Dartboards are essential gaming tools that every dart lover should have. Manual and electronic dartboards exist in the market. The usage of dartboards is not only limited to homes but also in clubs and casinos. Purchasing a dartboard can be tricky due to some limiting factors such as cost and functionality. Not to worry though, as our soft tip best electronic dartboards will make your gaming fun and fulfilling.

Do you want to know the story that surrounds it? Well, these dartboards have a moderated cost and are ideal for anyone who is looking to save up some money. Their convenient size ensures that only a small space is used up hooking up the product. This appliance provides durability as it has durable material. Versatility is also a feature with these dartboards as you can move them from one place to another.

We have listed the top 10 Best Electronic Dartboards in 2019, you may go through them and look for one that works for you, and we assure you will not get disappointed.

List of Top 10 Best Electronic Dartboards in 2019:

Bullshooter by Arachnid Illuminator 1.0 Electronic Light Up Dartboard with LCD Display and 13 Light Up Games
$34.96$49.99 (30% off)
Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard, Built In Cabinet Doors With Integrated Scoreboard, Dart Storage For 6 Darts, Dual Display In Two Colors, Compact Target Face For Fast Play, 25/50 Bullseye Option
$108.77$189.99 (43% off)
Viper X-Treme Electronic Dartboard, Modern Door Shield, Built In Dart Storage For 6 Darts, 4 Row Cricket Score Display And Overhead Display, Score Adjustment For Misses And Bounce Outs
Franklin Sports FS6000 Electronic Dartboard
Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-Tip Electronic Dartboard Game Features 36 Games with 170 Options
$89.99 (1% off)
Fat Cat Rigel Electronic Dartboard, Compact Size For Easy Install, Backlit Cricket Scoreboard, Easy To Use Button Interface, Optional Double In/Out, Target Tested Tough Segments Last Longer, 35 Games
$47.89$59.99 (20% off)
Franklin Sports FS1500 Electronic Dartboard
$17.79$29.99 (41% off)
Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard, Easy To Use Button Interface, Automatic Voice Feedback, Included Darts And Built In Storage, Mulitplayer For Up To 8 Players, 43 Games 201 Options
Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard, Quick Access To 301 And Countup From Button Interface, Extended Catch Ring, 11 Square Inch Scoreboard Display, Includes Darts And Extra Tips, 43 Games And 241 Options
$84.99$129.99 (35% off)
Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard, Easy To Use Button Interface, Red White And Blue Segments, Double Height Cricket Scoreboard, Quick Cricket Key Gets You Into The Game Faster, 43 Games And 230 Options

10. Arachnid


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Are you searching for an improvement in your dart game experience? Arachnid has you covered! Being the originator of soft-tip darts and leading manufacturer of electronic dartboards, they are a premier brand. They uphold a reputation for quality and innovation. The arachnid features are extensive, featuring 8 players scoring with four players simultaneously. Cricket games included are 7 and 33 other game options. A micro thin segment divider, a solo play feature and a handicap feature are some of the appearances present in this dartboard, and the list goes on. The micro divider reduces bounce-outs.

The board is 15.5 inch in size and comes in a list of colors the tournament spider being in regulation. Additional items such as the mounting hardware, AC Adapter, Operating manual and six soft tip darts are present. The display is LCD with LED illuminated number ring. There are 13 dedicated light-up games. Fun new color coordination that shoots the lights out an action. The product uses 3 AAA batteries and has been rated satisfactory. Get Arachnid dartboard today and enjoy a new darting experience while saving up to 24%.


  • LCD
  • LED illuminated number ring
  • 13 dedicated light up games
  • Shoot the lights out action
  • Fun new color coordination

9. Fat Cat by GLD Products

Fat Cat by GLD Products

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An intelligently designed Mercury soft tip dartboard with cabinet designed to withstand years of recreational play. Durability is possible due to the durable thermoplastic segments present. There is a large catch-ring that surrounds the target face creating a 360 degrees touchdown zone for any missed shots protecting the walls from damage. Additionally, a large surface area and tighter shot groupings are allowed by the board’s ultra-thin spider. It also increases the ratio of landed shots as well as reduces bounce-outs. The two doors of the Mercury have dart holsters that display and stores four sets of darts, adding up to 12 in total. Not only does this allows for proper display but also keeps them safe from harm.

The signature feature in Fat Cat darts is the extra-large bright cricket display on the inner right door. The control panel is advanced to give room to two or more players display. The control panel is centrally placed, easy to use, and is navigable for all ages. Presence of indicator lights and scoring displays let players know where they stand, while 11 buttons make games and setting selection a breeze.

