Mostly, artists use drawing pencils to add life to their masterpieces. And, the choice of a drawing pencil impacts significantly on the results of the artwork. There are a lot of drawing pencils out there. However, it can be time-consuming and overwhelmin.log trying to learn the differences between brands as they may look similar. Every brand of art pencils works well though our Art Gurus have made more improved coloring pencils than Crayola. These modern coloring pencils, unlike Crayola, bring out the color of the drawing to life; for instance, with the smoothness and brightness of the colors and are break resistance under normal pressure.

Remember, not all drawing or coloring pencils are worth trusting. No, appearances lie at times, and there is more to the look that makes an item qualify to be a premium. As it had earlier mentioned, do not exhaust yourself running from one stall to another try to get a product that is decent. No, we have made that hustle more comfortable for you. Here is a list of the top 10 best drawing pencils in 2022 that could impress your choice next time you are planning to invest in some drawing pencils.

List of The Top 10 Best Drawing Pencils in 2022:

10. Artlicious Pencils

Artlicious Pencils

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Are you looking for colored pencils that are going to perfect your drawing? Look no more for Artlicious colored pencils are the whole package. The design comprises of thick, soft leads, which do not break easily even under pressure. The smooth colors bring out perfect color mixtures and blends and perfect specific techniques. The beauty of even the most comprehensive coloring pages and adult complex coloring pages is brought about by using these perfect coloring tools.

With 50 distinct colored pencils, a rich and diverse palette is created to keep you tranquil and colorful. You get the assurance that you won’t run out ways to transform the dull drawings to exciting and unusual works of art. The package fun does not run out, as the pencils are pre-sharpened and made of non-rain forest wood to ensure an immediate start of the art journey immediately you open the box. There is a sharpener that guarantees you have your pencils always sharpened and ready for work. It is true to say that with these colored pencils, you can spend hours of fun drawing and entertainment and it’s all limited by your imagination.

Artilicious colored pencils are the most elegant pencils for adult coloring as they are nontoxic and safe for educational use. We call on you to compare our pencils with other leading brands and you are assured of zero disappointments, actually, you will be blown away by the quality of our products and the moderate pricing.


  • 3.3mm thick and smooth leads resistant to cracking
  • 50 distinct colored pencils with a sharpener
  • Color name on each barrel
  • Nontoxic and safe for educational use
  • Pre-sharpened non-rainforest wood

9. Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils

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Presenting a package with 60 pre-sharpened professional grade pencils are Colored Pencils. This product guarantees high-quality pigments with rich color saturation that makes your art come alive. They are manufactured to handle both professional art expressions and beginner artwork. High-quality wood makes regular pencils with maximum durability; the pencils points are held firmly stopping them from snapping under normal pressure. The hard and thin leads featured in these pencils facilitate drawing cleaner edges, outlines, bolder and letterings more pristine. They are designed not to break easily providing a smooth coverage of the drawings. All pencils sharpen to excellent, well-rounded points which are essential in bringing out subtle details of your imagination on paper.

The smooth texture and creamy leads of the rich pigment produced by these Colored Pencils is one that will be appreciated by art professionals. In addition to this, is the fact that these pencils are non-toxic and ensures safety and health of users both adults and children. The box contains 60 pencils ideal for wide range of uses, for example sketching, idea development, calligraphy, drawing and a lot more. Coloring has never been this fun until Colored Pencils made it. They are perfect educational gifts and are of high quality. Next time you choose to purchase a gift or a drawing kit for your broods think professional grade Colored Pencils.


  • Smooth texture and creamy leads
  • High quality
  • 60 distinct colored pencils
  • Non-toxic and safe for educational use

8. Colore Colored Pencils

Colore Colored Pencils

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Other incredible professional-grade colored pencils are the Colore Colored Pencils. Buy them today and you are assured of high-quality pigments with rich color saturation to make your art come alive. A packet contains 72 pre-sharpened pencils that are manufactured to handle professional artwork and also apprentice’s artwork. Made from high-quality wood, it guarantees you durability and prevents the pencil points from snapping under normal pressure. The hard and thin leads contained in these pencils ease in drawing clean edges, outlines, bold and letterings are original. They are designed not to break easily providing a smooth coverage of the drawings. All pencils sharpen to excellent, well-rounded points which are vital in bringing out elusive specifics of your imagination on paper.

