There are several factors that we should look into when shopping for a safe trampoline (Exercise Trampolines). Failure to do so may land us into faulty or recklessly constructed units that may end up harming us or our children. Firstly, we should consider its frame.

Stainless steel made structures have always been found to withstand heavy weights and frequent usage of the trampoline. It’s also important to question the mechanism used to attach the mat to the frame. Either coiled springs or elastic band, it should be able to support our weights for long. Again, you should consider how easy it is to set up the trampoline. Equally important, it should be easy to disassemble it and also to store.

With the increased usage of trampolines, there has been an upsurge of them on the market. Consequently, there has also been an outcry about some untrustworthy and defective tools. This provoked us to search for the few reliable trampolines which can offer you the safest and efficient results. These 10 are amongst the best we found.

List Of Best Exercise Trampoline in 2022 Reviews:

10. MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Mini Exercise Trampoline


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If you’re seeking for a robust trampoline for heavy jumps and serious training, you should consider this one from Maximus Life Ltd. This rebounder is 40 inches in diameter. The package comes complete with a DVD with amazing jumping sessions covering beginner to advance lessons.

It also comes with a deluxe bag for easy carrying or storing. This rebounder easily folds into half then quarter so you won’t have any problem moving it around. It also comes with capped legs which make it safe for your floor and for quiet sessions.

9. Impex Fitness Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer

Impex Fitness Marcy Cardio Trampoline Trainer

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Using a trampoline is an efficient way of improving your stability by building on your muscular strength. However, to achieve these results, you need a reliable trampoline with low impact and durable. Impex Fitness Marcy Trampoline Trainer is amongst the few trampolines out there heavily relied upon by athletes and gym trainers due to its efficacy and reliability.

It’s made of high-quality materials hence you can be sure to get quiet and beneficial sessions each time you’re on it. For your safety and to ensure maximum utilization of this trampoline, it’s fitted with 6 strong legs and can take up to 250 pounds.

8. Stamina InTone Oval Jogger – Best Exercise Trampolines

Stamina InTone Oval Jogger

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If you’re seeking to improve on your cardiac muscles and cardiovascular system in general, Stamina InTone Trampoline offers a pleasurable yet a sure way to do it. It has a good build and is durable. It’s made of sturdy elastic bands that won’t break easily even with regular use.

Stamina InTone Oval Jogger is equipped with a stability stand and two looped resistance bands. Unlike other trampolines, this one is oval shaped to create more surface area for your jumps.

7. Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder – Exercise Trampolines

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder

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This 38-inch rebounder allows you to enjoy some smooth, flawless, and safe jumps without hurting your knees or joints thanks to its unique construction. Though it lacks the stability stand, Stamina Rebounder is equipped with 2 resistance tubes that are more efficient than the stand for a serious jumper.

Additionally, this rebounder is fitted with an electronic monitor to show amongst other parameters the total workout time, jumps made in one minute, and the calories you’ve burned in a single session.

6. Sunny Health & Fitness 40″ Best Exercise Trampolines

Sunny Health & Fitness 40" Trampoline

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Sunny Health and Fitness features an extremely robust stainless steel frame and a strong highly resilient mat attached to it by 32 metallic coiled springs. It stands on 6 steel feet able to withstand 250 lbs. This trampoline also features a padded stability bar with adjustable heights for different users.

It has an easy and super fast set up which requires no special tools or knowledge. Buyers loved its sturdy and durable construction and reasonable price as well.

5. Urban Rebounder Trampoline with Workout DVD & Stabilizing Bar

Urban Rebounder Trampoline with Workout DVD & Stabilizing Bar

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You’ll find this heavy duty trampoline an indispensable companion either when jumping for fitness or competition purposes. It boasts over 20 years in this niche. Its springy and folding legs allow you to set it up in a breeze and also to disassemble when it’s not in use.

Notably, its front legs are longer than the back legs thereby bringing together a range of your muscles. It also comes with a heavy duty stabilizing bar and a DVD full of exercises to maximize your cardio workouts.

