A fireplace is a structure made up of metal, stones or bricks where we burn logs of wood to create an ambience of warmth and relaxation in our rooms. But, the hassle of the old fireplaces was way too annoying. They required great maintenance and needed to be cleaned after every fire. We have found a great solution to the same. Nowadays, electrical fireboxes have taken over these fireplaces which have resulted in saving much time and maintenance hard work.

Buyer Guide of Electric Fireplace Inserts

This article has brought to you the best Electric fireboxes that can easily fitted into the existing fireplaces of your homes. These fireboxes provide you with the same warmth and ambience with all year round usage with an easy with or without heat option available. We have listed the top ten products of this category for you to choose from. All those who want to make their homes warm and beautiful at the same time must have a look at them.

10. Freestanding Electric Firebox Fireplace Heater Insert

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The old traditional wood burning fireplaces were such a mess but now you can easily replace this mess with our sleek electric firebox models. This 23” firebox can easily fit into your existing fireplace with an additional convenience of heating at the press of a button.

Key Feature & Specification
  • Uses tempered glass as the front material.
  • The product comes with one year warranty.
  • The item has 22 heating levels and can heat up rooms up to 400 square feet.
  • The complementary remote control allows you to change the temperature from anywhere around the room.
  • The firebox has logs, brick backdrop and other things making it look like a real fireplace without any hassle
  • The temperature can be switched into Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on your preferences.
  • Tempered glass isn’t very strong.
  • 22 heating levels could be quite complex.

9. ClassicFlame electric fireplace

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This easy-to-install fireplace can instantly bring an existing fireplace to life! The fireplace comes with a trim kit or fireplace mantle. The flame effect can be also used with or without heat so that the fireplace can be used as a showpiece for enjoyment and ambience throughout the whole year.

Key Feature & Specification
  • The fireplace has an in-built safer plug which helps in controlling the temperature.
  • Has a 4600 BTU heater.
  • Comes with 125 selectable flame effect options.
  • With the help of the already fixed thermometer inside the fireplace the temperature can be easily measured.
  • The safer plug shuts down the switch as soon as the temperature rises above the safe temperature, avoiding over-heating and dangerous fire.
  • Once the outlet and the plug reach to normal temperature, the heater can also be operated normally again.
  • This fireplace surely brings comfort and relaxation to your home.
  • The safer plug must be properly set to a bearable temp.
  • The flame effect options can be very power consuming.

8. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Electric Fireplace Insert

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If you really wish to get the same cosy feeling as a cracking fireplace without the maintenance hassle and other cleanup requirements then this product is surely a boon for you!

Key Feature & Specification
  • This fireplace has inbuilt LED technology along with select TV stands and entertainment centres compatibility.
  • The fireplace has a two-level temperature setting and can be used with or without heat.
  • The item has a high power 20-watts fan.
  • This firebox works perfectly for medium-size rooms and also has a complementary remote control with LED display at your fingertips.
  • The burning logs and glowing embers create the required warmth with a touch of romance in the room with just a single click of a button.
  • can be used with or without heat.
  • The fan can be quite power consuming.
  • The two levels may not suit the user’s requirement.

7. Traditional Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert

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These fireboxes are perfect for contemporary homes to provide them with a more modern look. This 36-inch firebox provides the warmth and ambience of a real fireplace to your room.

Key Feature & Specification
  • The wall mounted thermostat and remote control provides more comfort to the users.
  • This heater provides a supplemental heating zone for up to 400 square feet.
  • The traditional flame effect has 5 levels of heat and brightness settings.
  • 4400 BTU heater.
  • These fireplaces can be a great solution when talking about saving space in rooms or while looking for a bold contemporary style for the room.
  • The multifunctional remote allows you to operate the heating box from any corner of the room.
  • includes log set and pulsating amber.
  • Space consuming
  • Expensive as compared to other products.

6. XtremepowerUS Embedded Electric Fireplace Insert 

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This firebox is an insert style fireplace with a glass viewing window and a long flame effect. It provides a perfect realistic view to the room.

Key Feature & Specification
  • The fire box has a remote control that helps in controlling the temperature of the room from anywhere in the room.
  • This 29-inch firebox helps in heating up the room.
  • 5200 BTU heater.
  • The firebox can be easily inserted into your fireplace and would provide the realistic fireplace experience with the same tenderness and vibes which cherish the atmosphere of your room.
  • requires a few pennies as the per hour repair cost.
  • acts as a thermal overload protector.
  • BTU is high according to the size.
  • Remote has only on and off functions.