The game list is exciting in that it plays up to 34 games with 183 options. The maximum number of players is 8, and this gives you endless excitement and countless possibilities. Playing against the computer is possible with five skill levels as well as with your friends where you can create teams and play against each other. Everything you need to start a new game is in this package, for instance, six starter darts, mounting hardware, instruction manual, six extra tips, and a power adapter.


  • Incredible game list
  • Easy to use game interface
  • Extra-large, well-illuminated cricket display
  • An intelligent design

8. Viper by GLD products

Viper by GLD products

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Ever heard of a seamless product? If not then you have a chance to own one today; the Viper GLD Products. Why is this a must-have product? The Viper X-Treme electronic dartboard designed has a regulation size of 15.5 inches target face and a bright LCD that delivers a hard, unobstructed view of scoring and statistics; eliminating manual scorekeeping. Adjacent to the target face is a significantly large missed dart catch ring which offers protection for your wall from wayward throws.

Constructed from commercial-grade nylon segments that provide an exceptionally durable playing surface and provides a softer gameplay experience compared to traditional materials. The color scheme is stylish and showcases red, silver, and black which further enhances your gaming experience.

Additionally, an ultra-thin spider dramatically reduces bounce outs, allowing for a closer dart grouping to maximize the scores. More, the viper X-Treme is intended to be used with soft tip darts and comprises of 56 games with 266 options, accommodating up to 16 players.

Most popular choices include six starter darts and mounting hardware. An external power supply adapter that is, 5V, 1000 mA, is available and this replaces the need for battery use. When purchasing GLD products, quality is always a priority, and that is why they have included a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Intelligently designed
  • Overhead LED and inner-door scoring display
  • Games list is incredible
  • Games interface is remarkable

7. Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports

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It’s everyone’s joy to be in full control of what fun activity they should partake. With this in mind, there is a way to tailor everything to one’s preferences with Franklin Sports. These electronic dart boards have a tournament sized playing area of 15.5 inches. Exceptional playability shows itself by maintaining the shape over time. It features 28 games and 167 variations. The official electronic LED cricket scoreboard lists games on the right side of the frontal panel.

Mounting the system is made easy as you can install it in seconds because it comes with all compartments and an instruction manual. Specially designed built-in dart storage has six ready to play soft tip darts and a bonus of 6 replacement tips. It comes with two different flights of colors. It is ideal for home and business; also its versatility is impeccable and can be moved from one place to another. The soft tip dart-board comes with its power adapter, and all you have to do is plug it in and play.

Purchasing this product today ensures you get it at an ideal price and guarantees you a quality invention. It’s worth noting that Darts is an adult game and children should only play when being supervised.


  • Tournament size playing area 15.5 inches
  • Fun game features
  • Easy mounting system

6. Arachnid


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Why struggle to look for a Dartboard that is up to standards while as we have Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 soft-tip Dart game? What is with Arachnid? It is an electronic soft tip dart game featuring an eight-player cricket and 36 sports with 175 options. The 13 inches target area has a slot for player score display and four-player scores that show simultaneously.

Seven cricket games with four sets of cricket tri-color LED also show simultaneously. Tournament spider has trademarked tournament colors and a voice record feature. The computer calls out your own recorded name when it is your turn to play.

Featuring also is a micro thin segment divider which dramatically reduces bounce outs and has single in/out and doubles in/out features. There is a bounce out amends features present as well. Nylon Tough segments improve playability and durability. Solo play feature, a handicap player feature exists. A 6 soft-tip darts and extra replacements tips are present in the package.

Included also is an AC adapter, mounting hardware, game instructions and operational manuals. This Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 keeps you on your toes with the thrilling experience, plus it has a one year warranty assured in case of any defects.


  • Electronic dart board for all round fun
  • Computer voice feature that calls out your recorded name
  • Micro-thin segments divider that reduces bounce-outs
  • Six soft-tip darts with replacement, mounting hardware

5. Fat Cat by GLD Products

Fat Cat by GLD Products

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Fat Cat Rigel 13 inches electronic soft tip dart board has what you need to up your game in darting. Rigel is perfect for the anyone looking to add some fun to their game room. It features 35 different sports and 229 scoring options which are sure to provide hours of fun. The maximum number of players is 8.Target face is 13 inches with a tournament spider for holding the darts. The fun does not end there! With the 32 games and 305 scoring options hours of gaming are guaranteed to top up the fun.

LED displays with XO cricket are other features that exist on the Rigel. To charge the dartboard a UL adapter is included, and all you have to do is to plug and play. Six free plastic flight darts in two different sets are inclusive in the package, one set featuring old glory flights and another featuring union jack flights. An instruction game manual and thirty additional tips also come with the box.


