A mouse plays an important part in the daily operation of a computer. It is nothing new and for the most part not overly complex. But you may not be all too familiar with the new technologies that go into this little devices. One such invention is the extended mouse pads, a platform that gives smooth glides, faster response time, and improved accuracy. Unlike the standard mouse pads, you get more room that fits other desktop items besides your mouse.

Extended mouse pads aren’t made the same and size also differ. Choosing the right pad requires that you examine a particular model in great detail. Some things to consider include size, durability, and waterproofing qualities. Below is a roundup of the best extended mouse pads to help you make a wise choice.

Table of the Best Extended Mouse Pads Reviews

10. PECHAM Black Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Extended Mouse Pads

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This extended mouse pad gives plenty of room for your keyboard, mouse, and more. The pad has an ultra-smooth top surface for better accuracy, control, and speed. A waterproof coating prevents damages resulting from spills. The base of the pad is fitted with non-slip rubber to let it stay in place. Elaborate stitching ensures that the pad doesn’t fall apart. This mouse pad comes lightweight yet durable enough to withstand years of use. It is 3mm thick and gives a consistent level play for improved efficiency.

9. CORSAIR MM300 High-Performance Gaming Mouse Pad

 High-Performance Mouse Pad Optimized for Gaming Sensors

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This pad gives the accuracy you need during gaming. The surface is made of textile weave for minimized friction and precise targeting. Stitched edges keep the pad from fraying or peeling apart. This mouse pad has a heavy rubber base that keeps it from shifting. The accuracy and precision you get from this pad make it great for use with optical and laser gaming mice.

8. Combaterwing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

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Combaterwing mouse pad gives a larger usable surface enough for your mouse and desktop. The pad has an ultra-smooth tracking surface for better speed, accuracy, and control. A non-slip rubber base keeps the pad from shifting while in use. The rubber protects your desk from scratches. The surface is covered in a waterproof coating that keeps the pad free of spills. Reinforced stitching is used along the edges so that the mouse pad doesn’t fall apart.

7. Eligoo Gaming Mouse Pad Extended Keyboard & Mouse Mat

Eligoo Gaming Mouse Pad Extended XXL Large Keyboard

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This large extended mouse pad is roomy enough to fit a mouse, keyboard, and other stuff. It is a lightweight, 2mm thick mouse pad you can take with you and use anywhere. The surface gives ultra-smooth glide for better accuracy and fast responses. This mouse pad stays in position, thanks to the non-slip rubber used on the base. A waterproof coating and reinforced edges keep the pad from falling apart. The pad is hand washable for easy maintenance.

6. LIEBIRDExtended Xxl Gaming Portable Large Desk Pad

LIEBIRDExtended Xxl Gaming Mouse Pad - Portable Large Desk Pad

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This extended mouse pad has a world map print, which gives you a chance to learn some world geography as you tap and click on your computer. This versatile mouse pad can be used for computers, tablets, video gaming systems, and televisions. It is spacious to fit a mouse and keyboard. An ultra-smooth level surface makes it comfortable to mouse on. This smooth surface is created by a cloth padding that has elaborate stitching along the edges to give years of use. The anti-slip rubber used on the base makes it effective on most surfaces, even glass.

5. Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat/Pad

Glorious Extended Gaming Mouse Mat

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This mouse pad gives a good combination of speed and control, something that is crucial in any gaming situation. The pad is covered with a cloth fabric that has reinforced edges to keep it from falling apart. It reduces friction to give smooth, effortless mouse glides. A non-slip rubber base is stitched to the base to keep it from shifting and let you concentrate more on the game. Mice of different level of sensitivities can be used on this extended mouse pad. It is washable and lightweight for easy maintenance and portability.

4. Vipamz Black Extended Weave Gaming Mouse Pad

Vipamz Extended XXXL Non-slip Rubber Base Textured Weave Gaming Mouse Pad

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Vipamz mouse pad has some extra features designed to improve user comfort. For instance, it has a wrist support that helps eliminate hand cramps, especially during long hours of gaming. It is large enough to fit your mouse and full-sized keyboard. A waterproof cloth gives a smooth textured surface. Reinforced stitching on the edges keeps the pad free from wear and tear. A thick padding is used to give better control and speed. The base is covered in non-slip rubber that secures the pad in place.

3. High-Performance Mouse Pad for Gaming Sensors

High-Performance Mouse Pad Optimized for Gaming Sensors

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This mouse pad gives a faster response to accommodate mice with different sensors. It has a textile weave surface for pixel precision and reduced friction. The textile surface gives a smooth glide for improved speed and effortless control. The pad has a non-slip rubber base that gives zero slip to prevent shifting. This mouse pad gives enough room for your keyboard and mouse.

2. Gaming Mouse Pad with Smooth Surface and Stitched Edges

Spigen A103 Mouse Pad Gaming Mat with Smooth Surface

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This silky smooth extended mouse pad is designed for maximized mouse movement, a feature that makes it great for fast-action games. It gives faster glides and better control. Reinforced stitching is used on the edges to prevent wear and tear. This mouse pad has a slide-resistant base that literally glues it in place to prevent any shifting. It is easily washable to let you work on a cleaner surface.

1. Reflex Lab Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Mat

Reflex Lab Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

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This ultra-thick mouse pad gives a good gaming experience. In fact, it is 60% thicker compared to standard mouse pads, a feature that gives an ultra-plush surface for professional gaming. It is spacious enough to fit a mouse, keyboard, and other desktop items. The ultra-smooth surface feels great and gives the accuracy you need. The smooth surface offers effortless mouse glides and best response time for high-speed gaming. This mouse pad is waterproof and has a non-slip backing that keeps it in place.

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