Almost every office and classroom have a dry erase board these days. Dry erase boards offer many advantages over the classic chalkboard, including less mess and fuss, cleaner lines, and cost. However, whiteboards have no use without markers to write on them. Dry-erase markers offer a versatility that cannot be found with chalk, including the ability to write on many surfaces, whiteboard, glass, and porcelain.

Additionally, whiteboard markers can be found everywhere. While making dry erase markers incredibly conveniently, these options can make it hard to choose which marker is the best market on the market. That is why we have organized a list of the top 15 best dry erase markers of 2022.

List of Best Dry Erase Markers Reviews in 2022

Best Dry Erase Markers Reviews in 2022

15. Avery 24411 MARK A LOT Desk-Style Dry Erase Marker

Marks-A-Lot Dry Erase Marker Set, Assorted Colors

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Marks-A-Lot markers have a chisel tip, making them a great tool when you want to switch between fine and thick lines without switching between markers. The ink they use comes off clean with either an eraser or a cloth, helping to keep your surface clean and minimizing the amount of spraying and wiping that you have to do.

14. Modern-twist Kidz Dry-Erase Markers in Assorted Colors, Set of 6

Modern-twist Kidz Dry-Erase Markers in Assorted Colors

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Sold in sets of six, Modern-Twist Kidz dry erase markers come in a wide array of colors. Moreover, they are made from recycled materials which are great for the environment, so you can use your markers guilt free! The colors are vivid and the ink is specially formulated so they can be rejuvenated by sticking the tip in rubbing alcohol, which saves time and money.

13. EXPO Whiteboard liquid cleaner and marker

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A new and improved product from EXPO is ideal for different environments. Whether inside a classroom, conference room or on a kid’s mini-board, this whiteboard cleaner completes its job with ease. Its unique odorless formula is non-toxic and complies with the standards. The complete set contains one unit of EXPO spray, one unit of the dry eraser and four units of chisels. Additionally, the manufacturer also provides 5 color flag sets which can be used in notes, reminders, or bookmarks. The method to use is easy. One has to apply the spray first, which removes any shadow, grease, or mark.  Eraser removes the mark on the board or any porcelain surface. Four sets of colors combination are useful for any purpose. This product is a value for money.

12. Shuttle Art Dry Erase markers

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If any individual has a vibrant mind then these markers are ideal for them. These markers promise a wide of color combination ranging from dark brown to light pink and from parrot green to sky blue. Its versatile chisel tip is ideal for making any kind of line with elegance and ease. Now anyone can show off their creativity on the whiteboard without any hesitation of allergies or illness because these are xylene and toluene making them different from others. These are suitable for both adults and children and dries off quickly on application. It can be wiped off by any piece of cloth or an eraser. The peculiarity of the eraser is that it is magnetic and hence can stick to any metallic surface. Buying this product will provide satisfaction to users.

11. June gold dry Erase Markers

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This product is a combination of longevity and variety. These markers can be used on any occasion. From board meeting to art class, just name the occasion and this product will accommodate itself there. The main weapon of this marker which makes it unique is the ergonomic design with a dedicated grip for smooth and elegant writing. The body of this marker is perfectly sealed which prevents ink leakage hence can be kept in any position. The ink tank is a bit wider than another competitor which further adds to the reason for buying these. The chisel point design provides a consistent flow of perfectly formulated ink. These inks comply with the industrial standards and are harmless for adults and children. 39 assorted color marker with 13 color shades promises better longevity than its competitors.

10. Artellius Fine Point Dry Erase Markers  Dry Erase Markers

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If one ever worries about the refill of the marker, then they should definitely buy this product from Artellius. The packaging of the marker is in accordance with the longer use. It has 12 different colors and 3 markers for each shade with 7 for black. Despite being a premium and an odorless marker that is not toxic, the main specialty of this marker is its chisel. The specially designed chisels are consistent in every angle which means that one doesn’t have to rotate or reposition the tip of the marker for a consistent mark. These specifications help this marker to deliver its perfection even on non-porous surfaces like mirrors, plastics, glass. Artellius dry ease markers are highly recommended for classrooms and homes where the need for variety and longevity is always required. Easy returns and refund policies are also applicable to this product.