  • LED display with XO cricket
  • 32 games and 305 scoring options
  • Family fun for up to 8 players
  • 13 inches target face with tournament spider

4. Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports

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Are you looking for a cheap and affordable electronic dart board? If yes, Franklin sports is your answer. This electronic soft tip dart board comes with all you need for an active dart board play. The target face is 13.5 inches with voice and sound effects. Game variations add up to 65 while allowing for plenty of options. The large readouts serve to enable easy navigation.

Included are six soft tip darts and six replacements tips. Batteries do not exist in the package, but it takes 3AAA batteries for functionality. Hooks are fixed on the back for convenient hanging on the wall.


  • 13.5 inches dart board
  • Voice and sound effects
  • Six soft tip darts and six replacement tips
  • 65 game variations
  • Massive readouts and hooks on the back

3. Fat Cat by GLD Products

Fat Cat by GLD Products

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It’s time spice up your dart-game experience with fat cat GLD electronic soft tip dart board. The fat cat 727 dartboard features 18 games with 96 different options. Included are six soft tip darts. The target face is 13 inches. A large catch ring exists, and it serves to catch missed darts. Operation of this electronic dart board requires 3AA batteries which you have to buy them separately while purchasing the product. It costs a moderate price.

On the left side, there is a display of the total games, and you can press arrow buttons up or down to navigate the scrolling screen menu and customize your perfect match. A minimum of five of your favorite games can be stored using the natural shortcut functions via the favorite button. Fat cat features an electronic LED cricket’s scoreboard that lists the games on the right side of the front panel. An instruction manual exists which outlines the steps of mounting the system. Surprisingly, when you purchase this product, you save 27%.


  • Features 18 games with 96 different options
  • 13 inches target face
  • Includes six soft tip darts

2. Viper by GLD products

Viper by GLD products 1

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Viper 797 should be on your must-have list if you are a darting enthusiast. Why? The intelligent design with durable thermoplastic segments and sturdy constructs are built to last even in the most extreme games. Wear and tear is therefore limited. The target space has a large catch ring creating a 360-degree landing zone for any missed shots, which protects walls from damage.

An ultra-thin spider present in the board allows for a tighter shot grouping and a large surface area thereby increasing the ratios of landed shots and significantly reducing bounce-outs. Dart holster is equipped on both sides of the 797, to store and display the two sets of darts which add up to six in total. It keeps them on display and safe from harm as you admire your collection.

More, the four-player cricket LCD uses both numerical digits and traditional crickets XO symbols to display the scores. It is significant and bright enough to be seen from the throw line and beyond. Keypad interface features soft keys that are user-friendly allowing effortless navigation through the game menus and quick shortcuts to 301, count up, and cricket.

Shockingly you can create your ideal game with the push of a button! Referencing your favorite games have never been this easier! 797 allow players to reference the handy games list to choose their perfect match and customize it to their liking. You can play up to 16 players with 240 options, or you can play against the computer for an added challenge.

Everything you need to start a new game including six starter darts, 24 extra tips, power adapter, mounting hardware, and an instruction manual are all included in the viper 797 electronic soft tip dart board.


  • A large missed dart catch ring
  • Ultra thing spider for reducing bounce-outs
  • Features 43 games with 240 options
  • 15.5 inches target face accommodating up to 16 players

1. Viper


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Durability is guaranteed with Viper 777, how? Viper 777 is built to last with its durable, concave hold segments designed to withstand years worth impact. A large catch ring surrounds the target face creating a 360 degrees landing zone for any missed shots thereby protecting their walls from damage. The board’s ultra-thin spider allows for tighter shot groupings and a large surface area which increases the ratio of landed shots and also dramatically reduces bounce outs.

Dart holsters are equipped on both sides of the 777 to store and display the darts. A backlit LCD exists which features a bright and easy to read numerical calls or cricket XO symbols of 2 players at once. Ten handy buttons highlighted in the 777 which makes customizing your perfect game a breeze. A quick cricket shortcut allows players to begin the classic game in an instant.

Adjustable settings such as volume level, language, handicaps play are customizable with ease. You can also correct your score with the score correction buttons thereby keeping you score in precision. You can always refer the 777 handy games list to games to choose your favorite of the 43 games with 320 options and count up to eight players.

The electronic dart board includes six starter darts mounting hardware also equipped with bilingual voice option configured for English and Spanish. Sold separately are the three AA batteries or the external power adapter. GLD products stand proudly by the quality of their products, therefore, offering a limited one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • 15.5 inches target face
  • Bright LCD
  • Features 43 games with 320 options and accommodates up to 8 players.
  • Bilingual voice option configured for English and Spanish
  • Six soft tip starter darts and mounting hardware


It’s everyone’s wish to know that they own a top-rated product. Whether the dartboard is for the casino, club or home use, superiority is guaranteed. Take your time to go through the review and find a dartboard that works for you and order it today. The Top 10 best Electronic Dartboards in 2019 are your suitable choice.

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