The kitchen is by far one of the most important aspects of the home today. One of the main aspects of a good kitchen is that it should have the appropriate food preparation resources. This makes it simple to prepare meals for the entire family or perhaps for individual needs. For this reason, we recommend the best electric slide-in ranges as the perfect place for you to start. Generally, these types of ranges are designed to be compact and simple to install. More so, the brands we have outlined below are available with high-quality additional features for an unrivaled cooking experience each time. They include:

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List Of Top 10 Best Electric Slide-in Ranges in 2021

10. Cosmo Slide-In Free-standing Dual Fuel Range

Cosmo DFR304

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30 inches (0.76 m) is all you need to fit this slide-in range inside your kitchen counters. It comes with 4 Italian made burners that produce roughly between, 4,200 and 18,000 BTU. No matter which burner you use, you have the power.

4 oven options make sure you have the baking capacity you want. You can be flexible and cook up some great dinner masterpieces. Made from industrial corrosion-resistant stainless steel, you have one powerful stove that lasts for a long time.

Nickel-plated knobs and the stainless steel handle upgrade your kitchen look immensely.

9. LG Stainless Steel Smoothtop Electric Slide-In Ranges

LG LSSE3026STStudio

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No need to worry about burners, this smooth top range is as smooth as glass. You can clean it up without the hassle of removing parts or banging the burners. On top of that, you get a nice warming drawer to keep food hot when your family is late to the dinner table.

Measuring 30 by 37 by 29 inches (0.74 m) approx. You can cook some great meals on top of this range. With the digital display, you can see your settings and how much cooking time is left with ease. Infrared heating gets your food hot quickly without the wait time of electricity.

8. Frigidaire Freestanding Electric Slide-In Ranges

Frigidaire FFEH3054US

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Cooking gourmet meals with the 5 burners on this 30 inch (0.76 m) range is not going to be hard at all. With the extra burners, you can keep an eye on everything and make sure each course is done to perfection.

A touchpad control panel assists the knobs while reminding you of the timer setting. Air vents are at the back of your new range to help keep the steam and smoke out of your way.

5 metal knobs and one nice metal handle make your kitchen look even better than it did before. A bottom drawer is there if you need it.

7. GE Smoothtop Cooktop Electric Slide-In Ranges


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Everything is on top of this range for ease of access. Its smooth top comes with 4 burners to make sure you have the cooking elements you need. 9 heat settings per burner make sure you have the temperature options you need.

A self-cleaning option gives you a break on the cleaning chores. In addition to that, the touch screen control panel handles the oven operation. Just a slight touch of your finger and you are baking, etc.

Everything is easy on this 5.3 cubic ft (0.15 m³). Range. Your cooking skills should be given a boost once you use this device.

6. Electrolux Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Ranges

Electrolux EI30EF45QSIQ

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On this smooth top 30 inches (0.76 m) range, just a touch should do it. One finger can handle most of the cooking elements and oven. Your cooking and baking success depends on how you use that finger.

5 heat radiant elements handle the cooking part. A warming drawer keeps your food nice and warm and the different self-cleaning functions let you rest after a hard day slaving over a hot stove.

2 controls handle the warmer drawer’s heating sequence. Your food stays hot and healthy when dinner is being delayed. Your food should always stay hot fresh and healthy with this slide-in range.

5. GE Electric Smoothtop Range


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This traditionally designed smooth top range has the controls at the back of the stove. They are easy to reach and use. Plus, you have an easy-to-use control panel that helps to make sure your food stays unburned.

Once you open the oven door, you have 2 oven racks that can be placed in any one of 6 positions. That gives you great baking or roasting options. 4 heating elements give you the room to maneuver while you prepare your specialty.

A full-width drawer is removable but when it is in your range you get extra storage space.

4. Cosmo Commercial-Style Single Dual Fuel Range

 Cosmo COS-F965NF

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6 elements and 7 knobs. The extra knob is for, of course, your new oven. For the other 6 make sure you have the heat you want when you want it. Each burner has its own BTU range giving you the heat options to make those special sauces you like.

A high-performance burner is dedicated to boiling and other high heat necessities. Then a cooling system helps take the heat away from the surface of the oven. Its small display screen keeps you informed of what is happening.

Knobs need to be pushed first then turned so children don’t play with fire.

3. GE Sealed Burner Cooktop


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Grates can be cleaned in the dishwasher to make clean up a snap. After you put them back in the position you have a center grill that can cook food or keep it warm. Once everything is in place, the sky is the limit when it comes to cooking.

Easy to use burner knobs and control panel make sure you do not make mistakes when it comes to creating your dinners. Also, you have self-cleaning options to keep your cleaning time to a minimum

A storage drawer at the bottom keeps your cooking pots and pans close at hand. They are ready when you need them.

2. GE Electric Smoothtop Double Oven Range

GE PB960SJSS Electric

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Forget knobs. Everything is a touch screen on this top side in range. It has a button for every burner and feature built into this top of the line slide-in range. The controls are on the back to make sure your small children do not hurt themselves when they get curious about your stove.

A delay baking option lets you preset the oven and it will start even when you are at work. You save time and get hot fresh food when you want it. 5 elements also provide the pot and pan space you need for your special dinners.

1. GE Electric Smoothtop Range Cooktop

 GE PS960BLTS Electric

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When you are busy in other parts of the house, etc., you can still use this oven. Its wireless capability lets you turn to your smartphone to start your oven and do what you need to do. The control panel is a touch screen for more convenience.

On top of that, you get long-lasting baking racks that should be able to be adjusted to fit what you are making inside. Clean them the same time you clean your oven. The smooth top makes cleaning the stove just as easy.

Our buying guide

With a lot of slides in ranges on the market today, you may need a few tips to guide you to the top 10 best electric slide-in range in 2021. Here are some of those tips to guide your search:

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1. Brands

Go with the top brands. These companies generally make the best ranges and have a reputation for quality to protect. The top brands should also have better customer service and can get parts or repairs to you a lot faster.

2. Repairs

When you go looking for parts it is always easier to find them for the top brands. The off-market brands may be a bit more inexpensive when it comes to slide-in ranges but their parts may be harder to get, it may be harder to find a repairman and customer service may not be there when you need it.

3. Features

Normally we would say the more the merrier but when it comes to cooking, you want those features that help your cooking and not make your cooking time confusing or hard to do. Be selective and make sure the range has what you need.

4. Stovetop

This is up to your preference. Each style of stovetop has its good and bad points and you may be more comfortable with one than the other. A smooth top is always easier to clean but may be more fragile. The grate system is durable, easy to use, and protects your burners. The grate system has the best edge here but it is up to you and your family situation which one you go with.

5. Controls

As technology advances so do the upgrades. Slide-in ranges are not like your mother’s or grandmother’s and you have a lot of different controls to master than they did. Touchscreens are nice, but they can lead to accidental operation when small kids are around. Controls on the back of the stove help prevent accidents from taking place.

6. Ovens

Adjustable racks are a necessity when it comes t baking make sure you have enough slots to move those racks into the positions you need them in. Then check to see how many heat options you have. This is where the more the merrier comes in. You want an oven with the most heat settings to meet your baking needs.

7. Drawer

A warming drawer or a storage drawer are your options.  Go with the one you want as both serve vital functions and can save you in time or from cold food.

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