9. Arteza Dry Erase Markers

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This bulk set of the marker can cater to every organization’s needs. It has 52 markers of different shade which eliminated the need for buying markers regularly for official use.  Arteza is providing quality with quantity. One doesn’t need to worry about the quality of the ink as it is tested and is up to standards. The ink doesn’t have any strong odor and the colors are vivid. The ink is completely washable and can be washed with any dry easer or any piece of cloth. The ink can easily penetrate into any non-porous surface like a mirror, plastic or glass. The ink is specially formulated to provide a different writing experience with smear-proof and rub-resistant ink. The ink gets completely cleaned after a wipe. Arteza markers are ideal for bulk usage in large offices and schools.

8. Crayola Washable Dry Erase Markers

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As the product name suggests, the marker is washable and it doesn’t stain hands or clothes. These markers are perfect for toddlers of 3 years and up. The difference of Crayola and other markers is that they are available in different ranges.  The fine line Crayola markers are not only perfect for writing on different surfaces but also are equally good for writing on rugged surfaces like clothes. The ink colors are bold and bright which increases the contrast, in comparison to its competitors.  The best part of these markers is their washability. It doesn’t affect the skin of the toddler and their clothes. It can be washed after completion. Crayola is a household name hence it is reliable.  Crayola is a must buy marker if any parent worries about their children. See also: Best Dart Boards in 2022

7. U Brands Low Odor Magnetic Dry Erase Markers With Erasers, Medium Point, Assorted Colors, 6-Count

U Brands Low Odor Magnetic Dry Erase Markers With Erasers

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U-Brand dry-erase markers offer several innovations on the standard dry erase marker. They come with a built-in magnetic strip which allows them to be attached to the surface that they will be used on. No more searching for the place you left your marker! Furthermore, U-Brand markers come complete with a felt tipped cap to be used as an eraser, eliminating the need to keep an extra cloth around or wind up with multicolored stains on your hands.

6. Board Dudes Dry Erase Markers

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Board Dude markers can be used in any environment. They have a low odor with formulated ink which provides better viewing distance. The most unique specification of this market is that it has an ergonomic design; it has a clip on this cap that can easily be attached to boards and shirts. It has got a decent amount of it. The design of this marker makes it more attractive nonetheless it is similar to other markers. They can be cleaned by any piece of cloth or eraser. These markers are affordable than their counterparts but lack a certain feature.

5. Quartet Dry Erase Markers, EnduraGlide, Chisel Tip, BOLD COLOR, Assorted Colors, 4 Pack (5001M)
Quartet Dry Erase Markers, EnduraGlide

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Featuring a chisel tip and bright bold colors, Quartet dry-erase markers are one of the leading brands. Quartet markers come in a wide array of colors which make them great for displaying complicated diagrams or organizing notes on a personal whiteboard. What sets them apart from other markers is the see-through ink gauge so there is never any question how much ink you have left.

4. EXPO Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

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Another innovative and improved product from EXPO is giving tough competition to other competitors like Board Dudes and Shuttle Art because it has a combination of both ergonomic design and magnetic surface.  It has an integrated magnet which sticks to the metallic surface. It has an in-built eraser that means no need to buy a separate eraser.  The fine tip is great for marking minute details. The ink is bold and quickly dries under any circumstance.  A set of 8 assorted colors provide a vibrant medium for showing creativity. This new product is a revolution in the field of the marker.  EXPO once again has proved its commitment to developing new products for the younger generation. These are beneficial for toddlers and children because they lose things very frequently. This product is a must buy if any parent wants to inculcate creativity in their children.

3. ZenZoi Dry Erase Markers Whiteboard Erasable Marker Pens Set

 ZenZoi Dry Erase Markers Whiteboard Erasable Marker Pens Set

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Made from 100% recycled materials, Zenzoi is the cutting edge of dry erase marker development. Coming in a pack of 13 colors, ZenZoi markers feature a chisel top for supreme control over the thickness of lines while at the same time offering versatility for a given marker, so no need to carry markers with multiple tip thicknesses. Finally, in addition to providing the means to create beautiful art, ZenZoi markers are sleek and stylish, acting as art themselves.

