Gone are the days of brooms and dustpans. Some still do it though, it’s good exercise to stoop low, wave your arm over every square inch of the floor, and contort your body to reach the inaccessible—uncleaned—regions. Although you get your workout, some or a lot of dirt still gets left behind. Moreover, in the process of cleaning, you can hurt yourself. Here’s a better and safer option: why not opt for one of the top 10 best central vacuum systems in 2021?

Here’s a list if you’re ready to swap the broom for the vacuum cleaner, or if you need an upgrade.

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List of Top 10 Best Central Vacuum Systems in 2021

10. Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit

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Full marks to the designer who made this look like a postbox. Besides that, this cleaner is the just the right fit for homes as big as 7500 square feet. With a power of 740 Air Watts, you can be assured of the tiniest speck of dust not being left behind when switched on.

But here’s what’s interesting—this beast purrs. Yes, it’s that quiet: a purr as high 58 Decibels. It has a dirt capacity of 6.25 gallons, which goes into micro-lined paper bags. However, you have the option to go for HEPA filtration bags. The body is made from rust-proof galvanized steel with a matte finish. The all-powerful flow-thru motor by Ametek-Lamb is the best in its category. It’s also easy to configure and can be installed within a timeframe of a day or less.

9. Broan 696 Fan and Light with Acoustic Insulation

Broan 696 Fan and Light with Acoustic Insulation

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This cleaner is the brainchild of Broan-Nutone LLC who’ve been inventing cleaning systems since 1932.

What’s unique about this cleaning (venting) system is that it lights up the space as well. The white polymeric grill adds aesthetic beauty to any decor. The illuminating capacity of this beaut is 100 watts, which can be satiated with a bulb.

The entire apparatus weighs 9.6 pounds with assembled dimensions: 7.88 inches(height), 16.75 inches(length), and 10.63 inches(width).

8. Hoover GUV ProGrade L2310 Garage Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner GUV ProGrade Garage Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum

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This vacuum cleaner by Hoover is just the ideal candidate for your house or garage. And don’t worry about the space it takes because it can be easily mounted on a wall. It comes with seven nozzle attachments and a 30-foot long crush-proof hose, dirt doesn’t stand a chance.

A 10-amp, 120-volt powerful motor on the inside is what makes this cleaner tick. It’s powerful enough to suck up debris, dust, and even nails. However, under operation, it’s surprisingly quiet. The dust goes into a 5-litre steel cannister which you easily remove to empty its contents.

7. VacuMaid GV50 Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum by VacuMaid

VacuMaid GV50 Wall Mounted Garage and Car Vacuum

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Vacumaid’s Garage Vac is not only suited for garages, but a variety of environments: homes, offices, workshops, shops, and the like. It can be installed on a wall in a jiffy.

The body is carved-out of galvanized steel for protection against rust and corrosion. It has a 120-volt Ametek Lamb motor, HEPA filtration bags, and a 7-gallon cavity for dirt on the inside. Lightweight dirt isn’t just the only target for this cleaner. It has enough power to swallow nuts and bolts as well. This unit also comes with a variety of accessories to check all your cleaning needs.

6. Broan QS130WW 220 CFM

Broan QS130WW 220 CFM Under Cabinet Hood, 30-Inches

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As mentioned earlier, Broan has been in this business since 1932. So, this entry shouldn’t come as a surprise. And just like its cousin, this unit screams beauty.

Firstly, this is an under-cabinet hood cleaning system with a halogen lighting system in place. Its unique axial blade technology draws in dirt efficiently. But that’s not all. Operating at 1.5 sones at normal speed settings and 5 sones on high, it’s admirably soft on the ears. There are also adjustable light settings and easy-to-clean filters which are dishwasher safe.

5. All Steel Central Vacuum Power Unit by Ultra Clean

All Steel Canadian Made Top Quality Central Vacuum

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At number five, this product is ideal for living or working spaces up to 7500 square feet. Embalmed with epoxy powder on the inside and out, issues related to corrosion are zero to none. You can opt for a muffler, but the system employs a fully-vented exhaust on the outside.

With an airflow of 121 CFM, 525 Air watt motor power, two-stage fan system, option to choose between HEPA and disposable bags; one can say that the manufacturer does deserve the title ‘Ultra Clean’.

4. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum Cleaner

New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Honestly, a cleaner such as this deserves to be higher up on this list. And here’s why:

It has a parquet twister that rotates 180-degrees to clean the smoothest of floors. Also added is an electro brush with adjustable-height settings—this is ideal for carpets and smooth floors. A mini turbo brush to remove pet hair and crumbs from delicate upholstery and carpets also contributes to its impeccable performance.

Hold on, there’s more. A six-speed setting controls the power of suction whereas an airclean filter—with a charcoal attachment—removes odours. The same filtration system also traps over 99.9% of all hazardous particles that damage lungs.

3. ProTeam ProForce 1500XP Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Media Filtration

ProTeam ProForce 1500XP Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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The bronze goes to ProTeam. The ProForce 1500XP is an upright vacuum system which ensures that suction is never lost; neither at the brush, nor at the motor.

A flexible hose connected to a cleaning wand graces this unit. This is ideal for carpeted and hardwood floors. A Level-4 filtration system coupled with HEPA bags improves air quality. A 50-foot cable supplies power to this beast, thereby ensuring that you never have to disconnect whilst cleaning and moving.

2. Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Unit System

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The filtration system in this unit is unlike anything. A 3-tier HEPA system with a bagless dirt chamber exists for you to check the volume of dirt being stored. Next comes the washable micron pre-filter followed by a washable HEPA filter to clock out any allergens and dust particles.

A dual mode speed switch with a 30-foot hose improves cleaning efficiency. It’s 150 CFM motor has an unparalleled suction capacity.

1. Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit with 2-speed motor

Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit -Central Vacuum Systems

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12,000 square feet. That’s where it gets its name from. Yes, that’s 12000 square feet of living(or working) space. Truth be told, PRolux’ CV12000 is the most powerful.

An Amtek 2 stage, 150 CFM motor provides excellent deep-cleaning. Its powder-coated steel body wards off corrosion and rust. A muffler kit also comes with the unit for quiet operation. And as was with the entry above, the same filtration system is in place.

You can conveniently reach all the hard-to-reach spots, get more cleaning done, decrease injury risks, and still get your dose of workout with a vacuum cleaning system. But what’s important is that health risks to inhabitants will be drastically lowered.

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