Dry bags, just like the name suggests, are supposed to keep your stuff dry even when you’re in a humid environment. Whether you’re going out for hiking or kayaking, arming yourself with a dry bag is an excellent idea. Unfortunately, even as most dry bag brands allege to have total waterproof-nes, only a few have stayed true to their word.

And yes, uncovering the best dry bags in a market full of options is an uphill task that requires extensive and thorough research.

To lend a helping hand in your endeavor to unravel the best brands, here are the list of the best in the market.

List of Top 10 Best Dry Bags in 2022

10. Adventure Lion Dry Bag

Adventure Lion Dry Bag Get it now on Amazon.com

Offering a maximum size of 40 litres, Adventure lion dry bag is one of the best products on the market. With a lifetime warranty thrown into the bargain to spice up your experience and give adequate assurance, no matter how harsh the environment is, this bag will withstand. Of course, 40 litres provide enough space for you to carry almost everything you might need as you go for your outdoor activities.

Being one of the toughest dry bags on the market, it’s considerably waterproof and even offers a waterproof guarantee. Boasting a roll top closure design for easy access of your items, this flexible and sufficiently soft dry bag is a must-have for any kayaking aficionado or hiking enthusiast.

  • It comes with dual straps for unmatched comfort.
  • It comes with two extra shoulder slings for a spontaneous movement.
  • Its sturdy handle makes transport a breeze.
  • It offers a lifetime warranty.
  • It isn’t completely waterproof, well, none is.

9. Såk Gear Dry Bag

Såk Gear Dry Bag Get it now on Amazon.com

Såk is yet another renowned brand on the market whose durability, flexibility and water-resistance are incredible. Coming with a rugged design, this high-quality dry bag is made from denier polyester and is vinyl coated for a sturdy and robust finish.

If you want to keep your gear safe and secure from all hazards, you can trust this dry bag to deliver on that.  It comes with a single splash-proof outer zip pocket which allows you to store your small essentials for easy access safely. And yes, with a reflective trim, spotting and retrieving it even in the darkest nights is a breeze.

  • It comes with adjustable and removable shoulder straps.
  • It offers 10 and 20-liter options.
  • It features a sleek and slim design for easy movement.
  • It offers money back guarantee.
  • A larger capacity would do, like 40 litres.

8. KastKing Dry Bag

KastKing Dry Bag Get it now on Amazon.com

KastKing is another well-known name on the market this year. Waterproof and snow proof, this dry bag ensures that your items stay safe and free from any form of hazard be it water or abrasion. And yes, it’s also dustproof and sand proof just in case you plan to take it with you to the beach. Whether you plan to go kayak fishing or canoeing, you can trust this bag to keep your stuff safe and secure.

And yes, in case you’re caught up in a downpour, this bag will ensure that your items are not affected. The see-through window panel adds to its unique design making it quite attractive.  Providing a unique water tight overlap roll top closure, you won’t have to worry about your items getting wet in case it falls in water.

  • It’s quite sturdy.
  • Cleaning it is easy.
  • It comes with adjustable and removable shoulder strap.
  • It floats when air is trapped inside it.
  • It roll top closure isn’t completely waterproof.

7. Odyssey Dry Bag

Odyssey Dry Bag

Get it now on Amazon.com

Odyssey is not a new name to most of us. Thoroughly tested and trusted by professionals, this dry bag offers waterproof guarantee which is a crystal clear proof that its performance is crescendo. Made from thick Thermo welded PVC tarpaulin, this bag boasts a lifetime of rugged and tough use.

Its strong and adjustable shoulder straps offer unmatched comfort as you carry it around. What’s more, it comes with a smartphone bag which can also be used for wallets or keys.

  • The size is convenient for regular outdoor activities.
  • The material is quite flexible.
  • It’s lightweight and compact.
  • The adjustable shoulder straps make it ideal for use.
  • It’s perfect for kayaking and regular use, but its size isn’t ideal for hiking.

6. Leader Accessories Dry Bag

Leader Accessories Dry Bag Get it now on Amazon.com

Made from heavy duty vinyl polyester material, this highly durable dry bag is another excellent option. With high-frequency seams and durable shoulder straps for easy movement, you’ll love it. And yes, it’s easy to clean and store given its flexible construction. Adequately waterproof, it’s can even be used for quick submersion as you travel or kayak.

Whether you want to go fishing, camping, hiking or snowboarding, there’s no better option than this incredible dry bag. And yes, it’s also dirt proof, dustproof, sand proof and water proof.

  • It offers an array of different colour options.
  • It comes with money back guarantee.
  • It offers numerous size options for convenience.
  • It doesn’t come with the shoulder strap which is an added expense.

5. The Friendly Swede dry bag

The Friendly Swede dry bag

Get it now on Amazon.com

This dry bag understands that we need to separate some things when we are going out for our outdoor activities. It brings two options so that you can choose to use one the basic stuff and the other one of the other things you might need.

This enhances access to your items since you won’t have to empty the entire bag just to get your towel out.  Made from top grade 500D PVC material for unmatched durability, water-resistance is guaranteed.

