Who wouldn’t wish to get that soothing, comfortable feeling every time you slip into your bed after a long tiresome day? No one! Getting quality king size bed is the vital scope to all these desires but all this goes all the way up to owning the best fitting mattress, pillow and bed sheets. Whether looking for a new set of beddings or the perfect replacement for the worn out sheets, California king sheets are what we recommend for you.

This product despite have that attractive look, never let this deceive you, dig deeper to inquire for their specs which gives you the best package. Talking of specs; we mean durable quality, cost, and its maintenance. To ensure you got the ultimate products, look no further than our top 10 best California king sheets in 2020 reviews: it all what you need to enhance your bedroom awesomeness.

List of The Top 10 Best California King Bed Sheets in 2020:

10. Zen bamboo luxury 1500 series bed sheets

Zen bamboo luxury 1500 series bed sheets

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Key Features:

  • Includes rayon bamboo and eco-friendly microfiber materials
  • It’s a four-piece package
  • Anti-wrinkles, hypoallergenic and stain resistant
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Are you looking for a bed sheet set that makes all your cleaning a breeze and at the same time never give you the hitching sensitivity? Then Zen bamboo luxury series is what you require. you want to know why? Focus on the features below.

  • It’s eco-friendly

The bed sheets designs from 40% rayon bamboo and 60% brushed microfiber fabric. These materials give it that thrilling soft feel thus every time you slip into your bed, no more itchy or scratchy fabrics against your body. Not only the hypoallergenic effect but also Zen 1500 series engineers to be stain-resistant and also withstands the dust mites thus giving you a lasting quality performance.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

Remove the sheets smoothly from the bed and stick them in the machine washer without hesitation; they are machine washable. Clean then whenever you wish and enjoy the fresh cool smell. With the dust mite resistance capability, these make it look new after every washing.

  • Comfortable

When we go to sleep, all we expect is a pleasant, relaxing mood for your mind and body too. Therefore, to ensure you are experiencing optimum comfortability, Zen 1500 series offers this unlimited. How? Its soft, luxurious and serene multiple colors sum it up.


  • Its hypoallergenic, stain-proof and dust mite free
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Engineers from eco-friendly bamboo fabric incorporated with microfibers
  • Available in multiple colors

9. 1500 supreme Collection Extra Soft California Bed Sheets- Sweet Home collections

1500 supreme Collection Extra Soft California Bed Sheets- Sweet Home collections

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Key Features

  • It’s a four-piece package; the king, queen, cal king, and full sets
  • Have deep sheet pockets
  • Cold water machine washable
  • Breathable and double brushed

When it comes to user comfortability, supreme collection, California sheets stand out to be your best choice. Here are reasons why you ought to consider it;

  • Luxurious and comfortable

Breathable, ultra soft and double brushed. Isn’t this enough proof of its awesomeness? Supreme collection model features with embroidered standard pillowcases and deep pocket sheets which give the surety on a comfort firm fitting ion your mattress up to 16″ deep. Fit it smoothly and with the elastic all round property, no unnecessary sheet slips off the bed while you’re enjoying that warm night sleep.

  • Durable and quality material

Unlike some of the traditional models, 1500 supreme collection king sheets design from double-brushed microfiber fabrics. This new technology textile provides soft, soothing feeling when you lie on them plus to enhance its greatness; it is fade-proof and wrinkle resistant. Wash it and enjoy the fresh-ironed look always.

  • User convenient

When it comes to the user, the cleaning process might get hectic for those cotton models. But relax! When you have this product, cleaning is a breeze. i.e., use cold water in the machine washer, and you are set to go. Choose your favorite color from the multiple available and spice up your bedroom décor.


