A cooling pillow is one of the essential components that enhance quality sleep. According to scientists, a healthy person spends 8 hours sleeping. This translates to 1/3 of their lifetime! From the fraction of the time we allocate to sleep, we can derive that sleeping is one of the activities that dominate in our lives. However, spending the same time in sleep does not mean that we equally enjoy sleep.

The quality of the sleep depends on many factors. The quality of mattress and pillow are among the determinants of how comfortable we sleep.  In the case of the mattress, there is no problem regarding quality; the problem lies with the pillow.

Here Are The Top 9 Best Cooling Pillows In 2022 Reviews

9 – Cr Sleep Reversible Memory Foam Gel Pillow

9 - Cr Sleep Reversible Memory Foam Gel Pillow

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  • By: Cr
  • Product Dimensions: 23.2 x 15.4 x 4.3 in.
  • Product Weight: 5 lbs

This reversible memory foam pillow has a unique 2-in-1 design with a cooling gel pad on one side molding to the high-quality memory foam. The cold gel overlay side is for added cooling feature, which perfectly disperses your body heat and has you a longer cooler and more comfortable sleep in hot summer days.

The other side without cooling gel can be used in cold winters for extreme comfort. You can decide which side is best for you at different times and places. You’ll sleep more deeply and wake up feeling refreshed!

  • Neither soft nor very hard
  • Super supportive pillow: offer maximum support to the head and neck
  • High-quality pillow
  • Comes with a weird smell that takes days to fade

8 – Viscosoft Arctic Gel Contour Pillow

8 - Viscosoft Arctic Gel Contour Pillow

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  • By: Viscosoft
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 4.5 in.
  • Product Weight: 4 lbs

It’s time to enjoy sleep of the highest quality using this Viscosoft Arctic Gel Contour Pillow. This pillow contains 2 lbs of cooling gel-30% more than comparable pillows creating a sleeping surface that is cooler than conventional molded foam. This highly durable pillow is highly constructed with pressure-sensitive memory foam to embrace the contours of your neck and shoulders, reducing pain and providing comfort and support for side sleepers and back sleepers.

A super responsive design adjusts gently to every movement keeping the spine correctly aligned throughout the night. It comes with a smooth, hypoallergenic, removable and washable pillow cover with Coolmax fabric. The pillow case is also moisture resistant ensuring much comfort as you enjoy your sleep.

Another outstanding feature of this pillow is that the molded memory foam around your head and neck’s curvature provides optimal support that’s tailored to your individual needs; helping you wake up refreshed, energized and ready to make the most out of your waking hours.

  • It’s inexpensive when compared to other cooling pillows
  • Keeps you cool all night long
  • Super comfortable pillow
  • Some customers complain that it comes with an unpleasant smell that disappears after been used for a while.

7 – Bluewave Bedding Cool-Gel Memory Foam Pillow

7 - Bluewave Bedding Cool-Gel Memory Foam Pillow

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  • By: Bluewave Bedding Company, LLC.
  • Product Dimension: 24 x 16 x 2.5 in.
  • Product Weight: 2 lbs

Did you know that not all cooling pillows are thick? Bluewave Bedding Cool-Gel Memory Foam Pillow is a perfect example of a thin pillow still maintaining its cooling effect. This pillow is only 2.5 in. thick and attested to be the perfect pillow for stomach and back sleepers.

This pillow is gel infused to keep you cool all night long. It comes with a removable and washable bamboo cover; bamboo naturally wicks moisture away from the skin, resists odor and provides a cooler sleeping experience than cotton

  • It is super comfortable
  • It’s inexpensive
  • High-quality cooling pillow
  • The thinness may make it flatten quickly

6 – Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel And Memory Foam Pillow

6 - Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel And Memory Foam Pillow

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  • By: Classic Brands
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 5 in.
  • Product Weight: 5 lbs

This one should be in your shopping cart right away since it is one of the best memory foam pillow with cooling gel. How can you not get comfortable with the mixture of soft and cool at the same time? Yet, the best point of this cooling pillow is that it can resist with temperature as well as making sure that you have comfort night without any interruption. You will notice less pain on your head, shoulder, and neck compare to other typical pillow.

Moreover, you don’t need to find which side is the cooling and which one is not because the good news is both sides are the cool side. On top of that, the pillow is made to be breathable. This would mean more airflow and moisture coming in and out all night long.

  • The cooling Gel is fantastic
  • A decent pillow
  • Super comfortable pillow
  • The pillow is somehow hard

5 – Equinox Cooling Gem Memory Foam Pillow

5 - Equinox Cooling Gem Memory Foam Pillow

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  • By: Equinox International
  • Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 15.5 x 5.4 in.
  • Product Weight: 5.9 lbs

This is one of the best cooling pillows in the market. This pillow is crafted with the finest quality of U.S “CertiPur” Molded Memory and then combined with state of the art Honeycomb cooling technology.

With this pillow, you rest assured that it will never go flat again. The memory foam technology in this pillow conforms to the sleeper’s head and body providing the right amount of thickness. The Honeycomb Gel is designed to extract body heat and promote airflow. This provides a therapeutic cooling sensation that will last all night long as you rest.

