If you’re looking to find the best French door refrigerator with an ice maker, you couldn’t have come to a better place! We have researched this topic to come up with the top 10 Best French door refrigerators with ice makers on the market in 2020! Every one of the manufacturers on our list are well known for quality and has been in the business for years satisfying millions of customers.

Picking out the best ones is pretty simple. We pick the companies that care the most, and the products that have the best reviews and happy customers. (If you want the short version) We read reviews, talked to department stores, went to websites, and read about us pages, mission statements, and warranty information until we were able to weed out the very best of the best for you! So let’s get started! Here are your top 10 Best French door refrigerators with ice makers in 2020!

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List Of Top 10 Best French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker in 2020

10. Thor Kitchen Automatic Ice-make

Thor Kitchen Automatic Ice

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2 drawers and two doors work together to keep your food nice and cool. Approx. 21 cubic feet (0.59 m³) of fridge space keeps your essentials nice and fresh. With 2 doors to use, you can stay nice and organized and get to your food quickly.

The same goes for the freezer. 2 drawers let you organize your food so you know where it is and save a little time reaching it. Plus, you can stay in control by watching the digital control panel on the left door. It gives you the vital statistics you need to make sure your fridge is operating normally

9. GE French Door Refrigerator


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Technology is always on the search for something to upgrade and make better. It has done that with this french door fridge as it puts the freezer on the bottom and your most needed items on top.

Convenience is the name of the game.

Then the multi-flow airflow system comes with sensors to let you know when there is a problem.

Interior fridge shelves slide out to let bigger items slide in. You can adjust your shelves to meet your storage needs.

This 27 cu. Foot fridge also comes with a nice maker to keep your beverages cool and cold.

8. Frigidaire Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

 Frigidaire FG4H2272UF

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The two cool features on this 22 cubic foot (0.62 m³) fridges are the control panel and the ice maker. No more opening the door to get your ice. Just a slight push and it is there. Then the control panel keeps you informed of the temperatures inside while making sure you can access different features with ease.

Also, you have a bottom drawer freezer to make sure your frozen items are out of the way until you need them. A smudge-proof stainless steel door makes sure fingerprints do not ruin its look. One drawer divider is also included in your purchase.

7. SMETA Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

 SMETA Counter Depth

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When you open the French doors on this fridge it looks like 2 big arms reaching out to hug you. Once open you can see the delightful food options this fridge holds inside. Everything has a place when you turn to this french door fridge to handle your food supply.

2 drawers handle those items that need to be frozen. The temperatures go down to about -11 to make sure the drawers stay cold enough. A humidity controlled crisper keeps vegetables nice and fresh. Then the doors are supposed to be fingerprint proof.  This is every thing you want in a French door refrigerator

6. Thor Kitchen Cabinet Depth French Door

Thor Kitchen

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Organize your food and get it quickly when you are in a hurry. That is what the 2 freezer drawers do for you. They hold your food in the right spots so you do not lose any time. Then the upper fridge handles the rest giving you a wide space to make your food selection.

On top of that, the dual cycle and air-cooled system make sure all sections of this fridge receive the cooling power than need to work right. Movable shelves make the fridge storage a snap. Finally, a full-width crisper gives you lots of vegetable and fruit storage options.

5. Frigidaire Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

 Frigidaire FFHD2250TS

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Not only does this fridge give you 22 cubic feet (0.62 m³) of storage approx., you get to keep it flush with your counters. Once you have it in place, you can open the doors and store your good food quickly and easily.

In addition to that, the touch screen ice maker controls the inner temperatures while delivering you some nice frozen ice. The control panel reminds you of what is happening inside and if anything goes wrong. Its stainless steel construction helps your kitchen look great and is easy to clean while keeping it germ and fingerprint free.

4. GE French Door Refrigerator


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This french door refrigerator has what you need. It comes with a temperature-controlled drawer for added freshness. Also, it has 2 humidity-controlled drawers to preserve and protect your fragile food items.

A water filtration system is built into the ice maker. That tells you your ice will be pure and fresh all the time. Freezer baskets are also included. These help you stay organized and ready for when the company is coming.

Almost 19 cubic feet (0.54 m³) are at your service giving you lots of room for you and your family to stock up.

3. Daewoo French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator

 Daewoo RFS-26ABW

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Convenience is king with this french door refrigerator. You get a dairy pocket to make sure your dairy foods stay healthy and fresh. Then for larger items, there is a gallon pocket to hold them still and safe.

Plus, an auto ice maker makes sure you always have ice on demand. With its moist air control and vegetable case, your food should stay fresher longer. Each handle is easy to grab and use.

With theirs and the fridge’s exterior keeping fingerprints and germs off should not be a hassle. This fridge will look good in your kitchen

2. Frigidaire Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire FGHD2368TF

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22 cubic feet (0.62 m³) and an indoor ice maker make this a top of the line fridge to have in your home. Getting ice is easy and the fridge should be flush with your counters. It measures about 36 inches (0.91 m) deep.

The control panel watches the temperatures for you and the touch of a button should get you what you need. Inside you have storage space for a lot of food. The freezer drawer makes sure you can organize those items you want to reach first.

A full-width drawer and 2 crisper drawers work together to help you store your food.

1. Samsung French Door Refrigerator

 Samsung RF28HMEDBWW

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A 3.8 cubic foot (0.11 m³) flex drawer gives you extra storage options for more vulnerable food. Then the touch screen control panel lets you operate the fridge’s features without causing you a lot of trouble. With approx. 28 cubic feet (0.79 m³) overall, you have the cooling storage space you need each day.

LED lighting in the freezer means that you can see what you are looking for. With 2 drawers you can freeze a lot of items and be prepared for any situation that arises. 2 humidity-controlled crisper make sure your food does not rot before you cook it.

Our buying guide

Getting a few pointers to find a top french door fridge is not wrong. You never know when those pointers will help you spot a flaw. For example, look at the seals to make sure there are no cracks or soft spots. Here are more tips to guide you when you are looking for one of the top 10 best french door refrigerators with ice maker in 2020:

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1. Brands

Not all top brands are American made. You can do just as well with a Samsung and an LG model. Top famous brands have a reputation to uphold and can provide you with the solutions you need when you need them. Also, their customer service should be better than off brands.

2. Repairs and parts

With top brands you should have a greater availability of parts and service. These conveniences can help you out when your food starts to thaw and be ruined. Off brands may disappear quickly and you will be stuck looking for a new fridge after spending lots of money on one of theirs.

3. Features

An indoor ice maker is the best way to get ice. That way you do not have to keep opening the door and raising your electric bill. Just push the handle and you have ice quickly.

Inside ice makers are good but you warm up the fridge every time you open the door and that can add up.

4. Features 2

Full width crisper drawer or individual ones are essential to keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh. Also, adjustable shelves are needed to make sure everything fits in your fridge without cramming it in there. Other features like freezer boxes help organize your food so you do not waste a lot of time looking for food to thaw out.

5. Control panels

These are nice to have and help you control the temperatures inside without opening the doors to the fridge or the freezer. You stay in control at all times. Plus, they let you know when a problem occurs. Keeping I touch with what is going n can save you in repair bills.

6. Size

A majority of fridges are made to stay flush to your counter but it is okay if they are not. These fridges bring a lot of storage space which is most important. Some reach over 22 cubic feet (0.62 m³) which is a good storage size to have.

7. Ease of use

You do not want a fridge that doesn’t help you organize your food well. It should not be complicated to use or put things inside.

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