  • Are stylish luxurious and comfortable
  • Rae inexpensive
  • Designs from durable double brushed microfiber
  • Anti-wrinkle, fade proof and ultra-soft
  • Have deep pocket sheep for use with up to 16″deep mattress

8. California-King Ivory 650-Thread Count Bed Sheets

California-King Ivory 650-Thread Count Bed Sheets

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Key Features:

  • Material usage; cotton and polyester
  • Wrinkle-free sateen design
  • For use with 15-16″ deep mattress
  • Package includes; flat/fitted sheets and two king pillowcases

If you are searching for a lifetime performing premium quality king sheets, end your search with this package. It calls for your attention right from its stylish look, price tag and much more. i.e

  • Its comfortable and stylish

The sheets set are sateen type, meaning they offer a great cuddling soft contact with your skin all through. Besides this, its thread count as well speaks much about its reliability.

  • Machine washable

When it comes to cleanups, this is one of the most hectic tasks most people tend to neglect. This is common among all, but it only gets entertaining only if the cloth or item you washing make your work easier. How? For this excellent sheet set, they design from cotton-polyester blend thus its clean g is surprisingly simple. Use cold water in the machine washer and tumble dry low and all is over within minutes.

  • Convenience

Besides the easy cleanups, the sheets are wrinkle-free therefore no more extra works after doing the laundry. Fit them comfortably in different mattress sizes- regarding depth- as it is suitable for 15-18″deep mattress thanks to its deep pocket design with an all-around elastic strap.


  • Easy to clean up and maintain
  • Engineers from cotton-polyester material
  • Has a silky soft sateen design
  • Ideal for 15-18″ deep mattress pocket

The bottom line; this sheet set is gaining its popularity for its adjustable, comfortable deep-pocket design- 15-18″ deep- thus the users never worry about sudden slip outs. Plus, its sateen design makes it suitable for use even by those hyper-sensitive people.

7. Mayfair Linen bedding collection

Mayfair Linen bedding collection

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Key Features:

  • 600 thread-count sheet
  • Material; 100 Egyptian cotton
  • 15″ deep pocket

What gift will I give my friend n their wedding day? Are you stuck on this point? The Mayfair linen bedding collection would serve as your ultimate choice and wait to see the smile on his/face after the first use. More features why it’s a must-have;

  • Cheap maintenance

Besides its quality design, the king sheets are a breeze to maintain. How? When its time to clean them, this is effortless thanks to its machine washable property. Use warm water in the machine to attain best results and in term preserve its quality.

  • Breathable and hypoallergenic

Imagine you a case where you bed sheet gets all soaked up due to some profuse night sweating; this is quite annoying, right? Bid bye to all this struggle with the Mayfair sheet set thanks to their breathable functionality which will keep away the moisture and maintain a fresh dry sleep condition all night long. Plus for the skin-sensitive members, the cotton-linen makeup is ideal for you maximum comfort.

  • Soft and stylish

Enjoy that cuddly resting feeling as you tuck in your bed every day thanks to the delicate soft sateen design. Fit the sheet swiftly with no difficulties up to 15″ deep and experience an extraordinary sleeping moment.


  • Has hypoallergenic 100% cotton makeup
  • Its breathable soft and comfortable
  • Easy to clean up and assemble
  • Has 15″deep pocket

Bottom line; this incredible product gives the user maximum satisfaction with the breathable soft sateen design thus leaving all its users pondering their mouths.

6. HC COLLECTION 1800 Series Hotel luxury Bed Sheets set

HC COLLECTION 1800 Series Hotel luxury Bed Sheets set

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Key Features:

  • Breathable soft double brushed microfiber
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Money refund guarantee
  • Hypoallergenic, wrinkle-free and non-fading

Add that sophisticated quality look to your bedroom with the HC COLLECTION home luxury 1800 series platinum sheet set yet selling at an affordable price. More features;

  • Material construction

HC COLLECTION 1800 platinum series sheet set designs from double-brushed microfiber material which offers better durability and performance, unlike those cotton models. Besides its durability, microfiber is more soft and breathable thus no more night sweating if you purchase this fantastic package.

  • Stylish design and user convenient

Whether using it for the quest/hotel or master bedroom, the impressive comforting rapport these sheets offer is incomparable. Wash the sheet readily in the machine washer with other similar color clothing, and you will have them as new after every wash; are non-fading, wrinkle-free and resistant to dust mites. Plus, you got the control over your house décor with the different color to select from thus you will understand that best fit for your desires.