2. EXPO low odour Dry Ease Markers

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EXPO is delivering many quality products for many years. These markers are one of them. Its special formulated ink can write even on rugged surfaces like clothes. Girls can now show their fashion skills through these markers.  The intense colors are noticeable from a distance.  It is ideal for big classrooms and auditoriums where larger coverage is required. They are available in exciting colors which can elevate the hidden child inside anyone.  They are easy to store, thanks to their easy-on-the-nose caps. Anyone who is willing to relive their childhood can use these attractive and colorful markers. It is ideal for children because of the certifications it has got.  The ink has got bright and vivid color, which is expected from EXPO. This product surely matches the standard and is a value for money.

1. EXPO Wet Erase Markers

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Another quality product from EXPO has made an entry into this list. EXPO vis-a-vis marker is a revolutionary product. Its intense ink is ideal for an overhead projector, transparencies, and all other types of films including acetates. These are a must-buy for office workers and owners. It doesn’t fade away under intense lamp or light of the projector. Although the ink is powerful but can be removed with a damp cloth. The tip is durable and precise and can be used on hard surfaces without causing any significant harm. The ink provides clearer and sharper images. Most products on this list are from EXPO, hence it is one of the most trusted and reputed brand available and so is this product. Vis-a-vis wet erase overhead marker is one of the best markers available in the market.

Advantages of dry erase markers

There are several advantages of using dry erase markers. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Dry erase markers don’t make a mess like the chalks were used to make.
  2. They also don’t make harsh noises like chalks which are very irritating and horrific for some people.
  3. They are very easy to wipe with a piece of cloth or whiteboard eraser compared to the wet erase markers as the silicon polymer makes the ink of dry erase marker slippery so it does not come in direct contact with the surface.
  4. They reduce the chances of ghosting as they get easily wiped off the board.
  5. They are very convenient to use and are not easily misplaced.
  6. They are easy to carry compared to chalk as chalk can make a mess where they are kept.

Disadvantages of dry erase markers

Dry erase markers also come with some of the demerits. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Dry erase markers contain chemicals which give bad odor and some people may not like to use it due to that smell.
  2. The shopkeepers which hang a board outside their shop and write information about the products they keep will try to avoid the dry erase markers because the ink can easily be erased if someone bumps into the board.
  3. If they are not erased regularly, they can cause chemical build up on the whiteboard or any other surface where the marker is used and can stain the non-porous surface if not carefully used.


Dry erase markers are the best type of markers for the whiteboards. They were invented in the mid-1990s. They contain different polymer than the permanent markers. An oily silicone polymer is used in dry erase markers and because of it, they can easily be erased by the user.

There are several merits of using dry erase markers. They are very convenient to use and don’t make harsh noises like some of the chalks. And they also don’t make a mess like the chalks are used to make. They are very easy to wipe from the surface where it has been used. The chances of ghosting (residues left on the board even after erasing) are also reduced.

They also come with some of the disadvantages. These markers contain some chemicals which have a very bad odor and some people may try to avoid using these markers for this reason. They can easily be erased if someone bumps into it, so it is not convenient for shop-owners to write on boards outside their shops. The biggest disadvantage of dry erase markers is that if it is not erased frequently, the chemical it contains can have a bad effect on the board on which it has been used.

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3 thoughts on “Top 15 Best Dry Erase Markers Reviews in 2022

  1. The Expo dry erase maker worked very well. The best is there wasn’t a strong smell as claimed. The big eraser worked well for my grandson who is three years old. We would purchase this item again.

  2. What i love about Board Dudes SRX Magnetic Dry Erase Markers is that the magnet is very strong. I bought the 6 pack set. I these to write on a monthly whiteboard and a blank whiteboard on my fridge.

    I did some research and this is one the best options for me. These markers have eraser tips! Therefore, I don’t have to spend money on a market eraser. Plus, the markers are easily to clean with no stain on my whiteboard. It is fine point so it’s easy to write.

    The con is the the colors are not bright enough but it gets the job done.

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