4. Zupapa Exercise Trampoline

Zupapa 15 14 12 FT TUV Approved Trampoline

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This trampoline with unique enclosure net and extra strong poles ensures that your kids play without putting themselves at a risk of getting injured. The upgraded no-gap design offers extra protection while its unique spring and mat pad absorb enough pressure keeping one in a perfect jumping and landing position. The total weight is convenient for outdoor travels while its tough construction guarantees ultimate performance. Also, the strong steel holds more weight making it perfect even for older kids.

Extra features:

  • The free extension warranty makes this trampoline perfect
  • This is a fairly priced masterpiece

3. AirZone Mini Band Exercise Trampolines

AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline

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This fitness trampoline by AirZone has unique features meant to increase your coordination and balance. AirZone utilizes high quality elastic bands capable of supporting 200 pounds.

These bands have been found to have low impact on your joints while being efficient in strengthening and stabilizing your muscles. Its mat is made of durable polypropylene material that won’t get damaged easily. A skirting with an elastic band goes around the frame complimenting its superior look.

2. Stamina, 36-Inch Folding Trampoline – Exercise Trampolines

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

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Stamina 36-Inch features a professional design to take numerous heavy bounces. Its 36-Inch mat is suspended on 6 all-steel legs that you can easily detach from the frame whenever you want to store the trampoline. Moreover, its sturdy steel made frame can also be folded for easy carrying. We also noted the 2 inch wide elastic bands used to attach the mat to the frame. Their width helps in increasing their durability and resistance.

We also noted the 2 inch wide elastic bands used to attach the mat to the frame. Their width helps in increasing their durability and resistance.

1. Skywalker Best Exercise Trampolines 60”

Skywalker Trampolines

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  • By: Skywalker Trampolines

This trampoline is fully and thoroughly tested and proven to be safe for your kids. The durable construction guarantees ultimate safety. And yes, with new advanced spring design and excellent poles, this trampoline will offer ultimate enjoyment for your kids. Also, the enclosure net is handmade and customized to offer protection and great bounces.

Of course, the tough frame is backed by a one-year warranty which ensures that you get replacement in case there’s an issue.  The 360-degree handle bar fitted with excellent padding ensures that your kids get stable and safe jumps.

Extra features:

  • The jump mat offers more fun
  • Its compact design makes it ideal for small spaces.

Wind up:

Jumping on a trampoline brings with it a lot of benefits. Firstly, it’s an excellent way especially for people who for professional reasons may find it difficult to hit the track for some jogging. Secondly, it’s time saving since you exercise at the comfort of your house. Additionally, unlike other forms of exercise, a trampoline helps you strengthen your major muscles without causing pain to your joints. Amongst its significant benefits is enhancing a healthy cardiovascular system and cleansing your lymphatic system as well.

Additionally, unlike other forms of exercise, a trampoline helps you strengthen your major muscles without causing pain to your joints. Amongst its significant benefits is enhancing a healthy cardiovascular system and cleansing your lymphatic system as well.

One thought on “Top 10 Best Exercise Trampolines in 2022 Review

  1. 9. Portable & Foldable Trampoline – 36″ – Exercise Trampolines

    This trampoline by Gymenist is one of the leading rebounders for children. It comes with a stability bar that will help your children in gaining confidence and improve their sensor development. It has been tested and approved having passed all the safety standards.

    It features a diameter of 36’’ and can withstand weights of up to and not exceeding 150 pounds. Gymenist Trampoline consists of high quality and durable mat attached to the frame. It’s easy to assemble or to disassemble and folds in a breeze.

    8. Kangaroo’s 36″ Kids Trampoline, Exercise Trampolines

    Kangaroo is another safe trampoline that you can get for your child. Previous buyers already confirm that it’s heavily built and weighted. It also comes with a stability stand that is secured to its place by some screws.

    It uses strong elastic bands making it easy to put together and to disassemble for storage. It comes ready to jump on. You won’t be required to buy any other components. Additionally, Kangaroo Trampoline comes with a one year warranty.

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