  • Affordable and durable

Engineering from quality microfiber fabric, what other confirmation do you want about its durability? Nothing! The package includes a fitted deep pocket sheet that’s ideal for up to 16″ mattresses with an all-around elastic strap for secure wear. A bonus, with all these advantages, the package sells at a pocket-friendly price with 100% money refund if it never works to your expectation after purchase.


  • Package includes fitted deep pocket/flat sheet and two pillowcases
  • Have 16″deep pockets
  • Designs from softer and breathable double-brushed microfiber
  • Are stylish, luxury and durable
  • Its fade and wrinkle resistant

Bottom line; unlike the common bed sheets, HC COLLECTION 1800 series design from durable and quality microfiber material. This provides the user with maximum luxury and breathability thus making your sleeping incredibly entertaining than before.

5. HC COLLECTION 1800 series Egyptian Hotel luxury Bedding collection

HC COLLECTION 1800 series Egyptian Hotel luxury Bedding collection

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Key Features:

  • Package includes sheets and pillowcases
  • Constructs from double microfiber
  • 100% non-questionable money refund
  • Breathable and softer design

Every time we go shopping, no one is happy on getting that all the products have overwhelming price tags that you even think of giving up on your search. Therefore here are the reasons why you need to settle for the 1800 series Egyptian bedding collection;

  • It’s pocket-friendly

No more hassle trying to find that one product which will fit your tight budget yet featuring with quality properties. Instead, go straight for the HC COLLECTION 1800 series Egyptian bedding collection model. This package sells at a peanut price such that you won’t feel the deduction from your wallet. Though they say cheap is expensive, this is a special case- the sheets set designs from durable double microfiber material.

  • Quality construction

Besides having a low price tag, their functions are similar to that of the expensive models and even better than some. These bed sheets construct from durable double brushed microfiber fabrics. Speaking of this, they are softer and more breathable than the cotton type hence no more sweating and itch irritation every time you slip in your bed to have a restful sleep.

  • Attractive and luxurious design

More reasons to make it your prime choice, this product have that warm, friendly appearance which makes you want to stay in your bedroom all the time. Besides its designs, you can make a color choice from those different available in the shop to your satisfaction.


  • 16′ deep pocket sheet
  • Are stylish luxurious and comfortable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • They are pocket-friendly

Bottom line; why it’s a top-selling product, the 1800series Egyptian model low price is what call every customers’ attention which such incredible features.

4. CGK Unlimited California king Sheet 6 piece set

CGK Unlimited California king Sheet 6 piece set

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Key Features:

  • Double brushed microfiber
  • Ultra soft and breathable
  • Bulk sells discounts
  • Hypoallergenic, wrinkle-free, stain resistant and dust mite free
  • CGK Unlimited California king sheets reviews;

Having a skin irritation each moment you get in your bed is quite annoying as bedtimes ought to be peaceful and comfortable setting your body and mind in a relaxing mood! Hence this plus other benefits call for you to go for this model.

  • Comfortable and reliable

CGK unlimited navy blue king sheets engineers from quality double-brushed microfiber. This material gives them softer and more breathability such that you will enjoy moisture free and dry sleeping moment thus no more soaked sheets. Plus, the softens these sheets provide will avoid any form of itching, therefore, the hypoallergenic property

  • Easy fits and cleaning

In the package, it includes flat, fitted and pillowcases. The fitted sheet has a deep pocket design that you can slip in smoothly in a variable mattress range up to 16″ deep while the elastic all around strap fastens it to the mattress. A bonus, you can use them in the machine washer thus making their cleanups effortless.

  • More features

To spice up its greatness; CGK product includes a bull buy discount in that when you purchase more than two, your price accompanies a discount slash.


  • Softer and breathable
  • 16″ deep pockets
  • Has easy fit and cleanups
  • Features as a six-piece sheet set

Bottom line; reasons why we recommend this product for you is its enhanced softness and breathability which in term uphold the comfortable sleeping experience.

