Protecting your hardwood floors, glossy laminates, and expensive carpets against scratches, tears, and occasional spillages can be bothersome. A lot of money goes into decorating floors, and repairing them once damaged isn’t really cheap either. Chairs are sworn enemies of floors. Their legs can induce wear and tear over a period of time. When you sit, the weight—of your body and the chair’s— bearing down on the flooring through a chair’s legs is substantial. If you couple this weight with the constant repositioning of the chair, the damages only get worse. However, there is a fix—chairmats. Think of them as an extra layer of protective clothing for your floors and carpets. That said, here are the top 10 best chairmats in 2021 you can buy online.

List of  Top 10 Best Chairmats in 2021

10. Ilyapa Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors

Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors 30 x 48

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This chairmat by Ilyapa is perfect for protection against scratches on a variety of floors. What’s unique about them is that they’re textured which makes them resistant to slips and scuffs.

They might get worn out over time. But it isn’t something that a quick wipe down with some soapy water and a piece of cloth can’t handle. Having said that, these mats are durable so they won’t lose their colour, crack, or curl.

You can, of course, opt from their varying dimensions that come with, or without lips.

9. Marvelux Polycarbonate-Lipped Chair Mat for Carpets

Marvelux 36" x 48" Polycarbonate (PC) Lipped Chair Mat for Low

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Marvelux’ chairmat is made from premium polycarbonate with a surface that offers minimal resistance to movement. Another highlight of this product which is aptly-suitable for pile carpets is that it’s guaranteed not to cave in underweight or pressure.

The texture of this carpet is studded which provides extra-grip and resistance to slips. It’s cushioning attribute provides extreme comfort when tread upon and there are zero possibilities of ever exposing yourself to toxins as it’s free of chemicals, such as lead, tin, or cadmium,

8. Tikteck Premium Chair Mat

Office Premium Chair Mat 35"x47" Carpet Protection

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Ingeniously-designed with a gripper back, this particular chairmat by Tikteck appropriate for medium and low-pile carpets as the gripped-surface locks onto the carpet, thereby reducing slips.

The edges of this chairmat are also smoothened so that you can conveniently transition your chair on and off it. It’s lightweight, yet durable as a result of its base material from which it’s constructed, which is phthalate-free PVC. You’ll also be glad to know that it does not give off a rubberish-repulsive odor, nor does it discolor, crack, curl, or leave behind any sticky residue.

7. Floortex Ultimat Polycarbonate Chair Mat

Floortex Ultimat Polycarbonate Chair Mat

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A chairmat that invites a yellowish tinge to develop, curls, or starts developing fissures into which dust and grime start depositing is just a waste of money and a disaster for floors. This entry is nothing like that.

It’s forged from premium-polycarbonate which eliminates all the issue mentioned above. It also has gripped-back for carpets as thick as half inches thick. The edges are straight as well so that you can slide your chairs on and off with ease.

Perhaps the standout attribute of this mat is that it has been certified by Greenguard. In other words, there aren’t any toxic emissions emanating from this mat.

6. Office Marshal Chair Mat with Lip for Carpeted Floors

Office Marshal Chair Mat with Lip for Carpet Floors

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Transparent, durable, and thick are the unique features of pure-polycarbonate chair mats by Office Marshal.

There isn’t the slightest chance of this mat cupping under pressure, thereby, again reinforcing its durability attribute. Another noteworthy mention is the grip it offers. It grips the floor and the castors of the chair in a firm position, but also provides freedom for the chair to be repositioned effortlessly.

5. Vinyl Office Chair Mat by Terazzo

Vinyl Office Chair Mat by Terazzo

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Unlike previous entries, this chair mat takes shape from high-grade polypropylene that allows your chair to move around on its surface without resistance whilst ensuring that the mat itself doesn’t shift around. And all this moving takes place unaccompanied by discomfort to your feet or body.

As a result of being manufactured from polypropylene, this chair mat is devoid of BPA, odor, toxins, and phthalate.

4. Office Marshal Polycarbonate Chair Mat for High Pile Carpet Floors

Office Marshal Polycarbonate Chair Mat for High Pile Carpet Floors

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Chair mats by Office marshal are most-suited for high pile carpets. One of the reasons is why is that the grip on the floor is improved by its studded underside. Moreover, the cushioning-effect under high impact is the best in its class.

Curling, cracking, breaking, and discoloration are some disasters that won’t be accompanying this chair mat due to its basic composition. All in all, you can slide your chair around without scaring the floor or hurt your limbs with this chair mat right beneath you.

3.Mysuntown Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

Mysuntown Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

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As this countdown to the best chair mat winds down, the office chairmat by MySuntown gladly seals the third spot for its versatility when it comes to the types of floors it can handle. High and medium pile carpets and hard floors are both covered by this brand.

Commendable gripping capability on the underside guarantees immovability of the mat. The same goes for the surface above. But the catch here is that you won’t struggle to move your chair around at all. But you’ll also be glad that once your chair is positioned, it stays affixed.

2. Deflecto EconoMat Clear Chair Mat

Deflecto EconoMat Clear Chair Mat, Hard Floor

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Average chair mats lose their vigor as time progresses. They lose their transparency and start falling apart over time. But not this chair mat. No adulteration in its material composition results in it being BPA and toxin free.

The edges of this chairmat are also straightened so that your chair can slide off it onto the floor, and then climb back on without facing resistance.

1. Transparent Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Polycarbonate by Doublecheck Products


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The name Doublecheck Products, who manufacture this chair mat deserve to hold on to their name because they’ve hit the sweet spot in terms of durability, quality, and safety.

Chairmats such as this, manufactured by them is purely polycarbonate. For those of you who don’t know, polycarbonate negates discoloration, cracking, and curling. This mat is also the thickest in its class. Firm grips on its underside prevent slippage whereas its composition is such that they neither succumb to pressure nor release harmful toxins.

Your living or working space is your sanctuary. You cannot relax or work at your level best if the floors start deteriorating. You’ve invested money out of your pockets to maintain it, why not invest a few more greens to preserve it for many years to come?

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