In case you are looking for nontoxic pencils which ensure health and safety of adults and children then Colore are what to turn to. They come in an assorted set of 72 pencils and are perfect for a wide variety of uses including calligraphy, idea development sketching, and many others. The colors are vibrant for all drawing pads and coloring books. All the 72 colors whose design is for art fanatics as well as wannabe artists. The barrels are colorful for easy identification. The 72 colors have so much to offer including skin tone, bright, neon, and many others.

Gifting your children this coloring kit for school supplies would be incredibly thoughtful as they are ideal for coloring superhero comic books or just for sketching and drawing on their sketch pads. They can also be used in schools to learn rainbow colors, sketching, idea development for office use and others. This set is suitable for elementary and even College students who love to draw. You can also get one for your adult friend for coloring their favorite secret garden coloring book. They are great gifts for Christmas, graduations, and other holidays.

Looking for something to express creativity? Colore is the paramount coloring kit for your toddlers or even older kids with their sleek and natural wooden look. It is an excellent addition to your teen’s art and craft collection. Choose Colore coloring pencils today, and you are guaranteed organization of your art studio because of their metal tin case with a compact design.


  • Premium quality
  • Pre-sharpened 72 coloring pencils
  • Perfect educational gifts

7. Derwent Coloring Pencils

Derwent Coloring Pencils

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Do you want to be blown away? Then try combining the control of a pencil with the subtle beauty of the watercolor medium. Derwent coloring pencils can be used dry to show soft texture also can be blended and layered. In case you want to get intense colors with smooth edges then wetting the paper before coloring is preferred, to get rich and textured lines wet the pencil first. Watercolor is also not permanent like Inktense, so once the color is dry, you can re-wet it and move it about and again. A wide range of 24 color sets exists. They range from lemon, CadmiumDeep, CadmiumOrange, PurpleLight, ChromeDeep and many others.

They are enclosed in a convenient, hinged metal tin. This metal tin organizes your color pencils collection. Its compact design ensures easy organization of your art studio. The usage of these colors varies in that they can be used either wet or dry allowing the artist to draw or paint. These pencils retain their full intensity however way you use them.


  • Settable pencils can be used either dry or wet.
  • Double usage both painting and drawing



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Never settle for ordinary coloring pencils when we got unique Koh-I-Noor Progresso Woodless Colored 24-Pencil set. These assorted colors contain vibrant, pigmented, solid color encased in lacquer. These pencils are five times the color as wood-cased pencils, and they feature excellent laydown properties for layering and blending without waxy buildup. They create denser and even strokes without the use of heavy pressure. They maintain excellent light permanency, producing vibrant, durable pieces of art. These coloring pencils are from the Czech Republic. Try Koh-I-Noor today and be the best in professional drawings and design.


  • Create dense and even strokes without the use of heavy pressure
  • Rich, pigmented, solid color encased in lacquer
  • Excellent laydown properties for layering and blending without waxy build up

5. Artist’s Choice

Artist’s Choice

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Are you considering purchasing watercolor pencils with a paintbrush? Then, Artist’s Choice coloring set is the way to go. As the name suggests, they are an artist’s fantasy in that they are a premium grade, water-soluble watercolor pencils. The different colors create a fantastic watercolor effect with brush and water. The soft core design creates a smooth color layer, perfect for blending and shading. With 72 different colors ranging from reds, greens, blues, yellows, and many others it has by far the thorough diverse set of colors and shades.

Storing the coloring pencils is one of the difficulties faced by artists. This, however, is not a problem for these color pencils as they have a convenient tri-folding carrying case. This practical compact design is perfect for storing in a desk, locker or backpack. Each pencil has its slot, and this keeps it in place when not in use. Imaging owning a product designed and developed entirely by artists? Unbelievable right! These pencils are designed to be used by all types of artists regardless if you are a professional, an amateur or even a beginner. This product is of high quality, and you are guaranteed to be completely satisfied with the product. To assure you of quality, in case of any flaw in this watercolor pencil set, or any other product, a free replacement or full refund.


  • Full range of color with 72 individual hues
  • Convenient tri-folding carrying case
  • Water-soluble watercolor pencils
  • Complete 100% manufacturer money back guarantee

4. Shuttle Art

Shuttle Art

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Welcome to the coloring world with Shuttle Art! Our brand is the very first to create 136 colored pencils, the most colors there is in the daily use and the economic market. These colors also include eight particular metallic colors produced with the gradually varied color sequence. The abundance of colors brightens your work and life and brings much fun. The objective is to let every art lover own an abundant coloring set for their artwork.