3. Home sheets direct Bamboo Cal king Bedsheets

Home sheets direct Bamboo Cal king Bedsheets

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Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly bamboo material
  • Anti-pilling, super soft and light
  • 90-day money refund
  • Have thermoregulatory effect

Sleeping on this sheet is like having a thrilling play on the bouncing castle thanks to the bamboo textile super soft and light technology.

  • Material make up

Speaking of durability, it’s incomparable to any other model. This product designs from a pure bamboo material which gives the eco-friendly role plus enhancing the softness and breathability.

  • User convenience

Right from the pricing, this gives a good welcome to our customers. Plus, after the purchase, it’s handling it’s effortless. Why? The king size sheet set is quite versatile in that you will use it for all beds in your home as well as hotel rooms and still give ultimate results. Fit the deep pocket fitted sheet smoothly up to 17,” and the elastic all around binding will do the magic. A bonus, if you are not sure about it, request for your money, and you will receive it in 100% within 90days.


  • Designs from eco-friendly bamboo material
  • Ultra comfortable and user convenient
  • It’s durable and easy to maintain
  • Have anti-pilling function
  • Comes in multiple shades

Bottom line; with the 100% pure bamboo material construction, this enhances its performance plus giving you that vintage classy organic character.

2. Threadmill Home linen 400 Thread count Cal King sheet set

Threadmill Home linen 400 Thread count Cal King sheet set

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Key Features:

  • 400 thread count
  • Four-piece set
  • 100% cotton material
  • Smooth sateen weave

This is a top selling product on the market.  This due to the reasons below;

  • Quality and durable construction

The sheet set designs from 100% staple cotton fabric which offer lifetime functionality with no quality deterioration thanks to its non-fading, dust mite free and wrinkle-free effect.

  • Comfortable and healthy sleeping

No never wish to get the best sleeping environment? No one! Thus to maintain its standards, threadmill linen designs with user comfortability in mind, i.e., it includes a thermoregulatory effect- cools on summer and warms in winter- thus ideal for all seasons use. More, its makeup is free of any harmful chemical therefore not a health hazard.


  • Suitable for all season use
  • Free of toxic chemicals
  • Engineers from 100% cotton
  • Have extra deep fitting

Bottom line; what makes threadmill linen unique is its thermoregulatory effect that enables its use in all season thus giving the economic value every user would want.

1. Cosy house collection premium Bamboo Burgundy sheet set

Cosy house collection premium Bamboo Burgundy sheet set

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Key Features:

  • Full lifetime warranty
  • Ideal for oversized mattress
  • 40% bamboo and 60%polyetser
  • Hypoallergenic

Spend less and take home a premium quality package that will serve you a lifetime with maximum greatness. It’s benefits;

  • Hypoallergenic

Are you ultra-sensitive to common allergens like dust, pollen, and bacteria? End you sleeping problems with the premium bamboo model which has a natural, hypoallergenic effect. This is all thanks to the eco-friendly bamboo material that gives it the dust mite proof and anti-microbial effect

  • Versatile and convenience

Use it for all those oversized mattresses smoothly with the 16″ deep pocket plus elastic all around strap which gives the secure fitting all night long. More, its softness and breathability in incredible giving you the best experience every time you spread them on the bed. A bonus, to provide you with the maximum surety of its performance, the package includes a lifetime warranty thus it’s you who will tire using it.


  • Greater softness and breathability
  • Have a long-life warranty cover
  • Durable bamboo-polyester makeup
  • Four-piece package

Bottom line; with the bamboo makeup, this give you a spa-like softness plus the improved breathability makes you comfortable and peaceful all night

Final Verdict

In choosing the bed sheets, this features in different qualities; i.e., have percale and sateen models. Whether you are searching for soft or tight woven fabrics, all this is right at your disposal when you go through our top 10 best products reviews highlighted above. No more hesitation, make that brilliant decision today, and you will never regret.

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