  • It’s double stitched for durability.
  • The bottom is scrim-reinforced for sufficient water resistance.
  • It floats when partially filled with water.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It’s a bit heavy.

4. Adventure Lion Dry Bags

Adventure Lion Dry Bags

Get it now on Amazon.com

Designed for every day’s experience, this dry bag introduces four different size options. The bags have years of durability and have been used over decades to ensure that one’s items stay safe and secured from water. Backed up by a lifetime warranty to ensure that you never have to worry about its durability, there’s no doubt that this bag is a must-have item.

If you want to completely secure your gear against dust, dirt, sand or water, this bag is your exact bet. What’s more, it comes with a waterproof guarantee to ensure that you don’t have your items destroyed at any given time.

  • The four sizes make it ideal for everyday use.
  • Its ergonomic design makes it perfect for transport.
  • It’s constructed with solid roll to closure for adequate safety.
  • It’s lightweight and compact.
  • It doesn’t have padding which means that you might have to devise a way to go about that.

3. Unigear Dry Bag

Unigear Dry Bag Get it now on Amazon.com

Lightweight and durable, Unigear dry bag offers proven and thoroughly tested protection of your gear against damage by water or any other causes. Suitable for quick submersion, it secures your valuables from dirt, dust, sand and water.

And yes, it offers waterproof guarantee as an assurance that you won’t have your items damaged at any given time. With adjustable and removable shoulder straps, carrying it around is a breeze. The shoulder straps are long and conveniently adjustable for easy transport.

  • It’s waterproof, snow proof and dirt proof.
  • It comes with an extra bag for phone and wallet.
  • The roll-top closure provides adequate protection.
  • The phone protector is a bit too slim.

2. Ultra Dry Bag

Ultra Dry Bag Get it now on Amazon.com

Ultra bag is another regular dry bag on the market. This product offers 100% water resistance and protects your items against dust, dirt and sand. Foul weather doesn’t have to be a deterrent to your fun anymore thanks to this high-quality dry bag which will guarantee complete safety of your items at any given time.

Light, strong and extremely sturdy, this comfortable to carry and puncture proof bag is what you need is you want to be assured of the safety of your phone, camera or clothes as you go hiking.

  • It comes with a phone case.
  • It has extra long shoulder straps.
  • It has a metal calliper for keys or to attach it to your kayak.
  • It offers lifetime warranty.
  • The phone case is an added expense.

1. Earth Pak Dry Bag

Earth Pak Dry Bag Get it now on Amazon.com

Finally, Earth Pak dry bag scoops the top position, thanks to its incredible performance, thumbs-up durability and a second to none flexibility. With an impressive rating and overwhelmingly positive review on Amazon, you can trust it.

Designed to last for years, this waterproof and sufficiently comfortable dry bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport. Coming in two sizes of 30 and 40 litres, it’s ideal for all outdoor activities.

  • It comes with a top quality phone case.
  • The duals sided transparent window allows you to take pictures without taking out your camera or phone.
  • The quality is unsurpassed.
  • The top stitching might need some improvement.

Factors to consider before purchasing a dry bag:


We all have various requirements when it comes to the size. Some people require several items while going for hiking or kayaking while others only go with the basics ones. For that reason, it’s advisable that you go for a size which is convenient for you. Of course, having an extra space doesn’t hurt at all!

The material

Depending on whether you want durability, lightweight or flexibility, you have to make a wise decision on which material to get. We have materials which offer unmatched durability while making you bear some extra weight and we have others which are lightweight but less durable. For instance, Vinyl provides unsurpassed durability but is quite heavy while Silnylon slashes the weight while sacrificing on durability. The ball is in your court!

The closure method

Dry bags have varied closure methods. Depending on how safe you want your items to be, you can choose between the roll top closure and then zipper closure. It’s important that you take this into consideration to avoid being disappointed. Of course, the closure will in one way or another affect the waterproof-ness, ease of access and several other factors.

The purpose

The intended use of your dry bag should also affect the choice you go for. If you plan to use it for kayaking where there’s constant expose to water and competitive environment, it’s advisable that you go for a dry bag whose waterproofness is top level and the durability is cutting edge. On the other hand, if you just want to use it to carry your stuff around during those drizzling days, perhaps a lightweight and flexible dry bag would do.

Waterproofness level

If you asked me if there’s a completely waterproof dry bag, I‘d blatantly say NO! Although this is my opinion, I have a feeling that waterproof should be replaced with water-resistant. At least, water resistant leaves a narrow window for trial and error.Having said that, it’s advisable that you approach the issue on waterproofness with a pinch of salt.  Dry bags are meant to protect your items against things like drizzling, splashing of water or waves. It’s not advisable that you submerge them with the notion that they are totally waterproof. However, you also have to consider their degree of water resistance.

Final Words

Finally, with all these options, getting the best product can never be a piece of cake. However, even as the competition remains stiff, there is something about each product which makes it unique. Whether you’re inspired by low price or top quality, there’s something for you. Only ensure that you go for what feels convenient for you.

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