When you are on a picnic or casual outing with your friends or family, its common practice to pack food with you. Sharing your home cooked meal among the loved ones always gives a much greater experience than buying food from vendors along the way. But the main concern that keeps people from packing their own food on trips is that no matter how well you prepare them, you will be left with cold food when you get to your destination. The same happens when you bring food to your office. Food going cold just makes the experience dull. There is a certain joy when you have a steaming lunch in the middle of your day. But now we bring you the best electric heated lunch boxes so that you will never have to have your lunch cold.

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List of  Top 10 Best Electric Heated Lunch Boxes 2020

10. Kabalo Electric Electronic Heated Portable Compact FOOD WARMER Lunch Bento Box 12V Car Adapter

Electric Electronic Heated Portable Compact FOOD WARMER Lunch

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The Kabalo electric food warmer is one of the most affordable heated lunchboxes available in the market. The housing is of a plastic build, and the overall look of the product is charming. The color combination of the product also plays a large role in the overall visual aesthetics. The dimension of the product makes it easy to carry and store. The thermal resistant handle makes it easy to carry and hold. It has a car adapter friendly socket that helps you to use it while traveling.

9) Ieasycan Electric Removable Heated Stainless Container LunchBox Set Food Warmer

Electric Removable Stainless Container Heated Car Plug

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Ieasycan electric lunch Box comes with a car-friendly power adapter and a removable stainless container so that it’s super easy to wash and clean. Also, the trays inside the lunch box can be taken apart separately. This helps in separating different dishes and keeping them separate. The product uses an eco-friendly PTC double mode heater that warms up the food equally from all sides. Also if you don’t like the product or are unsatisfied with its performance, you can get a refund or replacement in 30 days!

8) TKSTAR Mini Electric Lunch Box Heating Device

Mini Electric Lunch Box Portable Rice Cooker Steamer

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The TKSTAR Mini electric heated lunch box offer 820ml of total storage space. The construction of the shell of the product is done using PP food grade material. The stainless steel storage space is split into three compartments. The base contains the heating unit. The electric heating unit keeps the food warm and does not create cold or hot stops. Also, the container is removable into three layers. This helps in easy washing and cleaning of the product.

7) GlobalCareMarket Electric Heating Lunch Box

Electric Heating Lunch Box

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GlobalCareMarket’s heated lunch box comes with three storage compartments. The product also includes a spoon and fork within the package itself. The construction of the lunch box is done from food grade plastic, and the container is of stainless steel. The power adapter is car charger friendly, and the product has temperature-resistant handles to help in the easy handling of the lunch box. The heating is done evenly so that the temperature gets around much more evenly and quickly.

6) TAYAMA EBH-01 Electric Heating Lunch Box

Electric Heating Lunch Box

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The TAYAMA EBH-01 heated electric lunch box uses food grade plastic for the housing as well as the construction of the storage boxes. The lunchbox comes included with a spoon for easy consumption of your food. The device uses a PTC heating element to give you an even heating inside the container. One drawback you can say about this product is that the divider in the container is permanent. It can’t be removed and stays fixed.

5) WHOSEE Portable Electric Heating Lunch Box

Car Use Electric Heating Lunch Box

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This product comes with a power adapter that fits directly into your car’s power socket. It has sturdy build quality with food grade PP plastic and a handle that helps in portability. The construction is made in such a way that no heat escapes around the lid. This product has two compartments, and the separator cannot be removed. Also, the lid has a small storage space built right into it so that it can hold a spoon and fork with ease. The heater takes about 20 to 30 minutes to reheat the contents fully.

4) Triprel Inc. Light Weight 1.5 Liter Electric Heated Lunch Box Food Warmer

Light Weight 1.5 Liter Electric Heated Lunch Box

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This product comes as one of the lightweight additions to the list. The construction is done by lightweight food grade plastics. Also one of the containers has a separate lid so that you can preserve its aroma even when you are on the move. The box can carry 1.5 liters worth of content and is very easy to handle. The stainless steel container helps in keeping the food warm and helps in even heating of the contents. The product comes with a handle that helps in easy transportation of the product.

3) USB Charging Electric Lunch Box with Car Charging Function, Stainless Steel Liner by Global Care Market

USB Charging Electric Lunch Box with Car Charging

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This product from GlobalCareMarket gives you a USB charger in addition to the power charger so that you can use the heater lunch box in any car. This product can hold 1 liter worth of contents with ease. The compact design of the product allows for easy transport, and it can be easily carried by itself without the need for any additional baggage due to its carry handle.

2) Taipove Electric 110V/1.05L Heating Lunch Box

Electric 110V/1.05L Heating Lunch Box

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The Taipove Electric heating lunch box uses PTC heating solution to heat food evenly all around the container. The outer shell is made of non-toxic, odor-free PP plastic material. The product does not create any hot or cold spots on the outer shell. The product also comes with a spoon and exhaust vent to keep the food at optimum temperature level.

1. HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven

HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven-Electric Heated Lunch Boxes

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The product that steals the first spot is HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven, and for a good reason, it is the most versatile out of this list. It uses a heating platform to heat the food while the whole setup is placed inside a high heat retention box. The aluminum lining is used to keep the right amount of heat inside the container. It uses less energy than a microwave but produces similar results. Also with this option, you can place any type of containers on top of it never worry about fitting everything into something that comes with the package.

This concludes our top ten picks on the best electric heated lunch boxes of 2020. Now you don’t have to rely on fast food or restaurants to get steaming lunch for the day. With our picks, you can enjoy home cooked meals fresh anywhere at any time.

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