5. Adjustable Freestanding Tempered Glass Made Electric Stove Fireplace Heater

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Experience the huddle of warmth along with the golden glowing wood inside this 23” electrical firebox. The sturdy steel material of the firebox helps it to last longer and can be welcomed in nearly every situation.

Key Feature & Specification
  • The 23” size spreads warmth over an area of around 400 sq. feet.
  • The power supply is controlled by a simple main switch.
  • The two buttons on the firebox help in adjusting 750 watts or 1500 watt.
  • comes with 1-year manufacture warranty.
  • The firebox provides the real-like warmth and experience and can be also used without the heating element so that you can make use the visual beauty of the product without the heating element in the summers too.
  • Also, the model has an overheating security cut off to protect you and your family from any kind of mishappenings.
  • It is a freestanding or portable type of product which makes it quite easy to handle.
  • High power consumption.

4. Freestanding Electric Fireplace Insert Heater

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This black freestanding electric fireplace insert can be a great replacement to your regular gas or wood fireplace.

Key Feature & Specification
  • The device uses the best patented electric flame technology.
  • Also, the electrical firebox has a complementary remote control to switch it on or off from anywhere around the room.
  • Plug it into any household 120V outlet.
  • The firebox has a flat transparent glass and provides the users with the facility of operating the warmth of the rooms with a single push button.
  • It can be easily placed at any place having a fireplace be it your bedroom, living room, basement or any other place at home.
  • The device can be easily operated using a remote control.
  • High power consumption and electricity requirements.
  • Can be only used with 120V outlets.

3. Electric Log Set Heater

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Looking for a realistic experience in an electrical firebox? Well, place this electric bundle of log in your fireplace and experience the flaming project at the back. The bronze finish of the heater body gives it a classy look and also cherishes the look of the room where it is placed. The product is quite famous among the buyers and has a great customer rating on the website too.

Key Feature & Specification
  • The box provides a realistic visualization.
  • It has a clean bronze finish grate.
  • With the help of the multifunctional remote control, you can easily control the temperature from anywhere in the room.
  • can be used for any room in the house.
  • 4600 BTU heater.
  • has a warranty of one year.
  • The firebox persuades a rolling and pulsating flame effect that works with or without the heating effect.
  • The heat box is quite safe for both kids and pets.
  •  The firebox has a cool touch from outside.
  • Bronze finish needs special care.
  • High power heater.

2. Dimplex Fireplace Insert

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This 1375-watt firebox with patented electric flame technology and a remote control is easily installable in any existing fireplace of your room. The product works with in-built heating fans which help in spreading even temperature in the whole room and does not make any noise while working.

The heater is made as a perfect replacement to the old fireplaces in case of looks and functions both.

Key Feature & Specification
  • The firebox easily plugs into the standard house outlets.
  • consists of an inbuilt fan forced heaters which spread the heat evenly in the room without any noise.
  • provides with the same ambience as the old fireplaces did.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Uses patented flame technology.
  • The product includes full heat, half heat or no heat functions so that we can enjoy it in all the 4 seasons of the year.
  • It is easy to install in any existing fireplace.
  • can be controlled using a remote control.
  • The fan forced heater could need repair on regular basis.
  • Power consuming.

1. PuraFlame Western 33 inch Embedded Electric Firebox

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This western electric firebox by PuraFlame is a beautiful classic heater with energy-saving LEDs and a slim remote control to perform many functions of the heater on the fingertips. This electrical firebox helps in maintaining the perfect room temperature according to the user’s requirements and also it can be used as showpiece without heat element in the other seasons of the year. The product has been on the top of the list when it comes to popularity among the buyers.

Key Feature & Specification
  • The product is 100% energy saving.
  • The three side brick wall design and log top make the visualization of the product more realistic. The product has a down light design to brighten the hearth area of the fireplace.
  • The electronic temperature control panel helps in maintaining the room temperature according to your requirements very easily.
  • This item comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It has been viewed and rated the most on the favouritism list of the customers.
  • The high-precision and integrated workmanship is the factor that makes the product a great success among the customers.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.
  • These features have made this product reach the top position on the product list
  • The down light design uses extra power.
  • High repairing requirements.


Undoubtedly, the traditional method of burning fire using logs was quite safe and cost effective but at the same time it requires a lot of maintenance work and also its cleanliness is an important factor to take care of. This is how these new electrical fireboxes have made a great change. Though you have to spend more amount of money on them as compared to the old methods they are surely worth the money spent. They save your time, hard work and also give your room an amazing ambience with the real-life visualization that can be used all year round with or without the heating effect. So one must consider these electrical heaters to provide their rooms with that classic yet modern touch.

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