shock equally and prevent the concentration of force in any particular area. Finally, it’s odourless as well as won’t deform at all.

Key features: 

  • Available in two different sizes that can fit players who are within the height bracket of 3’9” to 6’2”.
  • Great for adults and even kids who are above 8 years of age.
  • Can handle any player as long as they weigh within 60 pounds to 200 pounds.

1. Bataru Inflatable Bumper Balls

BATURU Bubble Balls

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Bataru brings a really durable bubble ball that will entertain everyone in the family from kids to adults. It has high-quality PVC material construction which has a thickness of 0.8mm. Next, it is completely free from odour or toxic substances are sometimes present in synthetic materials. So, you don’t need to worry about anything and just bump into your friends with everyone wearing this ball.

The bubble ball is so resilient that it can take a lot of abuse without any damage. It wouldn’t tear or flatten out even after several hours of entertainment

Key features:

  • The shoulder strap has thick padding which allows ventilation for sweat resistance.
  • The handle is comfortable on your hands and provides a good grip.
  • With a diameter of 5 ft, it can enclose anyone.

There is no age restriction to enjoy yourselves. And the top-rated bubble balls will let you explore fun activities in a new way.

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    Jump inside one of these big Bubble Balls, bouncy balls and enjoy times to fun with a mash-up of soccer, dodgeball, and human bowling. Bump, roll over and twist have an absolute blast during celebration days or sporting events with these inflatable giant balls.

    10. Bubble Soccer Ball from Battle Balls™

    You can have your Bubble Ball shipped to you within six to ten working days and enjoy games and activities, with its carefully designed safety measures. The handles are made of soft plastic and it has additional head clearance spaces. Each Bubble Ball is manufactured using 0.8 millimeters clear PVC plastic with 1.5 meters in circumference, easily ensuring that the ball retains its shape and form, despite the terrain it’s being used on. Each product has a thirty day warranty period and has a shipping weight of 30.9 lbs.


     Halkey-Roberts type valve
     PVC clear plastic of 0.8 millimeters


     Does not ship to the UK
     Not recommended for 16 years and younger

    9. Bumper Bubble Zorb Ball

    A popular choice for schools, theme parks, party planners, and leisure centers, these inflatable toys have taken the market by storm. Made out of 0.8 millimeter PVC, and has a circumference of 1.5 meters. The shipping weight of each Zorb ball is 22.9 lbs. Also available in the color blue.


     Suitable for 5 years and above
     Can fit player’s height of 1.55m to 1.85m


     Does not ship to the UK
     Possible shipping delays

    8. 2 Pack Bubble Ball

    The outer shell of this Bubble Ball is made out of heavy-duty PVC as well as two adjustable nylon shoulder straps. It also comes ready with two repair patches and padded handles (foam), making it ideal for theme parks, schools, or event planners who wish to use these Bubble Balls in the long run. The only disadvantage of this is that the ball may need an artificial pump to inflate it, given its size of four meters in diameter. Shipping weight of this product is 16.4 lbs, comparatively heavier than the smaller units.


     Easy storage with valves for deflation
     Over 4 meters in diameter


     Inflation must be done electronically
     Storage may be a concern for domestic use

    7. BBOP Buddy Bumper Inflatable Ball

    This Bumper Ball is available in a translucent blue for long lasting hours of fun for children as well as adults. Built in size of three feet (36 inches), this inflatable ball can be purchased for domestic use as well for birthday parties, summer poolside parties, or just enjoying human dodgeball. Manufactured out of heavy duty vinyl PVC, it can be used for long hours. Shipping weight is 5.2 lbs.


     Available in the color Blue (translucent)
     Recommended for children aged 6 and above


     Cannot be shipped internationally
     36″ in diameters may be a disadvantage to taller users

    6. AmazingsportsTM’s Bubble Balls

    Have fun at camp, at home, picnics, or even at school with these inflatable soccer balls and even ride it on water surfaces. You can even collect them for children or hire it out to party planners on a rental basis. There’s really no maintenance involved as each Bubble Ball is manufactured out of PVC. It has a height of 1.5 meters, and width measuring 1.2 meters, and thickness of 0.8 millimeters. It’s manufactured out of Alloy, Oxford fabric, Alloy, and PU Sponge.


     Customisable colours on request, standard colour is red.
     Customizable sizes, standard size is 1.5 meters


     Recommended age is 8 years and above
     You will need to buy an additional pump for inflation

    5. Bubble Ball – Wubble

    Excellent for home use or even mass-scale rental, these Bubble Balls are ideal to have as a way of entertainment – despite your age. The product measures 9.2″ x 3.5″ x 10.5″ and weighs just under 1.4 lbs. It’s easy to store and its light weight makes it mobile.


     Suits ages 3 and above
     Lightweight, ideal to carry around


     Does not ship to the United Kingdom
     Limited colors

    4. Wearable Zorb Balls

    Also known under other names and Bubbler Soccer Suit and Inflatable Bumper, these Bubble Balls are an excellent source of entertainment for any age group. Manufactured using heavy-duty vinyl, these balls can be used outdoors, indoors, and even on water. It is known to promote outdoor exercise, physical coordination, and balance. You also have two patch kits, storage box, and two pairs of 3′ zorb balls.


     Ships to the United Kingdom
     Fancy decorative bubbles on the exterior


     Suitable for children over the age of 6
     3′ may not suit taller users

    3. Soccer Bubble Ball from Holleyweb™

    Made out PVC material that is non-toxic, this is ideal for children. It’s colorless and measures 1.5 meters (5′) in height. You will be able to get the logo or custom design printed free of charge. The casing has a “D” handle, making it easy to transport around and can be used in lakes, water parks, shoaling waters, beach, as well as a pool. It comes with a handy 20-meter rope and storage bag as well. Ideal for ages 6 and above.


     Measures 1.5 meters in height
     Made of non-toxic material, child-safe


     Does not ship to the United Kingdom
     Limited colors in blue only

    2. Bumper Balls by Costzon

    For this Bumper Ball, you would need an artificial blower to pump in the air. It also comes with additional gear for easy storage and maintenance. You can also fix any holes or punctures it may have after outdoor use.


     1.5 meters in height
     Easy to use and store


     Does not ship to the United Kingdom
     Does not include blower

    1. Bubble Balls for Soccer by AmazingsportsTM

    These Bubble Balls have a diameter of 1.5 meters made out of non-toxic material, ideal for user height of 59″ to 74″. You can even have a custom logo or print material if you are using it for commercial purposes. In total, the shipping weight is approximately 110 to 198 lbs. It’s ideal to rent out as a business, or even simply install in your home.


     Available in half and half, blue and clear
     Options of either 1.2 or 1.7-meter diameter balls


     Does not ship to the United Kingdom
     Limited colors, only blue

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