Today, when can foods are largely preferred by most of the population, the electrical can openers on Amazon are a great discovery helping to make the work easier. Nowadays, canned fruits, vegetables, noodles, fishes, meat etc. are available in the market. People prefer canned food because these are easy to store and can be used whenever wanted. Opening these cans manually could be painful and may harm our hands and the manual can openers also take some time in opening the cans.

In order to overcome all these difficulties, electric can openers were created and they have become quite popular amongst the people as they provide amazing and fast service at an affordable price. The customers have a huge no. of choices in can openers online. We have made this work easier by listing the top ten electric can openers available on Amazon. You can choose the best one suiting your requirement.

Top 10 Best Electric Can Openers Reviews

10. Brand New Electric Can Opener


In this can opener by Cuisinart, the manufacturers have tried to bring style, power, and convenience together so that the product performs efficiently along with good looks and low power consumption. The appliance fits perfectly with the other top-end appliances due to its elegant contours and chrome accents making it look more stylish. The opener has a removable lever with a power cut blade and very strong magnetic lid holder to take out the can lid. The lever can be easily removed from the opener while cleanups.

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9. Oster Electric Can Opener


This can opener by Oster made up of stainless steel is a product designed to open any kind of food cans effortlessly. The opener performs a hands-free operation so that we do not have any chance of getting harm by the sharp corners. The opener exhibits power-pierce cutting mechanism and has a powerful magnetic lid lifter making the process much easier. The can opener shuts down automatically when not in use and utilizes very minimal electricity. The opener can also be used as an integrated bottle opener.

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8. Proctor-Silex Can Opener in Black color


This durable and affordable can opener works as a great time-saver for all the busy kitchens. The opener saves much of energy and uses the minimal amount of electricity possible. These openers by Proctor-Silex are quite powerful and can effortlessly open tall cans too. The opener has a twist-off cutting lever that can be easily removed at the time of cleaning up the opener. The opener also has a knife sharpener attached to it and contains the space for its cord storage within. The electric can opener shut off by itself when not in use.

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7. BangRui Smooth Can Opener


This efficient can opener starts one a single button push. You just need to press a button and the can opener will remove the cover from the can. The in-built lever of the electric can opener has a soft edge so that it does not hurt your hands by anyway. The can be easily covered again with the same cover in case you want to store the leftover food in the can. It has a strong motor that is powered by 4 AA batteries. The slim design of the opener makes it easy to handle and the plastic material lowers the weight of the product.

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6. Electric Restaurant can opener


The product suits any hard to open jar or bottle. You just have to put the opener on the guide marks of the jar or the bottle and then push a single button to open it. The product is frequently bought to be used in restaurants and other places where saving time is the main priority. The opener can be easily used for large sized can or bottles and rotates around the edges of the can automatically.

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5. Hamilton Electric Can Opener


This can opener by Hamilton Beach has a die-cast metal cutter which is suitable to cut the can tops of any size of cans or jars. The opener can be used for bottles and other things too. The opener has a red color which is quite popular amongst the customers as it looks very stylish. The stainless steel material and heavy-duty metal cutter of the electric can opener makes it a great choice for the customers. The opener is completely dishwasher safe and the lid can be easily removed while washing.

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4. Cuisinart Deluxe Can Opener


Cuisinart brings style and power together when it comes to product manufacture. This electric can opener by Cuisinart has a precision power cut blade which suits all kinds of cans with all sizes and can be used for bottles too. The can opener has a simple press and releases lever for easy opening. The extra wide base of the opener prevents any tipping or sliding of the body while cutting the edges. The magnetic lid holder has a strong magnetic field which removes the top effortlessly and the design is also very easy to handle. The blades and the lever can be easily removed while washing the device.

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3. BLACK+DECKER Can Opener


This multipurpose can opener has a power pierce cutter that helps in cutting the top of any size of cans easily. The opener can be used for cutting plastic bags, opening bottles and sharpening the knives. The opener has a compact design and sleek look with a built-in cord holder for added convenience. The cutter shuts off automatically when not in use. The opener has a swing open door for more expedient use and covers very less space of your countertop which means it saves time, money and space altogether.

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2. Hamilton Heavyweight Can Opener


This ready to use can opener will help you out in saving some time in your daily work by helping in opening all kinds of cans and bottles effortlessly along with the functionality of sharpening knives. The opener has a removable and washable cutting unit and the high tech method used in manufacturing the can by Hamilton Beach makes it efficient of cutting and opening the cans for the first time. The can opener works like a knife sharpener too and will shut down automatically when not being used. The small design and cord storage of the opener make it easy to handle.

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1. Hamilton Touch Can Opener

Electric Can Openers

What’s better than a can opener that can work as both, a bottle opener as well as a knife sharpener at the same time? This opener by Hamilton Beach does it all. You can cut off the tops of the most solid cans easily and effortlessly. The blade of the can opener is designed in such a way that it prevents any splashing or tipping out of the food out of the can and automatically rotates around the whole top. The appliance will help in maintaining the class of your kitchen and the sleek chrome black design of the cutter makes it popular amongst the buyers.

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