The best Built-in wine coolers is a must-have appliance for any wine lover to preserve his expensive collection. Wines can downgrade in quality if they are not kept at optimum temperatures. Wine coolers play a significant role in storing the wines at just the right condition without compromising the flavor. The wide collection of coolers is available in the market that may create a dilemma in customer’s mind.

Here we have curated a list of Top-10 Best Built-in Wine Coolers:

10. NewAir AWR-290DB compact 29 bottle compressor wines cooler

Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler-Built in Wines Cooler

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You don’t need to invest in two different coolers for preserving your white and red wines. The dual zone technology used in the cooler has made it possible to preserve both red and white wine at the same place, thus saves the space for you. Keep your whites in upper zone and reds in the lower zone and you’re done.

Key feature:

This 34 inches tall cooler can be placed anywhere without disturbing the current layout of your home. The interior is spacious enough to store 29 standard wine bottles. Unlike other coolers, the compressor produces minimal vibrations.

9. EdgeStar CWR70SZ 6” 7 bottles built-in wine cooler

7 Bottle Built-In Wines Cooler-Built in Wines Cooler

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The compact designing makes it a perfect addition to small-sized apartments. The digital control panel can be used easily to adjust the temperature to suit your requirement. The door can be reversed to suit the layout of your home.

Key feature:

The high-efficiency compressor and internal circulation fan cool the interior evenly. The cooler features a tinted UV-resistant glass, thus ensures the protection of your treasured wines from harmful lightings. The attractive interior lighting will definitely give your décor a modern touch.

8. Kalamera 15 inches wine cooler 30 bottle built-in or freestanding with stainless steel

Wine Cooler 30 Bottle

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Equipped with advanced-technology this cooler has everything you need. The designing of the beech wood racks facilitates the free circulation of the air. The carbon filter is embedded to prevent any odors.

Key feature:

The temperature memory function allows the cooler to restart at the previously set temperature after being interrupted by the power cut, thus hinder the wines from going bad with increased temperature. Each shelf has two stoppers to prevent your bottles from falling down.

7. Allavino VSWR56-1SSLN-56 bottle single zone wine cellar refrigerator

56 Bottle Single Zone Wine

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This can be a perfect pick for the wine lovers. It has the potential to provide powerful and consistent cooling without any undesirable temperature fluctuations. Customize your cooler with curved or towel bar handles to suit the décor of the dining room.

Key feature:

The metal shelves are sturdy and thin enough to provide you spacious interior to hold up to 56 wine bottles of various sizes. These shelves are equipped with wooden slats to impede vibrations. The front appearance of the shelves is extremely elegant that matches the door frame.

6. Allavino FlexCount VSWR56-2SSRN-56 bottle dual zone wine refrigerator

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This cooler has the commendable interior. You can store various sized bottles without any hassle. You can store up to 56 bottles simultaneously. The capacity is affected only when you add larger pinot or champagne bottles into it.

Key feature:

The cooler features a user-friendly push button which can be used to individually adjust the temperature. In order to preserve your wines at optimum temperature, the unit comes with “red”, “white”, and “sparkling” indicator lights. The advanced cooling system is 25% more energy efficient.

5. Avallon AWC241SZRH 54 bottle 24 inches built-in wine cooler- Right hinge

54 Bottle 24" Built-In Wine Cooler

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If you are fond of parties then this cooler is at your disposal. Stock up on 54 bottles in this cooler and enjoy chilled wine with your friends. This right hinged cooler comes with durable wood rolling shelves.

Key feature:

Opt for this adorable item and leave a great impression on your friends. You can switch between a bright, white LED and soft, blue LED to illuminate your cooler. The cooler possesses low-E glass with argon. Protect your collection from intruders with a true-key lock.

4. Allavino 112 bottle built-in three-zone wine cooler

112 Bottle Built-In Three-Zone Wine Cooler

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The shelves of this elegant wine cooler are reliable enough to stock your favorite wine bottles. To make your experience smoother while taking out the bottle the sturdy shelves will slide out easily on ball-bearing tracks.

Key feature:
This is the perfect blend of style, versatility, and cutting edge features. This is the must-have addition for any wine lover. The cooler is split into two units, one single-zone 56 bottle unit, and one Dual-zone 56 bottle unit. The temperature of each zone can be monitored easily with two digital LED displays.

3. Allavino FlexCount VSWR172-2BWRN 172 bottle dual zone wine refrigerator

172 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator

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The cooler is well built and has commendable designing and is one of the perfect addition to your dining area. You don’t need to remove any shelf for storing the bottles with varying diameters. This unit can be built-into your cabinetry or can be used as the freestanding structure.

Key feature:
The cooler comes features a thoughtful design. The cutting-edge shelves are designed by keeping in mind the diverse collection of wine. If you are fond of keeping the wide collection of your favorite wines then this cooler is exclusively for you. The spacious interior allows you to keep up to 172 bottles.

2. Allavino VSWR177-1SSRN- 177 bottles single zone wine refrigerator

Bottle Single Zone Wine Built-in Wine Coolers

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The cooler possesses a sleek black cabinet, fashionable stainless steel framed glass door, and black interior, and is equipped with cutting-edge features to provide you with perfect storage for your favourite wines. This item is a fusion of outstanding functionality and elegance.

Key feature:
This wine cooler by Allavino is one of the most reliable refrigerators for preserving your expensive collection. Shelves of this cooler are elegant enough to grab people’s attention. A clear digital display enables the user to monitor the temperature conveniently and thus helps in preserving the wines.

1. Avallon AWC241SZLH 54 bottle 24 inches built-in wine cooler

Bottle 24" Built-In Wine Cooler-Built in Wine Coolers

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Outstand yourself from all your wine lover fellows with this amazing wine cooler offered to you by Avallon. This compact cooler can preserve up to 54 bottles of your favorite wine and has potential to captivate people with its outstanding appearance.

Key feature:

The blue and white alternating internal LED lighting, allows you to easily read the labels of your collection. The appealing design of this cooler can complement any décor. The cooler features a wide temperature range to chill your wines at ideal serving temperature. It can be installed under a counter or can be used as the free standing appliance to serve your requirements to the fullest.

The wine cooler requires a notable investment, therefore, the decision should be made with utmost care. Analyze your storage requirement and choose the cooler with that capacity. In addition to this look for other factors like temperature control, humidity control, sturdy shelves and best price to enjoy exotic wines with your loved ones.

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