It is coupled with a soft to the touch, removable pillowcase made of Spandex Mesh; taking care of your investment in better sleep is easier than ever.

  • High-quality memory foam
  • Sturdy pillow
  • Works great to keep you cool
  • The memory foam may be a little hard for some people causing some discomfort.

4 – Gel’o Cool Pillow

4 - Gel'o Cool Pillow

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  • By: Human Creations
  • Product Dimensions: 21.6 x 10.6 x 0.6 in.
  • Product Weight: 2 lbs

Do you need to stay cool during the hot summer nights? Well, Gel’O Cool Pillow will provide the cooling you are looking for. This pillow is soft and conforms to the body giving you the maximum support you need.

This pillow can be refrigerated or microwaved for use as ice or heat pack. Furthermore, the pillow comes with a safe grade material that cannot leak in case the pillow is accidentally cut open.

  • This cooling pillow works great
  • High-quality pillow
  • Highly durable
  • The pillow tend to move around a lot especially when with a restless sleeper

3 – Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow

3 - Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow

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  • By: Sleep Restoration
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 7 in.
  • Product Weight:  6.6 lbs

Enjoy quality sleep by using Sleep Restoration Gel-Filled Fiber Pillows. These pillows are crafted with super plush gel fiber that puts all other standard pillows to shame! They are designed to ensure maximum comfort for any and all sleeping positions. They are highly stylish and luxurious providing a fantastic place to lay your head.

They are chemical-free hence perfect choice for all people with different allergies. Besides, they are dust mite, mold and mildew and stain resistant. The pillow can be washed by a machine and will always retain its look.

  • Super comfortable pillow
  • High-quality pillow
  • Keep you cool in the hot nights
  • Not among the thickest pillows

2 – Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow

2 - Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow

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  • By: Relief-Mart Inc.
  • Product Dimensions: 17.2 x 6 x 5.7 in.
  • Product Weight: 3.5 lbs

While Down pillows are comfortable and conforming, they constantly need to be fluffed and do not hold their shape throughout the night. They are also a problem for those that suffer from feather allergies. Good quality shredded memory foam solves this problem through its ability to conform.

Only the Snuggle-pedic ™ uses a proprietary mix of our very special hypo-allergenic and extremely low V.O.C. Biogreen® memory foam and CertiPur-U.S. certified foam. The tiny pieces are incredibly soft and fluffy and make snuggle-pedic memory foam pillow lighter and more resilient than the usually shredded memory foam pillows found on the market.

Furthermore, the Micro-Vented Bamboo Cover, along with soft and fluffy interlocking foam pieces offers an unprecedented breathability that allows air to circulate through the pillow and keep you cooler all night long!

  • Super comfortable pillow
  • A sturdy cooling pillow
  • High-quality product
  • May turn heavy to some users

1 – Premium Adjustable Memory Foam Cooling Pillow

1 - Premium Adjustable Memory Foam Cooling Pillow

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  • By: Coop Home Goods
  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 3 in.
  • Product Weight: 3.5 lbs

Do you want to enjoy the sleep of the highest quality? Do you want to remain cool during the summer hot nights? Then you should give a try to the Premium Adjustable Memory Foam Cooling Pillow. This fabulous quality pillow comes with a cover made of polyester (60%) and 40% Rayon- derived from bamboo. It is entirely adjustable with a proprietary mix of shredded Viscoelastic.

This pillow is hypoallergenic hence can be used by allergy sufferers. Plus, it is dust mite resistant. To adjust to your comfort, you can add or remove foam.

This pillow is perfect for all sleeping positions and allows greater ventilation that makes it retain its coolness all night long. Let us enjoy cool summer nights by acquiring this adjustable premium memory foam cooling pillow.

  • Super soft pillow
  • Super comfortable cooling pillow
  • High-quality pillow
  • May come with smell that disappears with time

Now that you have the picks of the bunch, let’s look at some of the factors you need to consider before you pick any of them.

Factors to be considered


Coolness is one of the important factors you should have in mind. In fact, it is the major the reason why you buy the pillow. Pillows have different levels of coolness; it is, therefore, important to consider the pillow that will comfortably withstand the blazing heat of the summer and remain cool.


Some may argue that durability of any material is dependent on how it is handled. That is true, but with the same level of care, some cooling pillows will serve for a longer period than others. Do you know what the secret behind this is? It’s simple, the material. Materials used to make the pillows are different; always consider buying a cooling pillow made from the strongest material.


Most of us are guided by budgets. Before leaving for stores, we already have the amount we intend to spend in our minds. Always spend what you had intended to.

Outer Fabric

Always pay attention to how the stitching has been done. There should be no holes; holes provide space for the inner materials of the pillow do not leak which will undoubtedly render the pillow useless.

Final Words

Have you ever known that a pillow occupies approximately 20% of our sleeping space? Now you know. Let’s get back to our topic-So which is the best pillow? Well, the credit goes to the cooling pads.

These pillows offer much comfort to your head and neck. Besides, just from the name, this pillow can remain cool even during the hot summer nights. As the summer is approaching, many people have begun to get concerned of how they will retain their sleeping comfort in these hot nights.

For this reason, many are thinking of getting cooling pillows to keep them cool and offer the comfort they need. To be on the safe side, grab one of the options given above.

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