There are those work situations that demand you extend your power source or you do not work. One of the top 10 best extension cord reel in 2021 can make your work situation a lot better.

All you have to do is roll the cord out and then reel it back in when you are done. Your work situation will improve, impressing your boss with your ingenuity.

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List Of Top 10 Best Extension Cord Reel in 2021

10. Iron Forge Cable Extension Cord Reel

50 Ft Extension Cord Reel

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The 50 feet of power cable brings you all the electricity you need to power your tools. The 4 electrical outlets give you plenty of room to plug in all your power tools. A single power button turns the electricity on and off.

Then, an indicator light lets you know when you have power. Also, if you get too much electricity, a surge protection system protects your tools. Plus, reeling in the power cord is as simple as 1, 2 and 3.

9. Masterplug Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reel

Masterplug 80ft Heavy Duty

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A convenient handle lets you carry this extension cord reel with ease. You can run your power cord without any trouble. Reeling the cord back in is just as easy. Once you get ready to work, you have 80 feet of line to use.

After you get the power in place, you can use one or all of the 4 built-in electrical outlets to do your job.  A light indicator tells you when the power is on. With surge protection you shouldn’t harm your tools or lose much work time.

8. Masterplug Heavy Duty Masterplug Heavy Duty Metal

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The bright orange color makes sure everyone can see the cord lying on the ground. With this visibility, you shouldn’t have too much trouble using the 75-foot power cord. 4 built-in electrical outlets save you time when switching power tools.

Also, operation is easy. Just place the reel where you need it and pull the cord. A convenient reel in the handle makes returning the power cord equally simple and easy. One button is all you need to bring power to your work area.

7. Masterplug 40ft Heavy Duty

Masterplug 40ft Heavy Duty

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The enclosed reel protects your power cord from any possible damage that may occur. Then the 40 feet of line gives you plenty of length to reach your work site. Plus, a convenient reel-in handle makes returning the power cord to its spot easy and simple.

Also, the bright lime green color keeps the line visible even in low light conditions. With 4 built-in electrical outlets and surge protection, you are not in danger when you use this extension cord reel.

6. Iron Forge Cable Extension Cord Reel

75 Ft Extension Cord Reel

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When you are working outside, you need all the length you can get. This 75-foot extension cord reel brings you that length and the power as well. You just reel it out, plug in your tools to the 4 built-in sockets and you are good to go.

Also, the overload protection system keeps you and your tools safe from a power surge. When the light is on, you know you have power to your outlets. Reinforced prongs protect the plug from damage.

5. Masterplug Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reel

Masterplug 60ft Heavy Duty

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With an easy reel out and reel in function, getting power to your work area has not been easier. This 60-foot extension cord reel makes sure you have power no matter where you are working. Plus, its bright color keeps it very visible when lying around.

Also, you get 4 electrical outlets to power all your electrical tools. Just a push of a button lets the current reach your tools. After you have finished your work, just pick up the reel and carry it to your vehicle.

4. Thonapa Retractable

Thonapa 30 Ft Retractable

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There are those job sites that are not that far from the power source. That is where this 30-foot extension cord comes in handy. Just reel it out and go to work. The 3-outlet head gives you some extra space to plug in your power tools.

With reinforced prongs, the plug is protected from accidental moves that may damage weaker plugs. Also, the enclosed system protects your extension cord from any damage that can happen on a job site.

3. Designers Edge E-238 Power Station

Designers Edge

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Beef up your work area with this extension cord reel. It comes with 50 feet of power cord and 6 electrical outlets. You can change tools without wasting time unplugging and plugging in.

Plus, a built-in 15-amp breaker system makes sure you and your tools are protected from power surges. The built-in carrying handle makes this extension cord reel easy to transport. Besides this, the reeling action is easy with its easy to grip handle.

2. Iron Forge Cable Extension Cord Reel

30 Ft Extension Cord Reel

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Length does not matter. Not all job sites are the same, so you do not always need a longer extension cord reel. This extension gives you 30 feet of extra length when you do not have far to go to finish your work.

Also, the enclosed reel protects your cable when not in use. Plus, you get the standard 4 electrical outlets. These provide you with enough power to run all your tools.  A safety overload system protects you from any risks that are involved with using electricity.

1. TACKLIFE Cord Reel


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The fully enclosed extension cord reel not only protects your extension cord, but it also looks good doing it. Plus, you can attach the reel to a wall or make a shift barrier and pull the cord out 50 feet.

Also, a multi-plug electrical outlet head provides you with extra outlets to power most of your tools. After you pug the extension cord in, you get urge protection keeping you from harm. A locking system keeps the cord still as you work.


Work is never easy. But you can make your work a lot easier when you use the right equipment on your job site. Using one of the top 10 best extension cord reels in 2021 is one way of making your work life a little better.

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