A dog needs grooming on a regular basis. In fact, grooming is a perfect way of keeping your pets clean and healthy. Pet hair drying is among the most common grooming tasks. The good news is that you no longer have to pay for such services. Investing in the dog dryers will help you forget trips to the groomers and the daunting task of drying pet hair using towels.

Drying your pet fast and more efficiently will depend on the type and quality of dryer you use. Before rushing to buy one, there are some things you need to factor in. These include airspeed, temperature, noise level, and portability. Temperature and airspeed for instance, should be matched with pet size and coat size. Now that you have learned a thing or two about choosing the right pet dryer, let us take a look at the best dog dyers you might want to consider.

Table of the Best Dog Dryers Reviews

10. Go Pet Club Dog & Cat Pet Grooming Hair Dryers

Dog Dryers

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This pet dryer gives professional grooming right in the comfort of your home. This dryer gives both power and speed. Powerful airflow of 25-50 meters per second ensures faster drying time. Apart from adjustable speed, this dryer offers an adjustable drying temperature of 30-75 degrees Celsius. It runs quietly not to disturb your pet. In fact, the only noise generated here is that from blowing air. A flexible hose gives easy reach. The hose has a double reinforcement, which makes it resistant to punctures.

9. SHELANDY Stepless Adjustable Speed Dog Groomers Dryer

SHELANDY 3.2HP Stepless Adjustable Speed Pet hair force dryer Dog

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This dryer brings a magical change to your furry friends. It is equipped with a stable and powerful motor, which makes quick work of any size of pet. You can use it for that mini cat or giant dog. There are two temperatures to choose from with the maximum cutting drying time by almost half. Airflow speed is adjustable from 25-60 meters per second to match the size of your pet. Four noise reduction levels lets your dog adapt to the noise without being scared. The dryer comes with 4 nozzles to achieve different shapes for your pets.

8. Free Paws 2-Speed Dog Grooming Blow Dryer With Nozzles

Speed Adjustable Heat Temperature Pet Grooming Force Hair Dryer

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Free Paws hair dryer does a good job in blowing out pet hair. Adjustable airflow and temperature give great convenience. Airflow is adjustable from 92 CFM to 99 CFM while temperature is adjustable from 96 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. The dryer comes with a flexible hose, which extends from 2.6 to 7.9 feet to increase working area. A noise-reduction sponge is fitted in the dryer to generate a low noise level of 78 decibels. This dog dryer comes with a 7-finger nozzle, cylindrical nozzle, and two slot nozzles. More: Best dog pools

7. High-Power Adjustable Speed & temperature Dog Grooming Hair Dryer

Adjustable Speed and temperature Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

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This dog dryer is caters for four different requirements in pet grooming. This is achieved through adjustable airspeed and temperature controls. There are two temperature settings of 96 degrees Fahrenheit and 167 degrees Fahrenheit for customized drying time. Adjustable airflow speeds of 25 to 56 meters per second take care of any size of pet. A special noise-cancellation sponge keeps noise level down to just 62 decibels. Noise reduction is done through 3 different levels so your pet gradually gets used to it.

6. Flying Pig Grooming High Velocity Dog Grooming Dryer with Heater

High Velocity Dog Grooming Dryer with Heater

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This dryer withstands heavy-duty use for years. It has a powerful motor housed in a steel shell for long-term use. A powerful airflow of 240 CFM ensures no loose hair is left behind. This dog dryer gives a customized drying time, thanks to an adjustable temperature of 81 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. A 10-foot reinforced, flexible hose gives easy reach and lasts longer. The dryer comes with two nozzles for shaping and a special sponge for noise reduction purposes.

5. K-9 III Multi-Color Dog Grooming Dryers

K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer - All Colors

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K-9 III dog dryer makes easy work of heavy-coated pets. It gives two motor choices, one motor for the delicate jobs and two motors for increased power. The motor is housed in 18 gauge steel shell to withstand heavy-duty, long-term use. It has two speed options with the maximum set to 118 CFM. Flexible reach is provided by a 10-foot hose, which is reinforced to prevent punctures. This dog dryer comes portable and lightweight to take with you anywhere.

4. Flying Pig Grooming High Velocity Dog Stand Grooming Dryers

Flying Pig High Velocity Dog Pet Stand Grooming Dryer

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This is a single-motor pet hair dryer designed solely for drying pet hair. It is powerful enough to handle any wet job. The motor is kept inside a steel housing to protect against damage and give long-term use. The dryer rests on an adjustable stand so you don’t have to bend when using it. The stand rolls smooth on swivel casters and can be set to a height of 33 to 51 inches. The sleek head is comfortable in your hands and can be tilted to fit the nozzles with ease. The dryer comes with a strong, flexible 120-inch hose.

3. XPOWER B-55 Lightweight Dog Dryer

 XPOWER B-55 Dog Dryer

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XPOWER B-55 is specially designed for small to medium-sized pets. It is fitted with a newly re-engineered 2hp motor that has two speed settings to customize drying time. The housing of this dryer is made of tough ABS plastic, a construction that makes it lightweight and durable. The dryer has a 5-foot flexible hose for easy reach. It comes with 3 different nozzles to cater for any coat size.

2. Voilamart 3.7HP High Velocity Pet Dog Grooming Hair Dryer

Dog Cat Fur Grooming Hair Dryer Hairdryer

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This is a two-stage pet dryer that gives two different settings for airspeed and temperature. The temperature can be set to 35 degrees Celsius or 75 degrees Celsius to match different seasons and pet body temperature. Speed is set to 25 meters per second or 50 meters per second, which is great when racing with time. 8.2 feet flexible hose and extra-long 7-foot cord give increased working area. The dryer has a noise level of 78 decibels and comes with 3 different nozzles.

1. PETACARE Quality Dog Grooming Blow Dryer with LED screen


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This super powerful dryer is a long-lasting solution. It has a dedicated blower that saves time and effort. The dryer is housed in a rust-resistant stainless steel shell to provide years of use, both for personal and commercial applications. It comes with an LED display to give full control over temperature and airflow. There’s a temperature limiter that keeps temperature within a safe level to keep your pet’s skin from damage.

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