Investing in a quality electric wheelchair would give you the much-needed mobility than any regular wheelchair. Buying one of the best electric wheelchairs of 2020 would not just give you better maneuverability but also allow you a chance to go outdoors more often. If you are trying to find out which are the best wheelchairs of the year then keep reading this article where we are going to provide you with brief reviews of all the top wheelchairs of 2020.

List of  Top 10 Best Electric Wheelchairs 2020

10. Lightweight Electric Wheelchair Portable Medical Scooter (Best folding wheelchair)

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

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This multipurpose electric wheelchair comes with a sturdy foldable chair crafted out of aluminum alloy. The seat of the wheelchair is breathable and the back cushions ensure maximum comfort. The handrails are detachable so that you can use it as a transport wheelchair on simply detaching the handrail. It includes two types of a brake system, electric and manual and you can install the controller on either side of the handrail. You can use it either as an electric wheelchair or as a hand-pushed wheelchair according to your convenience.

9. Forcemech Power Wheelchair- Voyager

Forcemech Power Wheelchair

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One of the bestselling power wheelchairs of our time, the Forcemech can be easily folded up and tucked away. Made out of the top grade aluminum alloy, this lightweight wheelchair comes with 2 10 Ah lithium-ion batteries which allow it to run for at least 25 miles. The high-efficiency motors along with the magnetic brake system would give you the smoothest ride whenever you hit the road. The wheels are made from tough polyurethane which ensures that you never experience a flat wheel even when you ride on the roughest terrain.

8. Foldawheel PW 1000XL Power Chair

Foldawheel PW-1000XL Power Chair

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One of the most sophisticated lightweight wheelchairs of 2020, this heavy duty power wheelchair is ideal for the heavy set users. You will be able to open or fold it up within a fraction of a second and the polymer ion batteries gives you a speed of up to 8 kmph. The ample 19 inches space between the handrails would support users with a weight of up to 330 lbs. The big 10 inches rear tires come with the 4-inch suspension to give you a relaxed ride on all terrains. The joystick controller is attached with an easy to detach connector for easy detachability during plane rides. Manufactured by Wheelchair 88- the Foldawheel comes with a global warranty so that you never get in trouble with your chair no matter where you’re going.

7. Upgraded Compact Mid- Power Wheelchair

Upgraded Compact Mid - Wheel Power Chair

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This nicely upholstered wheelchair is extremely easy to operate and comes with a seat width of 19 inches. Suitable for heavy set users, the Upgraded Compact Mid even includes a safety belt and adjustable headrest for maximum comfort. You will be able to adjust the height and width of the armrests and footplates for an absolutely hassle-free outdoor experience.

6. Comfy Go Power Mobility Scooter with 4 Wheels

Comfy Go Electric Compact Transportable Power Mobility Scooter

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Available in 3 different colors (yellow, red and blue) the Comfy Go Mobility Scooter is a one of a kind wheelchair which is equipped with anti-tip wheels which are non-marking. The padded 360-degree swivel seat, the armrests, and the backrest can be adjusted according to the convenience of the user. One of the top features of this wheelchair is that it comes with an ignition key and gives you a climbing angle of 6 degrees and a turning radius of 47.24 inches. Ideal for use on all kinds of terrain this power scooter is also extremely easy to disassemble.

5. Forcemech Voyager R2 Ultra-Portable Power Wheelchair

Forcemech Power Wheelchair

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The new and upgrader Voyager R2 by Forcemech is an ultraportable power wheelchair which can accommodate users of up to 265 lbs. The 2 6.6 Ah Lithium batteries would run for at least 16 miles on full charge. The ergonomic design of this unit would give you the maximum comfort on the road, while the anti-tipping rollers would ensure that it can be easily slid away while storing. The wheels have a superior quality metal alloy core for enhanced integrity and the shock absorption springs in the front would further enhance your riding experience.

4. 2020 New electric wheelchair, 50lb with battery

2020 NEW electric wheelchair

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With a weight capacity of 330 lbs, this sophisticated electric wheelchair is packed with loads of safety features for an absolutely smooth riding experience. The joystick is very easy to operate; it allows you to keep one hand free for easy stopping. The anti-reclining rear design of this wheelchair makes it extraordinarily stable on all terrains. Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, this one weighs just 50 pounds, making it really easy to move and store. Ideal for flight or cruise travel, the New Electric Wheelchair would never leave you disappointed.

3. Forcemech, Power Wheelchair Navigator

Forcemech Power Wheelchair

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Being the world’s bestselling wheelchair manufacturer, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Forcemech wheelchairs have found it’s 3rd mention in our list of top wheelchairs. The Navigator is a state-of-the-art power wheelchair which is the perfect blend of power and portability. The dual lithium-ion batteries would give you a travel range of around 16 miles on full charge. Known to perform well on the roughest terrains, the navigator is a must buy if you like to spend your time outdoors. If you are looking forward to buying a wheelchair which is never going to let you down in any situation then consider investing in the Navigator.

2. Prohoist 500 lb Carrier Loading Ramp Mobility Scooter

500lb Carrier Loading Ramp Mobility Scooter Electric Power Wheelchair

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This mobility scooter carrier is going to make loading and transporting of your wheelchair a lot easier. This carrier also comes with a detachable 5-inch ramp and it gives you the option of locking it in an upright position for easy storage and transportation when not in use. This wheelchair carrier is crafted out of the best quality steel mesh which provides the required support for your mobility scooter.

1. Drive Medical Scout Compact Power Scooter

Drive Medical Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter-Electric Wheelchairs

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The number one electric wheelchair on our list, the Drive Medical Scout is a lightweight and compact mobility scooter which comes with a customisable exterior. The delta-shaped handles make it very easy to operate even for users with limited strength. You can disassemble the unit into 5 manageable pieces for hassle-free transportation or storage.

This article has surely given you a basic idea about the best wheelchairs making rounds in 2020. Now that you finally know which wheelchair you want to invest in, it is time for you to do a little research and make a purchase.

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