Though the technology has given us a better way of delivering the message or any information to large audience, traditional erase board has not lost its place yet. It is still extremely popular in many important places such as school, meeting room, family etc.

List of Top 10 Best Dry Erase Boards in 2020.

10. Board Dudes 18″ x 24″ Magnetic Dry Erase Board


Black erase board has made it to be the first on our list today. This is a magnetic board with the size of 24″ x 18″. Serving as a great tool to display menu to all customers, notes for family members, companies, and school. Board dudes black board comes with medium point wet erase marker which will give a great experience on using black board. It’s time to switch to classic black board!

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9. XBoard 36 x 24 Inch Magnetic Dry Erase/Cork Combo Board


How about 2 in 1 this time? You are looking at one of greatest well-mixed boards available on sale. First off, this erase board is divided into 2 parts, magnetic dry-erase board on the left and self healing cork surface on the right. For magnetic side, it was built with anti-scratch surface which allows all type of dry erase markers to slide on very smoothly. On the other hand, the right part was built for pinning any paper or note without leaving the mark behind, and that is greatly used by many organizations for displaying memo.

The producers have balanced both great quality and safety in mind. Using the aluminum as a frame with ABS plastic corners to ensure that no pointed edge from the board will harm user. Marker tray is detachable, so you can have your markers next to wherever you want them to.

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8. U Brands Glass Dry Erase Board


Erase board with frame is too mainstream, how about the frameless one this time? Using glass as the surface, this one sure knows how to impress you. The black glass surface will leave no stain on the board not to mention the high contrast between black background and neon bright color from dry erase or wet erase marker which gives the perfect display. It is suitable for offer works, home notes, or any commercial announcement in public. You can mount it either vertically or horizontally at your own preference as it has no frame that allows multiple glass to form as a big black display board. Whether your erase marker is wet or dry, it does not matter with U Brands!

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7. Quartet Plastic Frame Stainless Steel Finish Magnetic Dry-Erase Board


Let’s see what this stainless steel erase board can do this time. Coming in with the size of 11 Inches x 17 Inches, this one can exist everywhere. To give a greater look for this board, the designer has put plastic graphite color frame to the board. You can mount it vertically or horizontally as Quartet brands has included self-stick pads for that flexibility. Both dry-erase marker and round magnet accessories are all included with the package. 60 days warranty on this board, you just could not ask for more!

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6. Ala Board 30012 Dry Erase Magnetic Weekly Calendar


Specially designed for weekly calendar, you will find this erase board on every important place. The overall dimension of this board is 11.75” W x 7.5” H with the weight of 5.9 Oz. Ala board is designed to be both dry and wet erase markers friendly, meaning that the only thing you need to care about is what to write on that. Keep in mind that the surface of this board is black attached with magnet back and accompanied by mix & match magnetic system for a better quality.

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5. Dry Erase Wall Decal, Anumit Self-Adhesive Wall Sticker Wall Paper Whiteboard

This removable and portable erase board has taken this traditional erase board to the new level! The measurement of this wall paper whiteboard is 78.74*17.7 inch (length*wide) which is ideal for writing note, making to do list, doing poster, playing game etc. Peel the back layer off and attach it onto the clean flat surface such as windows, mirrors, painted walls, wooden doors, countertops and this one is ready to go. With its mobility, you are going to see it around very often.

On a side note: avoid using it on power coated wall and any irregular wall.

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4. Coavas White Board Sticker, Peel and Stick Dry Erase Message Board Decal

another great wall paper whiteboard to be reckon with. Coavas white board sticker is here to challenge the traditional one! The size of this board sticker is 78.74*17.7 inch (L*W), and the thickness is 0.18mm. This white board sticker can be placed on various places such as curtain wall as a projector, and children desk for their free style drawing. Please take into account about where you should put this white board sticker and where you should not. The fitting surfaces are ceramic, smooth glass, metal, iron, wood, and usual painted wall while the surfaces you should avoid are rugged wallpaper, lime wall, ash wall, etc. It is time to change to something greater!

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3. Quartet Dry Erase Board, Whiteboard / White Board, Magnetic


This is one of the finest pieces of whiteboard that has ever existed! The dimension of the board is 17-inch x 23 inch and both vertical or horizontal placement on the way are perfectly fine. With two type of frames to choose, you can have either black or wooden frame to suit your decoration. Quartet will deliver one of the greatest experience of using whiteboard to you as it has dry-erase board for a smooth writing along with magnetic bulletin board which is best for light usage. Don’t miss this one!

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2. VIZ-PRO Magnetic Dry Erase Board


VIZ-PRO just took us back to the good old day of classic whiteboard. Despite its classic look like ordinary whiteboard, it is definitely one of the best whiteboard you have ever seen. Let’s look at the size of the board, with 36 X 24 Inches, this is big enough to have everything you need to deliver. The surface is super smooth and very sturdy. Aluminum frame with ABS plastic corner with screw-fixing in the coeners, both safety and durability are in good hands. Vertical or horizontal, just do it your way!

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1. U Brands Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board best-seller


Finally, let’s get it done with this list. With U Brand as our number one, we can sense something great out of this product. The first impression on this model is that you get to customize your erase board by just adding a little bit more to get marker clip to snap it onto any side of the frame. It comes with the size of 11 x 0.9 x 14.8 inches which is very suitable for office use, family and school. Built in with magnetic dry erase surface, this surely is a durable one, and the double sided Velcro mounting strips to have it mounts on every surface. Countoured marker cap is designed to protect the marker from falling off any flat surface or tray.

Moreover, Pin-It cork magnet allows push pin to use it anywhere on this board. Any dry erase markers are fine with this board, but if you want to get it done right, try U Brands marker. 100% guarantee satisfaction!

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The top 10 best dry erase boards that we have just presented are not based on our own preference. It involves careful selection these from the recent best selling products on the market to ensure that everything you get is worth every penny.

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