Shuttle Art artist team members are coloring fans too, and they know all the key points a good pencil should have. Top quality lead is selected, covered with wood and painted with vibrant colors on the outside. They are hardened to resist cracking cores and are great for coloring adult coloring books. The super smooth and thick leads are perfect for shading and shadows. These colors are safe in that they are acid-free and non-toxic. Have the heart to gift a friend an ideal present? Shuttle Art with their superior high-level PET box packing with trays inside for space and storing will serve as a perfect present. Friends, family, and children will be excited when they receive this gift. Shuttle Art provides more than 100% satisfaction guarantee to customers. They offer not only a refund but also a full, satisfied service.


  • Safety guaranteed
  • Color specification
  • High-level packaging- great as a gift
  • Superior quality

3. Prismacolor


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Enjoy the box of 150 assorted colored pencils courtesy of Prismacolor. From simple sketches to mosaic creations, this bundle of 150-pack colored pencils, sharpener, and eraser have you satisfied no matter what your newest production may be. The premium-colored pencils have elaborately saturated pigments and even color laydown for superior blending and shading. They also have thick, robust leads that resist cracking and chipping.

To make an assurance that the Prismacolor pencils are always sharp, use the Premier sharpener that features two blades whose material composition is premium steel. It has a translucent body, making it easy to see when it fills up and when to empty it.  Erasing all unwanted pencil marks and smudges has come with ease by using the Scholar latex-free eraser present. Featuring latex and PVC free design, this colored pencil eraser cleanly removes lines and other mistakes, without leaving behind smears or excessive dust. The triangle shape makes the eraser simple to grip. Both apprentice and professionals will indeed find Prismacolor useful while creating their masterpieces. Prices are also much moderated.


  • Soft and thick core
  • 2-Blade sharpener
  • 150 Premium colored pencils

2. Faber-Castel polychromos Color Pencils

Faber-Castel polychromos Color Pencils

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The Faber-Castels are premium pencils in that they have break resistant leads. The secure bonding process (SV) strengthens to resist breakage while providing sharp fine lines and excellent point retention. The thickness of the edges is 3.8mm, and they are water resistant, break resistant, smudge-proof permanent color and fade resistant.

These pencils are valued internationally by professionals and amateurs for their unsurpassed quality. The high-quality standards of the Polychromos colored pencils shine all through be it for graphics, musical freestyle or specific interpretation plans. They have a butterfly/vibrant easy to blend colors. This is helpful for layered effects, highlights and transitions. Polychromos have an oil-based technology lead for combining smoothly without the concern of waxy bloom resulting from wax-based color pencils. There is 60, 3.8mm artist-quality color pencils in a conveniently reusable tin. There are non-toxic, acid-free pigments in bright colors. These colors blend perfectly with graphite pencils.


  • Water resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • Smudge-proof
  • Acid-free
  • Permanent color

1. Artist’s Choice II

Artist’s Choice II

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Finally, we end our review with these fantastic artist’s choice coloring pencils. A set contains 120 unique and beautiful colors. The rainbow of shades includes red, blue, yellow, orange, black, white and many others. These coloring pencils are great for creative ideas which for example includes, printing, blending, hatching, highlighting, scumbling, stippling, layering, and burnishing. The incredibly smooth, soft and bold lead lays down perfect color every time. Artist’s choice is designed and developed by artists know how quality products should be. These pencils are designed to be used by all types of artists be it, professionals, amateurs or beginners and satisfaction is guaranteed. No batteries required. To sum up, there is a full 100% manufacturer money back guarantee in case of any issues in the colored pencil set. A free replacement or a full refund serves to ensure the quality of Artist’s Choice.


  • Full 100% manufacture money back guarantee
  • 120 unique and wonderful colors
  • High-quality lead
  • Artist’s choice


Make all your masterpieces artwork more alive and worthwhile by using the most excellent coloring pencils reviewed above. The fantastic paint brushes and pencils will add life to your drawing making it more lifelike and classy. Therefore to set your mind to piece, get a set or two from the many featured in our review of the top 10 best drawing pencils.

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